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So What Is It Like Being an Intern

A normal day for an intern at Hollywood Branded is never the same. Coming into any internship, many believe you won’t be able to participate in and hear about all the aspects of the job, with duties being more around admin, research, filing and general boringness.  But here at Hollywood Branded, that was not the case at all during my internship.

Every day is, in fact, an exciting day where I learned something new and gained even more knowledge about brand integration, product placement, celebrities and influencer partnerships. In this blog, Hollywood Branded intern, walk you through the day in the life of an internship at Hollywood Branded.

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Morning Time!

In the morning, the first thing that I do is check my emails to make sure that I didn’t miss anything from the day before.  

In the office, everyone represents either:

  • Rooster (our CEO - she's the head of our Coop),
  • Mother Hen (our team leader),
  • Chicken (our team members) or
  • Chick (an intern)

After everyone gets settled in, we all “coop”, which means we all come together and talk about what we are doing that day. This is super helpful because we can see all what everyone is working on and make sure that nothing is missed. This is important for an intern to listen in on and see if they can help any of the “chickens” with their workload. 

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During The Day

There are so many things for an intern to do, from screening shows and movies to reading scripts, that we all get to help with basically everything.

As an example, today I am screening a show on Netflix, which means I am watching if our client made it to the scene of the show. You have to watch very carefully because it could be in the background, a verbal mention or placed even in the character's hands. When you find your client in the scene, you clip all the scenes that have the product in it and lay it out in a video recap, and grab screen grabs so we can report the placement activity back to the client.

The “Chickens” are constantly getting tons scripts for future movies and shows to read every day. As an intern, I help them re-read it, looking for ways our clients can fit into the script somehow. Then after reading it, I type up a breakdown of the script and write down all the opportunities that our clients can make a placement in, so the team can better explore with both the production and the client.

Throughout the day I will do other things too, like creating shipping labels to send out product to a production, packing up or checking in product or writing up a different opportunity for our clients.  Learning to blog in the company's voice is also part of the internship, and it allows us to start buillding an online profile before launching our professional careers!

We also get to participate in the weekly team meeting, which is where everyone on the team comes together and we go through every aspect of the business, from client projects, to new business initiatives, book review projects we are assigned as a team, and whatever else may be going on.  This is actually one of the most beneficial parts of the internship, because our office is so open that we truly get to understand how the business is run and works.

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Later In The Afternoon

Today is a special day because I am assisting one of the “Chickens”  and getting to go to a movie premiere.  This movie premiere was for the new movie Jumanji 2 and our client’s products will be at the opening event.  After our team works to ensure all the products needed are on the way tot the event, we head on over too. Our job is to basically make sure everything goes smoothly and the setup looks neat and presentable.  And of course get photos, video and social media to capture the event live for the client.


This is actually one of the most important jobs - to capture as much of our client at the event as we can. We take photos of people with the client’s product and of the environment the product is in. We want to get as much content as we can so when we send over the completed recap video of the photos, the client will feel like they were actually there along with their product.

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And That's The Internship!

Hollywood Branded is one of the top agencies for product placement and celebrity partnerships for brands.  You learn about all of this in just a couple months and leave feeling confident in your knowledge about this topic. There is so much more to learn but for now, you get the basic logistics of brand partnerships in Hollywood. Being an intern here was one of the best experiences I have ever had!!

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Check out the e-book by clicking the image below to learn more about how product placement works, or watch any of the videos and e-books above to get a better understanding of what you will be doing!

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