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    Product Placement Case Study: Daytime Talk Show Integration With Paper Goods

    Posted by Chelsea Collins on November 23, 2018 at 9:17 AM

    Daytime talk offers brands something no other TV production really can provide - true integrated conversation points about a brand, in 'brand speak'. Messaging is more able to be controlled.  Implied celebrity endorsement is achieved.  And a comprehensive program with on air, retail and digital elements can be activated.

    But the trick is... to make sure it is not overtly brand heavy, and that’s something that productions take very seriously. No talk show series never wants the viewer to feel like they’re watching an hour long commercial, which is why securing a brand partnership with is that much more special… and at times, even difficult - such as in this case study partnership we're going to share with you. In this blog post, Hollywood Branded provides a look into a product placement integration talk show case study and paper goods brand , and how it raised awareness about the brand's major extension into new retail locations.

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    Topics: Product Placement & Branded Content

    Using Technology You Have To Increase Sales: RFID Marketing Strategies Part I

    Posted by Dumisa Moyo on November 21, 2018 at 10:37 AM

    New Inventions Demand Equal Innovation 

    As technology continues to splash onto the world stage, marketing must inevitably adapt to its break neck speed. Tech and marketing tend to go hand in hand quite well, and this latest techno-effort is no acceptation to the rule. 

    There's a new game in town that marketers need to know about, which builds on technology they may have already had in retail. That technology - Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) - allows marketers to actually track the real time buyer's journey and provide marketing touch points in real time. In this blog, Hollywood Branded explores how RFID marketing strategies increase sales and provide new options for all brands to learn from. 

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    Topics: Marketing Best Practices

    Post Malone & Crocs: Celebrity Partnership

    Posted by Tyra Dumont on November 20, 2018 at 11:55 AM

    Step Into Post Malone’s Shoes

    He has the fans. He has the style. He has the voice. And now… he has the Crocs. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Post Malone has collaborated with Crocs footwear. He has designed his own shoe for the brand and those "Posty Crocs" are currently a hot commodity on the market.

    As brands work hard to stay relevant and bring in new customers, the constant struggle they face is finding innovative ways to stand out in order to keep current consumers and attract more. With a brand like Crocs who have been around since 2002 it is difficult to keep up with new and trendy competitors. However, the Crocs brand is utilizing the power of celebrities and their influence on the public. In this blog, Hollywood Branded examines the successful celebrity partnership of Post Malone and Crocs and why working with celebrities is a smart move for your brand.

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    Topics: Celebrity Initiative

    5 Music Video Product Placement Case Studies [Infographic]

    Posted by Sarah Johnson on November 19, 2018 at 11:47 AM

    How Much Product Placement Is Too Much?

    Music is a driving force that unites generations, crosses geographic boundaries, and cements memories into visceral and easy to remember experiences.  Thanks to the digital universe, consumers can now watch music videos from their phones or their computers anywhere in the world at any time.   And companies have a phenomenal opportunity to advertise their brands to a global audience - for incredibly affordable rates compared to traditional advertising.  

    Consumers see brands in music videos and hear brand mentions in song lyrics all of the time - often subconsciously.   But sometimes the product placement can be a little too blatant.  A little too in your face.  So, what makes a product placement a home run win? In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at the immense amount of product placement in recent music videos and songs and discusses the most obvious top music video product placement case studies.

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    Topics: Celebrity Initiative

    3 Ways to Reach Generation Z Using Influencers

    Posted by AJ Henry on November 16, 2018 at 1:56 PM

    Time Flies By

    Remember when every brand was scrambling to figure out how to market to Millennials? Some brands were paying up to $25,000/hour for consultants to come in and help them reach this up and coming buyer class. Brands like Coca Cola and Lay’s even went as far as shifting some of their flavors and product offerings to better appeal to the tastebuds of this growing demographic. Now, it's time we move onto the next up and coming buyer… Generation Z.

    While Gen Z’s influence may not pass that of the Millennials anytime soon, it never hurts to get ahead of the curve. Sure, there are a variety of different ways to reach this demographic but there is one that stands out most to us, influencer marketing. In this blog, Hollywood Branded explores three ways to reach Generation Z using influencer marketing. 

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    Topics: Social Influencers

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