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It's That Time of Year Again

Mid/late April, middle of Spring whether you're heading to Palm Springs or enjoying life from anywhere else — you can't escape the chatter of Coachella. Like clockwork, as soon as April begins brands start to kick their Coachella campaigns into full-speed for the festival. With the anticipation of seeing what looks will trend, the performing acts, and pop-up brand activations, the excitement becomes almost palpable. 

While I do enjoy watching the performances and seeing the trending outfits at Coachella, I can't help but admire the brand activations on and off site that happen in conjunction with the festival. That's why, in this blog, Hollywood Branded will share brand activations around the 2023 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Coachella Brand Activations 2023

Brand Bonanza

A tentpole event, with the chance to increase brand recognition and interaction with an influential target market (ages 18-34 with an average festival go-er 25 years old), it's hard for brands to write off the opportunity to get involved at Coachella. Generally, a significant financial investment is not uncommon to see some up-and-coming brands partnering up with larger ones.

818 Outpost Coachella 2023

Photo: 818 | Kylie Cosmetics | Emjay | IG

It's totally understandable how brands can be intimidated by the costs of activating at Coachella but I'd argue it's worth it. Some reasons brands should participate are that it can raise brand awareness, increase brand engagement/interaction, and elevate a brand. Additionally, Inspira Marketing found that consumers are highly likely to purchase a brand after having tried it.

Inspira Marketing Brand Sampling Infographic

Photo: Inspira Marketing

Brands primarily do sampling/giveaways/gifting at off-site pre or post-brand-sponsored Coachella parties. At these brand activations, there are usually a handful of brands present. This way, it's more cost-effective and efficient for all brands involved in attracting similar niche groups that go to Coachella.

With limited space on the festival grounds and a set budget, one decision brands have to make is where they're going to activate. Only a select few actually make it onto the premises.  

Neutrogena Educates

One of the big brands on-site at Coachella this year was Neutrogena as Coachella's official skincare sponsor. 

Neutrogena Products

Photo: Neutrogena

Having hosted the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Haus in 2019 with CVS, and seen success, they decided to come back again!

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 12.49.43 PM.png

Photo: Tanya Gelman

This time, in addition to their regular influencer campaign,  Neutrogena put on the Skin Vitals Experience which was located in the Coachella Courtyard next to Yuma tent. 

Neutrogena Skin Vitals Experience Coachella 2023Photo: Coachella 

Inside the space, attendees were able to walk-through and learn more about their skin, access their skin vitals, and try some of the products.

In addition to their Skin Vitals Experience, Neutrogena also had sunscreen stations set up around the festival for attendees to protect against UV rays. 

Neutrogena Sunscreen Dispenser Coachella 2023

Francis Specke| Killeen Daily Herald

With five stations around the festival and sunscreen an essential (that SHOULD be applied every 2 hours to protect against the sun's rays, fun fact), Neutrogena was definitely increasing positive feelings around their brand along with brand recall.

Fun & Food With Postmates

Now what's an event without a VIP area? For another year food delivery service Postmates made an appearance at Coachella. Founded in 2011, the delivery food service has participated in Coachella festivities since 2016 when they first partnered with Revolve.

Revolve x Postmates Coachella Partnership 2016

Photo: Camila Coelho | Instagram

Like last year, Postmates set up camp in the VIP section of the festival. In this area, self-named the Postmates ReTreat, VIPs could refresh, recharge, and capture social media worthy content.  

Here select music fans were able to to purchase premium food and drinks from Postmates partners The Nice Guy, SLAB, and Delilah.

Postmates ReTreat Brands

Photo: Pstmates | Coachella

While the experience was only available to attendees with VIP access at Coachella, anyone in Los Angeles watching the live streaming could join in on the fun!

h.wood Group's venues The Nice Guy and SLAB, located in Los Angeles, were also available to order via Postmates for Angelenos.

Postmates ReTreat hwood group nice guy la and slab coachella 2023Photo: h.wood Group | Instagram

In the name of Coachella Weekend 1 (known for celeb spotting), Postmates had to have a special surprise guest stop by. 

