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Life Is But A Stream

Are you a binge watcher? Who doesn’t want to keep watching their favorite TV series long into the night over a two day period and never go to sleep. Today, binge watching is the current trend and streaming video on demand (SVOD) shows no signs of diminishing.

And you have to admit, it is really nice not having ads play in the middle of an intense episode. However, there are times when you need a pause break (ahem restroom? rehydration? snack time?) and streaming services are going to learn to take advantage of that. And that lead to the latest development in streaming advertsing: pause ads. In this blog, Hollywood Branded discusses pause ads in SVOD content and what brands need to know about the future of advertising in streaming content.

Paue Ads In SVOD

What Are Pause Ads?

Companies are starting to study “pause ads,” which are advertisements played during a pause break of the consumer’s choice.

Hulu’s Vice President and Head of Advertising, Jeremy Helfand, has mentioned that Hulu is aiming at implementing these pause ads next year. Not only does Hulu want to put this type of advertising into action, but so does AT&T. They believe a good pause allows for great viewability and they are not wrong. Most people have cut their cords and moved on to streaming services, therefore, all eyes are on these platforms.

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Money Money Money

money emojiThe cost of streaming content is extremely costly! That being said, media companies can’t afford going ad-free and losing advertising revenue. Without that source of revenue, streaming services would have to raise their prices, putting the burden on the consumer. However, if streaming service companies do receive ad funds and pause ads are implemented, there could be an option of a premium subscription for those who are willing to pay more for no ads at all.

In this day and age people like to be in complete control of their remotes and choosing their favorite TV shows. They also have absolutely no patience for ads, BUT if the ad plays when you need a quick break there isn’t a problem. It is a win win win, streaming services get money from advertisers, advertisers get exposure, and viewers aren’t annoyed with an interruption because they allowed that break in their binge.

Will Your Brand Pursue A Pause Ad?

One of the first pause advertisements was Coca-Cola, which is fitting as one of the brand's most famous slogans was, “The Pause That Refreshes.” The company created this idea of pausing what you are doing to take a refreshing sip of Coca-Cola. This 1929 advertisement was iconic and Coca-Cola still uses that theme in their marketing process today.

If pause ads are enforced, you are going to want your brand to be one of them! Nearly 60% of Americans are subscribed to streaming devices and that number will only continue to rise. The implementation of pause ads will be the perfect opportunity for brands to increase awareness and drive sales.

Coca Cola: The Pause That Refreshes

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The New Wave Of Advertising

Not only do SVOD platforms allow for product placement opportunities within their original content, but now with pause ads the opportunities are endless. Pause advertisements give viewers all the control and that is exactly what they like. This new wave of advertising can be a real game changer for brands and streaming services. Hollywood Branded has some more blogs on SVOD and advertising, check them out!

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