How 5 Baby Brands Found Success Through Celebrity Parents


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Why Celeb Endorsement Of Baby Products Works So Well

We as consumers are fascinated at the world of celebrities. They are rich, famous and glamorous. And this doesn’t change when they have babies – in fact, our fascination grows even more.  Celebrities certainly have a way of making parenting look so easy… and glamorous! 

When we see our favorite celebrities give birth to adorable little mini-me-celebs we inherently pay attention to the way they parent… especially if we are parents ourselves. And our fascination includes what products they use, and in what clothes they dress these little mini-me's.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at how several companies have successfully used celebrity endorsements of baby products to dramatically impact how consumers view and buy those brands.

Baby Brands And Celebrity Partnerships

Smart Mom Jewelry

This line of baby-friendly jewelry for mom, for example a necklace that is safe to use for teething babies, has caught the public eye for the celebrities that have used the brand. Angela Bassett, Ali Landry and Tori Spelling have all been spotted with the jewelry and as a result, the brand popped up on tons of mommy blogs with photos repurposed over and over.  These celebrity moms have been seeded this jewelry - either through baby-related events including gifting lounges, or direct from the designer to the celebrity through their agency.


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Our Celeb Endorsement Crush – Dax and Kristen

If you read our previous blog on how Dax and Kristen crush it as a celebrity powerhouse of Samsung couple endorsers, you may already know we here at Hollywood Branded have a thing for Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell’s Samsung ads. The ads progressed from Kristen’s pregnancy to the birth of their child and we swooned at how “normal” and adorable the two were.

As they took on parenthood, their ads followed, showing celebs going through everyday parenting precious moments as well as crises. All the while, they have their Samsung devices to keep them above water. 


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Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company

Jessica Alba started her own company after the birth of her child, focusing on natural and organic products that she used herself.

The brand includes a complete baby line that is eco-friendly and toxin-free. The line and brand itself has received much praise from experts and consumers alike and the company has added quite a bit to the celebrity’s net worth.


Celebrity Endorsement Deal Case Studies That Made Sales Happen Video

Kevin Jonas Partners With Brand To Release Baby Pics  

One of the most sought after things after news breaks of a celebrity having a baby is the pictures. Often times they are leaked, or the photos are purchased by a magazine or publication at an outrageous price.

However pop star Kevin Jonas and his wife wanted to release the photos of their daughter themselves... but used a brand partnership with Dreft laundry detergent to do so. They released the photos via Dreft's new app "Amazing Baby Days." This promoted both the brand and the couple's desire to release the photos on their own - instead of when the tabloids wanted to, which is something parents can respect... even if they can't relate. 


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Treading Dangerously – Kim Kardashian

When Kim K and Kanye West were expecting their son North, Kim took to Twitter to swear by the relief a particular brand of anti-morning-sickness medication brought her.

It was a sponsored post, which for someone who has one of the biggest social media followings of all time was a tweet worth somewhere between $500,000 and $1 million plus.

The star ran into a bit of trouble from the FDA however, as the post did not include the necessary warnings and information about side affects that must accompany a drug ad. However, she quickly added the necessary information and avoided too much trouble. 

The post and the press surrounding it gave the brand a huge boost into the spotlight.


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Could Your Brand Use A Celebrity Endorsement Boost?

Are you interested in integrating your brand's product with a celebrity but simply don’t know where to start? There is so much more to product placement and celebrity endorsement partnerships than you may think and it is important to be educated about the key tactics to best fit your brand.

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Celebrity Endorsement Deal Case Studies That Made Sales Happen Video