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Seizing The Moment

Podcasting hit its stride in 2014 and has been growing in popularity ever since. Borrowing from other familiar mediums such as radio and blogging, podcasting created a new way to connect with consumers by taking on the tone of an intimate conversation on the listeners topic of choice. This connection between creator and consumer made podcasting an appealing platform for brands to advertise through.

Similar to radio-style ad placements, these ad placements are effective in spreading a message to a desired demographic. Some brands have taken this one step further to create a podcast solely to promote their brand and message through related entertaining content. In this blog, Hollywood Branded will explore examples of branded podcasts and how they work to build a brand’s image and business.

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Getting The Message Across

Podcasting answered the call for on-demand talk radio content. It became a popular pass-time for working commuters to catch up on the news, be entertained by a riveting mystery, or just laugh along with their favorite comedians. While podcast listening took an initial dive at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic as many commuters were kept in their homes, it began to rise again as many people searched for ways to fill their newly gained time through learning something new.

One-third of Americans today consider themselves active podcast listeners. Of that group, the majority is in the age range of 18-35. These young adults present a desirable demographic for many brands looking to inspire potential consumers, and podcasting offers the perfect way for brands to reach them.

With little equipment and low production costs, podcasting offers a simple way for brands to cultivate strong connections with their listeners. The branded podcasts we will explore below have all done an exceptional job using he medium to build an association between their product or service, the brand’s values, and establish trust through entertaining and engaging content.

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“Why We Eat What We Eat” – Podcast By Blue Apron

Blue Apron and Gimlet Creative teamed up to create the “Why We Eat What We Eat” podcast. Hosted by iconic food author Cathy Erway, this podcast explores the subconscious and cultural forces that shape our eating habits. The podcast takes on an educational yet upbeat and entertaining tone as they cover topics such as the latest trends in foods, the phenomenon of “picky” eating, and how diet and climate change coincide.

As it ties to Blue Apron, a meal-kit and recipe delivery service, this podcast helps build the perception that the brand is highly knowledgeable in food and wellness. The podcast episodes tie in well to the brand’s dedication to sustainable cooking, balanced recipes, and quality ingredients. For a listener who has never heard of Blue Apron or used the service before, this alignment of values and brand message is approachable and enticing, especially to young audiences who may be new to the world of cooking.

The meal-kit market is expanding rapidly, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. With competition rising for Blue Apron, this podcast serves to make an impression and deliver their message in a unique way.

why we eat what we eat podcast blue apron

“The Distance” – Podcast By Basecamp

Project management service Basecamp steps into the world of business podcasting with their program “The Distance.” The episodes offer a wide range of inspiring stories from business owners and entrepreneurs who have been in business for over 25 years.

Basecamp is a project management service that provides a space for companies to organize, communicate, and create efficiently. Through this podcast they are demonstrating support for those who want to start their own businesses by giving a platform to unique stories that may have otherwise gone under the radar. This creates a welcoming space for those who are looking to manage their work more effectively. Basecamp has established themselves as a brand that roots for the underdog and works hard to make business easy for their users.

Basecamp also launched another branded podcast project called “REWORK” (based on a book of the same title by Basecamp co-founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier-Hansson) where they and other professionals share “unconventional wisdom” about how to successfully run a business. Through this show they promote new Basecamp projects and features, as well as a savvy and ambitious message.

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“In Your Dreams” – Podcast By Casper Mattresses

In this podcast, co-hosted by iconic actors Chris Gethard and Gary Richardson, Casper Mattresses urge listeners to explore their dreams and dig to find the hidden meaning. This show is interactive as listeners call in to share their stories with the hosts. The show highlights that the hosts are experts on sleep or dreams in any way. It showcases two ordinary people trying to make sense of strange and puzzling subconscious images.

This show is particularly engaging as it requires audience participation and works with preexisting connections between mattresses and dreams without being heavy-handed. This gives Casper the reputation of being fun and accessible while providing a solid source of entertainment for those interested in the psychology of dreams or those just looking for a laugh.

In Your Dreams podcast by Casper

“Pick Me Up” – Podcast By Lyft

Each episode of this podcast, made in collaboration with Lyft and Gimlet Creative, focuses on a Lyft driver and what motivates them towards their personal aspirations. Whether they want to be a writer, own a restaurant, or win a Grammy, everyone has a dream, and through this podcast Lyft not only celebrates these but aids in their driver’s quests by giving them a “pick me up” – something to help them towards their goal. Drivers can be entered into this series via personal submission of their name and story or be recommended by family and friends.

Through this program, Lyft not only shares inspiring stories of those working towards their goals but shows support for their employees. After many ride-sharing services including Lyft received backlash after classifying their employees as independent contractors, it is important for Lyft to position themselves as a support system for those who make their business possible. This also works to restore a sense of respectability among those who may have resisted using the service considering these issues.

Pick Me Up podcast by Lyft

Continuing To Build And Grow With Podcasting

Podcasting has become a massive industry in a short amount of time, and it is still growing. With such a wide range of shows available it is important for both the brand involved and the shows themselves to find their niche group to gain traction.

It is difficult to gage advertising revenue for podcasting as it is such a democratized medium and there is not one set standard for assessing ad revenue across the wide variety of shows. Brands creating their own podcasts is the most effective way to stand out in the never-ending list of podcasts to ensure name recognition with every episode.

Entering the world of podcasting not only puts the brand’s name out into more circles of discussion but leads to stronger relationships with clients, builds recognition, and fosters a positive perception of a brand’s values and services.

Hollywood Branded has its own podcast too! If you’re interested in marketing, business advice, and stories from entertainment industry professionals, tune into Marketing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them), hosted by Hollywood Branded’s own Stacy Jones. You can access our weekly episodes here!

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Take A Journey Into The World Of Podcasting

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