Celebrity Collabs and Updates You Need to Know About


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From Bad Boys to Belly Chains

In recent years we have seen the lines between influencers and celebrities blurred, especially when it comes to influencer culture. Regardless, popular figures in the media act as the blueprint that informs our culture, and can also give us insight on upcoming trends for 2022.

Now, more and more brands are going after some of the hottest names in Hollywood to create unforgettable, groundbreaking campaigns. In this blog, Hollywood Branded explores the latest trends and pop culture discourse in how it relates to celebrity collaborations, photoshoots, fashion trends, and upcoming projects. 

Celebrity Collabs and Updates you need to know about

Cindy Kimberly x en route

Cindy Kimberly, who you may know by the iconic social media name, WolfieCindy, has just launched a 70’s inspired jewelry collection with jewelry brand, en route. She was first discovered by Justin Bieber in 2015, which propelled her into a career of modeling and influencing, currently sitting with 6.9 million followers on Instagram. Her latest endeavor has been the creation of her own jewelry collection in collaboration with en route, a small, New York-based jewelry brand that marks its individuality through honest pricing, honoring its craftsmen, and working towards a more sustainable future. The affordable price point is really what is driving the appeal of customers, with each item priced at under $40.

Several fashion trends have been reminiscent of the early 2000s, or ‘y2k’, with its resurgence seen quite frequently starting in 2020. Last summer, waist chains were all the rage, seen on celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Anastasia Karanikalaou, and we think they are here to stay. Kimberly’s jewelry collaboration effectively combines trendy body jewelry from the y2k era, along with 70’s-esque designs. Kimberly shares that her collaboration was also inspired by pop star Doja Cat’s Planet Her, which can be seen in the futuristic aesthetic of her photoshoot.  As she shares on her recent TikTok, each piece draws inspiration from animals and nature. 

“So crazy to see something I drew come to life,” she shares in the caption of her TikTok.

2022 is the year of being the ‘It Girl', and Cindy Kimberly’s newest collaboration is perfect for the aesthetic. It looks like the OG ‘Tumblr girl’ has ventured out into a new avenue of self-expression and creativity, and we can't wait to see what’s next for WolfieCindy.

In a photoshoot styled by Jessica Thai, Cindy Kimberly shows off her new designs of earrings, rings, necklaces, and body chains to be shared with her millions of social media followers. The mastermind behind the camera was Jack Bridgland, a photographer and creative director based out of the UK. 


Photography by Jack Bridgland

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Speaking of Jack Bridgland…

Chances are you’ve probably seen his work with Mugler, Valentino, Kappa, and GCDS, but his latest endeavor with Robert Pattinson for GQ is what broke the internet. As Pattinson announces his “wildest career pivot yet”, Jack Bridgland’s work in “The Metamorphosis of Robert Pattinson” captures just how transformational the actor is. Pattinson is seen sporting a Joker-esque aesthetic with a subtle touch of gothic fashion influence. The images play with the ‘bad boy’ role that is somewhat reminiscent of the Twilight days, as well as the maniacal facial expressions, resembling the antagonist to Batman. All of which are featured throughout the interview in a complementary fashion to the actor’s discussion around the film.


Photography by Jack Bridgland

Just by looking at the comment section of GQ’s TikTok post, it is safe to say the shots were well received by the internet, most commonly acclaimed for their perfect blend of Pattinson’s edgy mystique with his playful sense of humor and blunt honesty. It didn’t take long for TikTok users to begin creating video edits, deep dives, and playful jokes all surrounding the latest shoot. Bridgland also received ample amounts of positive feedback on his participation in the photoshoot by several TikTok vloggers, specifically those in the fashion and photography field. 

All of Bridgland’s work can be found on his Instagram.


Photography by Jack Bridgland

So… What’s New with Rob?

You may have come to know and love him as the teen heartthrob from Twilight, Edward Cullen. For those keeping up with Robert Pattinson, perhaps you may have also noticed his lack of presence in mainstream projects in recent years. The 35-year-old actor is entering a new era after taking a break from performing in traditional franchise films, returning as the Batman. The movie was released on March 4th, co-starring Zoe Kravitz and Paul Dano. Robert Pattinson is known for his ability to execute a myriad of diverse roles, or as Matt Reeves, the director of Batman, describes him, a ‘chameleon’.


In his lengthy interview with GQ, he reflects on fame, hyper-visibility, covid, honesty, and more. It has been interesting to see how fans react to Pattinson’s new role and intentions with his career, as it seems he is just as anxious for it himself. He was once a part of a franchise film that had such a big influence it created hyper-partisanship amongst teenage girls, aka, Team Edward versus Team Jacob. Acknowledging this, Pattinson is returning to the traditional franchise film industry as an established actor with fans who have expectations, and we can’t wait to see how it bodes for him.

Click here to watch Pattinson go in-depth with GQ and learn more about his most iconic roles from the past. 


Photography by Jack Bridgland

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Turns Out, it's a Small World After All 

It looks like the world of pop culture is all connected. Trend predictions are largely based on how celebrities and popular culture influence consumers, so it is important to take into account franchise films, up-and-coming talent, and new projects. Creatives like Cindy Kimberly, Jack Bridgland, and Robert Pattinson are just a glimpse into what’s to come this year, but it appears like we’re off to a good start. From bad boys to belly chains, 2022 is looking like a bold year for new changes and trends so far. 

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