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Hayley Kiyoko’s Music Video Release 

Teasers for music videos have very much become something that every artist thinks about before releasing new work. With the power of the internet and marketing driving the music world these days, the combination of social posts and release strategies are one and the same. Then throw in a celebrity relationship AND Bachelor Nation? Now that's some good PR.

Musicians have long employed celebrity cameos in music videos for publicity, and Hayley Kiyoki's video for "For the Girls" is no exception. In this blog, Hollywood Branded discusses singer Hayley Kiyoko's newest video and the teasers that were used to market the highly-anticipated release.


Song Of The Summer

Are you a pop music lover? Do you love New Music Fridays? Teasers with easter eggs? Well, do we have a music video release for you! In the past weeks, singer-songwriter Hayley Kiyoko and her team have done a killer job teasing her fans about not only her upcoming new release ‘For The Girls’ but also slamming the Bachelor Nation community with some teasers that will give them just what they’ve been waiting for, for quite some time.

There’s more than enough buzz that ‘For The Girls’ will be the newest queer anthem and fans are way too excited. Hayley can't believe she didn't think of this sooner, to portray herself as the first gay Bachelorette in her music video. Kiyoko dropped a part of the song on her socials in April and fans have been eagerly waiting for the drop which was this past Friday, May 20th, 2022.

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Bachelor Nation

We all know the insane fandom that is Bachelor Nation. Now with that being said, if you know Bachelor Nation, you know Becca Tilley who was on both Chris Soules's and Ben Higgins’ season of the Bachelor. In case you don’t follow the Bachelor Nation news, Becca Tilley has been in a very private and committed relationship for about 4 years. Her partner has been rumored to be the one and only, Hayley Kiyoko. At first, fans were surprised and excited about the new spark between these two, but as it’s never been officially confirmed, and only really been announced in small ways with code names on Becca’s podcast, the fans have gotten used to the privacy of their personal lives. Until now. In Kiyoko’s upcoming release of her new song "For The Girls", Hayley posted some teasers that have perked the ears of Bachelor Nation, and this was a reveal of the couple to be shown in the video. Friday, May 20th, we finally got what we were hoping for, an official couple reveal!

Photo Credit: Hayley Kiyoko | Instagram

Nothing Like A Good Easter Egg

Hayley released some awesome easter eggs in her recent social posts. Releasing photos of her in a formal gown, holding a rose as if she is the newest Bachelorette. This post instantly got Bachelor Nation ranting and raving about the possibility of having Becca and Hayley finally announce their love, and what better way than a rose ceremony? Hayley also posted a lineup of “contestants” included in her new music video, with a few slots left as question marks, saying that the rest of the contestants will be announced, teasing that possibly Becca Tilley was going to be one of them. Even Becca on her podcast, "Scrubbing In With Becca Tilley & Tanya Rad," she’s teased listeners by saying Hayley Kiyoko’s "For The Girls" will be the song of the summer. With all of these exciting teases, fans were gearing up for an awesome Friday release.

Photo Credit: Hayley Kiyoko | Instagram

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Since the release of the video on Friday, May 20th, the new song AND the relationship are spreading across the internet and Bachelor Nation. The video shows Becca as the last contestant of Hayley's Bachelorette "season", finally commencing the relationship. Becca Tilley took to Twitter and Instagram officially "launching" them as a couple into the public eye. Fans can now celebrate the overdue announcement of this relationship while also appreciating the social media marketing and teasers behind this release that was absolutely genius. As a fan of them both, I personally could not have asked for a better way for them to "come out" as a couple! 

Hayley Kiyoki Becca Tilley relationship Bachelor For The Girls

Photo Credit: Rich Fury | Glamour 

The Final Rose

Social Media really is the strongest marketing tool to use during a song release. Artists are becoming more and more creative with the way they share their stories with their fans and paint a picture of their music. From unique artwork, and imaginative photoshoot concepts, to Taylor Swift-Like easter eggs in their music and posts, fans are loving the use of social media to hypothesize what could be happening in their favorite artists’ next video. With Hayley Kiyoko in particular, she was able to not only gain traction for her single (which is a banger) but also satisfy an entirely separate fan base that is insanely loyal, and with that we are grateful. Cheers to music, love, and the power of the internet. This one’s FOR THE GIRLS!

For The Girls Hayley Kiyoko Music Video

Photo Credit: Trevor Flores | People 

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