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Make Your Brand Crystal Clear 

Are you looking for ways to take your business to the next level? Do you want to develop creative pathways in your brain and become a more successful entrepreneur? If so, then Theresa Rose has some great advice.

Our latest episode on Marketing Mistakes & How To Avoid Them, Stacy Jones interviews Theresa Rose, a Certified Speaking Professional, who unveils her groundbreaking crystallization process and the designs to empower entrepreneurs shaping their brand and businessIn this blog , Hollywood Branded explores the pivotal takeaways from the podcast, highlighting Theresa's revolutionary crystallization process that empowers clients to achieve clarity, amplification, and monetization.

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A Little More About Theresa 

Theresa is the founder of Theresa Rose Presents. As a Certified Speaking Professional, she works with thought leaders including experts, authors, speakers, coaches, and advisors on how to create content that will engage audiences from the stage, the page and the screen.

She does this by developing the model and messaging needed to make the biggest, most lasting impact. With over two decades of experience, Theresa is dedicated to guiding leaders in leveraging their expertise to make an impact on the world and gain crystal-clear clarity on who they are – what they are doing – and where they want to go. 

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Interview Transcript Highlights

Stacy: How did you get here today? You're an energy healer. You've been in a speaker! And so much more! What got you to where you are now where you are helping people define their messaging with clarity? 

Theresa: Well I would say it started when I was five and had my hairbrush in my hand and did a show in front of my stuffed animals. Yep, that was me. Carol Burnett was my hero.

I was always a performer. I just always was. I also had a head for business. I really loved school. I loved persuasion. I loved debate. I was in speech. I was a theater nerd. I loved being in front of people too.

So I had this life where I went down the back. The path of business. I got a degree in business and managed a hundred million dollars of annual revenue for Fortune 100 companies. I could understand the mechanics of enterprises, product development, and product marketing. That was what I grew up in, in a corporate world.

I was also a consultant. I now am able to go into organizations and see exactly what is broken and the gaps in it. It was just like a puzzle. A puzzle to solve when I could see these organizations. 

Stacy: So this brilliance that you have come up with, what's the first step? How do you start getting it onto that napkin? 

Theresa: Yes, that's a good question. When I crystallize people I work with them, I go into a full deep dive one on one capacity. I will tell you the mechanical first step. But I also want to tell you the energetic first step, because to me crystallization is an alchemic blend of economics and energetics. It's not just can I figure out some marketing logo and plan and visual to do this. There needs to be the heart in it too. 

Stacy: You've read this whole world full of spaghetti and salad, and has spread it all over the place at this point. What is the next step after that?

Theresa: Once we get together, what I do is I crystallize their brilliance without even looking at their content. Then we get together in a 2 day retreat setting, and I call it a Mastermind of Two.

It's important that I call it a Mastermind of Two, because what I'm not is a marketing agency that says, " this is your report and now we're going to talk about it "or "tell me about you."

I'm actually showing up at this Mastermind of Two and showing them in picture format and the reason I call it Mastermind of Two is because remember, this is economics and energetics. Equally important. 

Stacy: From my assumption, I believe you have built Clarify, Monetize, and Amplify around the word, Why? 

Theresa: Oh big time, big time! That's why I want to know that. That's what so beautiful about the process of crystallization is.

I actually get to know these people! I'm reading their stories. I'm listening to their to their podcast interviews. I'm watching their speeches. I'm reading their journal sometimes, if they've not ever published anything yet. I've looked at their literal half-baked, you know, manuscript with handwritten notes of what this important to them right? And so I see and understand the person themselves. 

Stacy: So, how can all our listeners find you and your magnificent so you can help them? 

Theresa: I have a complimentary access to my crystallization process. So I have 10 steps to clarify, amplify, and monetize your brand and business. There are little videos that I've done about how I can crystallize people's brilliance and have them sort of think about it. The link is Theresarose.com/clear. And if you think about, how do I spell Theresa Rose? It's like there's a rose.

I have accidentally the best URL, I think ... on the planet!

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