Celebrities In TV Ads:  Miley Cyrus, Maya Rudolph and Russell Wilson


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From Music To Acting To Sports - A Celebrity Type For Every Brand

One of the most interesting and engaging ways a brand can grab consumer's attention is by leveraging their fan favorite's celebrities.  From music to acting to sports... and all sorts of other types of celebritydom in between, TV ads that use celebrities just stand out. 

One strategy we've been seeing are brands who re-use their celebrity partners for more than one ad spot - often spanning multiple years.  Below we have shared three different scenarios - single ad, multiple ads in one year, and multiple ads across the years to see which strategy you find the most effective. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares a look at celebrities in TV ads for Converse, Seventh Generation and Bose.

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars with Miley Cyrus - A Growing Partnership

Miley Cyrus is featured in a variety of montages, where she's seen in different moments of her life, wearing Converse sneakers.  From stepping in gum, hanging out a the farm she's from, or cutting a new single at a recording single, she is at her happiest and wearing Chucks.  The genius? She's also the voice over to the commercial, and as it walks through some moments of her life, it absolutely vibes with who she is - an evolving and changing artist and woman.  And there's a Chuck for every version of herself. 

This is a very organic partnership that does not alienate her fan base, and in fact helps broaden her appeal.  Plus the song in the background? Miley's "Thinkin'" of course... Watch the videos below!  And keep your eyes out for her own Converse collection!

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Seventh Generation & Maya Rudolph - Three In A Year

Comedian and actress Maya Rudolph has become a brand ambassador and star to cleaning brand Seventh Generation's product line throughout 2017, with 3 commercials to date.

She voices and is featured in the three ads which range from her using the rinse free disinfectant to clean her children's toy dinosaur, using laundry detergent  to get clothes really clean without blue goo, to smelling diapers that are baby smell free...  There is no rinse required with the new spray, leaving this mom with more time to play with and tickle her babies.  Check it out below!

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Bose & Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson - Spanning The Years
In a now four year TV ad deal with Bose, the former Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl champion is seen in a variety of life and sports moments.  The most recent where he explains how it feels when hard work pays off... and describes it as electrifying.
In a former ad, Wilson is seen working out - hard, as he listens to music on his Bose headphones.  Sweaty and obviously just having been in the same house but other room... he goes into his sleeping baby's room, to check in - having not disturbed their sleep.
Check out Russell Wilson and Bose :30 ads through the years below... 
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Want To Work With Celebrities On A Budget?
If your brand isn't running TV ads, or major print or digital media, quite frankly, a celebrity partnership is likely to going to be of value.  Why? Well because celebrities aren't going to sell your product.  Your incorporating them into your brand advertising will though.
So what's a brand to do that isn't running traditional media?  You can still work with celebrities in the content they star in through product placement - from music videos to TV shows, feature films to digital content pieces.  And at a fraction of the price tag would be for an ad spot.
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