Saweetie Postmates ReTreat Coachella 2023

Photo: Postmates

For this activation, Postmates brought in rapper Saweetie who stopped by Delilah to craft some Coachella custom cocktails for visitors. 

But that's not all Postmates did at Coachella! They also made an appearance at Kourtney Kardashian's Camp Poosh as part of their partnership with SLAB.

Coachella 2023 Camp Poosh Postmates x SLABPhoto: h.wood Group | Instagram

Coachella 2023 Postmates x SLAB h.woodgroup Camp Poosh

Photo: h.wood Group | Instagram

Camp Poosh 2023 SLAB x Postmates

Photo: h.wood Group | Instagram

This is Poosh's first time activating around the festival, which is great for Postmates to gain additional exposure with quality level talent, including Mrs. Kourtney Kardashian Barker herself.

Camp Poosh 2023 Kourtney Kardashian Barker

Photo: Marc Patrick | BFA

Camp Poosh Kourtney and Influencers

Photo: Marc Patrick | BFA

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Exclusive Perks With American Express

Another brand that came back to Coachella for 2023 was American Express.  It seems that they have found success in their Coachella activations as they've repeated their activations from previous years.

If you're not familiar with American Express's Coachella activations they've offered fast lanes (ranging for merchandise to on-site attractions such as Spectra), access to an on-site lounge where where fans can purchase artist exclusive merch, and off-site experiences.

Coachella Spectra and Ferris Wheel

Photo: GoldenVoice

Similar to past years, AMEX provided the usual merchandise fast lanes and a complimentary ferris wheel ride in addition to a revamped experience for AMEX cardholders. 

Coachella 2023 - Merch AMEX

Photo: u/RecklessCreature | Reddit

While the free ferris wheel ride is only available for AMEX cardholders (keyword being free as non-AMEX festival goers can still purchase a ticket to ride), the AMEX Experience allows for members to bring in up to 3 friends. 

Once inside the lounge guests can stop by AMEX's partner Paper Shoot's booth to rent or purchase an eco-friendly digital point-and-shoot camera. With their camera they can make their way over to the lab & photo studios to take some vintage pictures that they can share on their socials. 

Screen Shot 2023-04-20 at 1.23.18 PM

Photo: Chia_ana | Instagram

amex experience coachella 2023 photo area

Photo: dgupta14 | Instagram

paper shoot x amex experience coachella 2023

Photo: ke4ying | Instagram

As an added perk, card members can print their photo onto a limited-edition Coachella tote bag for a personalized physical festival memento. 

Amex experience coachella 2023 paper shoot tote pick up

amex experience coachella 2023 custom tote

AMEX Experience coachella 2023 custom tote close up

Also available to American Express visitors was exclusive BLACKPINK merchandise. 

Blackpink exclusive merch Amex experience coachella 2023

Photo: Sophie Krieger 

Effective Brand Activations

To support their Coachella activations brands usually work with talent to direct attention their way.

Including talent as part of a brand activation certainly adds to the costs but they also pay off in terms of raising brand awareness and engagement among potential consumers.

Speaking of boosting brand awareness and engagement, don't forget that providing opportunities for product trial greatly increases the likelihood of future purchases! While giving away samples of product adds to costs it also increases word of mouth recommendations or the modern day version, a post on social media (yes, including paid posts since it does start the convo).

With talent and PR surrounding Coachella, there are abundant opportunities to get mentioned in the trades. Whether it be because of a celebrity partner or the right person trying your product, Coachella is a great way for brands to ride the wave and create buzz around them that feels organic. 

Alyah Chanelle Scott from The Sex Lives of College Girls x Smirnoff

Photo: Alyahcs | Instagram

Eager To Learn More?

Interested in events and how brands are engaging potential consumers by using influencers to their advantage? Thinking of doing a brand activation Coachella sometime in the future? Below are some blogs to that share how other brands are driving awareness of their brand through influencers and major events.

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