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To say that we at Hollywood Branded are proud of our clients would be the understatement of the century. With our services, including brand integration, product placement, influencer marketing, and event activations, we have had the privilege of working with numerous big brands, such as Bumble, Ralph Lauren, Jim Beam, LG, Lacoste, and many more. For each, we’ve used our relationships with some of Hollywood’s biggest networks, producers, talent agencies, and studios - resulting in over 10,000 mutually beneficial partnerships built thus far.

We're proud to say that one of our current superstar clients is Pilot Pen, one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of quality writing instruments in the United States. In this blog, Hollywood Branded reviews Pilot Pen's official partnership with The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Pilot Pen on The Kelly Clarkson Show

Unique Approaches for Client Goals: The Hollywood Branded Way

At our agency, we take pride in being problem-solvers and partnership builders for our clients. We're all about education and empowering people to grow, which ultimately benefits our clients' businesses and industries. Working together as a team, we are always on the hunt for new solutions to help our clients reach their goals, and to get the job done right, benefitting everyone involved.

It really is amazing getting an inside perspective on how the team finds new, unique approaches to help our clients succeed. To demonstrate this, I am happy to share with you one of my favorite ongoing projects, which is Pilot Pen's official collaboration with The Kelly Clarkson Show. Let me provide you with some insight into this exciting partnership.

The #1 Pen in America - Pilot Pen

The Pilot G2 pen isn't the #1 selling pen in America for no reason. Whether you're jotting down a quick note, writing a letter, or unleashing your creativity with a doodle, Pilot Pen has you covered with its quality writing instruments and stationery.

Affordable ink pens and markers from Pilot are a must-have in multiple locations; your home, office, car, or bag. Every product is designed to be both stylish and practical yet provide a smooth writing experience with a comfortable grip for any writing task.

At Hollywood Branded, we place great importance on ensuring that the ethical and moral principles of our partners and clients align with ours. For this reason, we are happy to say that Pilot Pen is committed to the environment and the reduction of unnecessary plastic waste. For example, by producing and packaging refillable pens made from recyclable plastic and cardboard and reusing plastic water bottles through their B2P line.

Just like for many of our other clients, we ensure that Pilot Pen is getting the brand awareness it deserves, for example, through product placement and strategic partnerships.

Our job is to provide targeted opportunities for on-screen exposures that heighten brand recognition, based on the brand’s core demographic.

Pilot Pen

Photo Credit: Pilot Pen

"The Go-To Pen of The Kelly Clarkson Show"

One of the many projects we're working on with Pilot Pen at the moment is their partnership with The Kelly Clarkson Show. Hosted by American singer Kelly Clarkson, The Kelly Clarkson Show is a variety talk show that airs on NBC during daytime television in the United States. For streamers, the episodes are available about a day after the episode originally airs on NBC.

The show is distributed and produced by NBCUniversal Syndication Studios and showcases Clarkson conducting interviews with celebrities, as well as segments focused on "everyday people".

The show kicks off with "Kellyoke", during which Clarkson performs a cover of different songs requested by members of the audience. With thirteen Daytime Emmy Awards to its name, The Kelly Clarkson Show has been recognized for its excellence in several categories, including Outstanding Talk Show Entertainment.

Additionally, Clarkson has been awarded the title of Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host for three consecutive years, in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Upon it's original announcement, Hollywood Branded and Pilot Pen immediately recognized the potential of this entertaining show and are even more proud of its Pilot-branded segments.

As a partner of The Kelly Clarkson Show, at the end of each episode during the “What I’m Liking” segment, Pilot Pen is recognized as the official pen of the show and its season-long partner and official pen. 

Kelly then awards one of her guests, in partnership with Pilot, a check for $1,000. Each time, the lucky winner is an “everyday” person that is working on or has worked on a special project, done a good deed, or had a funny viral moment on the internet.

This sponsorship not only provides Pilot Pen with two valuable logo exposures but also a verbal brand mention from Kelly Clarkson, who acknowledges them as the generous sponsor of the winner's check.

PilotPilot Pen on The Kelly Clarkson Show 
With an estimated audience of 1.5 million viewers each episode, Pilot Pen receives a massive brand exposure and positive awareness.

As Kelly always says, "Our season long partner Pilot Pen, makers of FriXion, the go-to erasable pen of the Kelly Clarkson Show, want to celebrate those creating fearlessly." To surprise the 'fearless' guests with a $1,000 check has proven to be a truly happy event for every winner in previous episodes.

In addition to the daily “What I’m Liking” exposures, some episodes have special Pilot G2/FriXion dedicated segments, as well as the ultimate Pilot Pen G2 Overachievers Grant, designed to award exceptional individuals who go beyond their everyday jobs and responsibilities to give back to their community with a check worth $100,000.

All of these exciting scenes can be viewed not only on the official distribution channel (Peacock) but are also shared on The Kelly Clarkson Show's official YouTube and Instagram accounts, which collectively reach over 3.9 million people.

This partnership not only enables Pilot Pen to be associated with the famous American idol Kelly Clarkson, but also with heartwarming stories of everyday people that the audience can identify with. All in all, it is an incredibly positive and charitable way to give Pilot Pen the brand awareness it deserves.

For those who haven't watched the Kelly Clarkson show, YET, here is an example of Kelly presenting her a guest a check from our client, the one and only, Pilot Pen. 

Making Waves: Connect with Your Target Audience Through Hollywood Branded

This Pilot Pen x The Kelly Clarkson Show partnership is just one of many exciting client projects we're working on right now, so if you're a brand looking to make a splash and connect with your target audience, Hollywood Branded is the place to be!

Our team of problem-solvers and partnership builders can help you take your brand to the next level with our range of services, including brand integration, product placement, influencer marketing, and event activations.

If you're looking for a deeper understanding of our work and how we operate on a day-to-day basis, be sure to check out our HB Instagram account or explore into our extensive blog and podcast library.

Through our content, you'll get a firsthand look at the exciting world of entertainment marketing and discover how our team's expertise and experience can help you tap into the endless possibilities of brand integration in the entertainment industry.

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