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Bonjour Brands!

Bonjour! Emily in Paris Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix. The Chicago transport, Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) finds herself still in the city of love working at the French marketing firm, Savoir. This season we see Emily’s ambitious fashion choices, the dreamy Parisian scenery, Emily at a romantic crossroads and multiple scenes of product placement and brand integration.

As a marketing expert, Emily is in Paris to bring Savoir a fresh American perspective, as she has numerous marketing campaign ideas for the firm's clients. Throughout the season, we see brand integrations and campaigns from brands that spread across a wide range of categories—from fashion to electronics, and beverages. We also see some strategic product placement that help the story come together. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at the product placement and brand integrations in Season 2 of Emily in Paris.

Emily In Paris Season 2 Product Placement Brand Integration

Electronics Everywhere  

As a social media influencer, Emily is constantly carrying around her electronics, and capturing specific moments to post on her social media. We see lots of product placement including computers, phones, printers, and more. Apple products had a center stage throughout the season. In episode 10, Madeline (Kate Walsh) uses her Apple iPhone to eagerly capture the fashion show they are attending. We also see multiple scenes shot in Emily’s workplace, Savior. As the camera scans the office, the viewers see multiple Apple iMac desktops placed throughout the office. Throughout the series, Emily attends a French class, and of course, sitting on the French teacher’s desk is an iMac desktop. All these Apple items show that the characters in the show are technologically savvy, and it helps paint the picture of each scene. Emily is up to date on the newest technology, which in turns helps her marketing extraordinaire persona.

Apple Product Placement Brand Integration Emily In Paris Season 2

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Fashion Statements 

Emily’s over-the-top ensembles highly contrast with the minimalism of Parisian fashion. Emily and best friend Mindy (Ashley Park) surely stand out with their fashion choices. This season has numerous branded pieces for the audience to easily identify. In episode 8, Antoine (William Abadie) is on the tennis court in a very identifiable Lacoste white collared shirt. Since Lacoste was founded by a tennis player, this shirt made sense to be placed on Antonie. Mindy is shown in a denim and pink Nike outfit in this episode. The denim shirt has puffy sleeves, is off-the-shoulder, and is embellished with huge Nike logos. In the scene, Emily and Mindy are chatting while folding clothes and doing laundry. Although this blouse might make sense for Mindy to wear, this outfit did not match the scene. I mean, when I am at home doing laundry, I am wearing something comfortable…not in a structured denim blouse. For the show’s sake and Mindy’s character, I guess this product placement could make sense. Do as the Parisians do and dress up to fold some laundry! In this episode, Emily also visits Camille’s (Camille Razat) family home. In one of the scenes, Camille is wearing a beige muscle shirt, brown leather shorts, and a branded Celine bucket hat. This Celine product placement makes so much sense for Camille. Emily’s very colorful style greatly contrasts that of the Parisian native Camille's. Camille’s style is sophisticated, chic, and neutral. Her outfit in this scene is chic and her branded Celine bucket hat ties her whole look together—a perfect placement!


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Staying Hydrated

Part of the Parisian culture is enjoying life through food, art, fashion, and architecture. Whether the Emily in Paris characters are enjoying themselves at a café or a social gathering, there are beverage placements caught through the lens that help make the scenes come to life. In episode 4, the conference room of Savior has Perrier water cans placed on the table next to glasses and strawberries. This placement makes perfect sense for the show, as Europeans do love their sparkling water. In episode 10, Madeline has half of a Starbucks coffee sitting on her desk with the very identifiable green straw. Another Starbucks placement is in episode 9 when Madeline arrives at Savior. She is carrying a full Starbucks iced beverage. She is later filmed drinking the beverage until empty.

This Starbucks brand integration fit into the storyline perfectly, as it helps paint the picture of the difference between American and Parisian culture. In Paris, one might find themselves having a cappuccino at a café. However, Madeline had just arrived from America, so she is spotted drinking her Starbucks iced coffee, while on the go. This perfectly depicts the contrast of lifestyles, where Americans are always on the go and Parisians enjoy life and are more laid back.

Emily In Paris Season 2 Starbucks Product Placement Brand Integration

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A Brand Collaboration With RIMOWA

In the first few episodes of season 2, one of Savior’s clients is RIMOWA luggage, and they are tasked with creating a marketing campaign to help showcase the brand. When one of Emily’s co-workers is presenting their idea to RIMOWA, the RIMOWA representatives look displeased. The brand’s representatives suggest creating a campaign that is less boring and a campaign that is 'noisy.' They want a  campaign that is amusing, loud, and maybe even a little tacky. Emily’s marketing mind immediately starts going to work and she suggests to do a brand collaboration with a popular fashion designer in the show, Pierre Cadult.  Emily begins brainstorming and has Pierre’s face printed on the side of RIMOWA suitcases. Bravo Emily, mission accomplished! The Pierre-printed suitcases are loud and tacky, but they end up being a huge part of the storyline in the following episodes. The brand integration and product placement for RIMOWA is a home run!


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Eager To Learn More?

These are just a few of the numerous brands that are displayed throughout Season 2 of Emily in Paris. It explodes with even more fashion brands, automobile, and beverage placements. All the brands are strategically placed to help make the story come together and the setting to come to life.

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