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Celebrity Partnerships With Makeup Brands

Posted by Mohamad Awadallah on April 17, 2019 at 8:44 AM

What Can't She Do?

From becoming a Grammy award winning artist and starring in her first feature film, Lady Gaga shows no signs of slowing down. There have been speculations spurring around over the course of 2018 that the famous artist is releasing a beauty line called Haus Beauty.

However Lady Gaga has not publicly promoted her incoming brand yet, leaving her fans thrown with questions like What type of products are we expecting in Haus Beauty, and will it be as glamorous as the artist's style herself? In this blog, Hollywood Branded examines celebrity partnerships with makeup brands and the upcoming rumored line by Lady Gaga.

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A New Competitor Has Arrived

Lady Gaga had the beginning preparations of her website launched on the last day of the year. Naturally, fans noticed a HausBeauty.com on their own and spurred up a frenzy on social media. 

Rumors have it the creation of the brand began in May. Some fans realized her company Ate my Heart Inc., filed for a trademark back in February for Haus Beauty. If you go on the website now, a black screen will appear with an opportunity to fill in your email. The current rumor is that Gaga's products will include cosmetics, perfume, and skincare. Once the website is completely finished and you have subscribed to Haus Beauty, an email will be sent out when all is ready.


Disclaimer: it may be a while until we get to see the actual products online or on shelves yet. While all fans are kept waiting, there are plenty of other celebrity make-up lines that are strikingly glamorous and sexy.

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Feel Like RiRi

Rihanna has always been known as a figure of Barbadian beauty, making her the perfect face of a beauty line. Her make up is always on point and fans around the world had been craving a makeup line from the celebrity. In September 2017, Rihanna released her new beauty line called Fenty Beauty and it has been a hit ever since. 


It is popular due to its inclusivity across skin tones of all colors and genders. A consumer (& Rihanna's) favorite is the Pro Filt'R foundation. This foundation initially started off with forty different types of shades. The line has expanded since and Rihanna will be adding another ten more to the collection. As if it cannot get any better, Fenty Beauty is also 100% vegan and cruelty-free. 


Aging Like Fine Wine

Now we know the reason why Jessica Alba has taken a break from Hollywood for quite some time now, Honest Beauty has taken up all of her time! Jessica Alba is the owner of beauty line, Honest Beauty and has led this company to be valued at just shy of one billion dollars in 2017. Sadly, there has been multiple lawsuits over the years due to false labeling and contaminated products, the company flushed out their products and needed a fresh start.


After a 200 million dollar investment and putting behind multiple lawsuits, the beauty line has relaunched with fewer products, new formulations, new packaging, simplified product names, and a lower price point. Jessica Alba wants to focus on clean ingredients and smaller selection for the renewed company. 

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The Cosmetic Juggernaut

One of the newest and the most popular beauty line in the market is Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner. Kylie launched her company at the end of 2015 with a Kylie Lip Kit. Fast-forward three years and the company is now worth over 900 million dollars. 

The cosmetic CEO has her fans all over the world endlessly purchasing her Kyshadows and Kyliners; these products have been available since the launch of her company. It doesn't stop there, Kylie Cosmetics also provides lipstick kits (and liquid lipstick as shown in the picture below), makeup supplies like brushes, skin concealer,  as well as a Kylighter. If you're a huge fan of Kylie Cosmetics and you're reading this, I don't want to alarm you but it has been announced that twenty-one new products will be coming soon too! 


We're Far From The Launch Now

Although it is Lady Gaga's first time releasing a makeup and skincare line, it doesn't come as a surprise that she has experience in the beauty industry. She has done work with MAC and their campaign to raise money for AIDS research and dropped her own perfume fragrance, the Lady Gaga Fame with Coty.

However, the beauty industry is highly competitive with long time competitors like Mariah Carey and MAC, Gigi Hadid and Maybelline, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba and the list can keep going. The opening of HausBeauty.com hasn't been announced yet, however, expect the new makeup line to drop this year!

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