Podcasts Are The Future


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The Impact Podcasts Have Made Since the Covid-19 Pandemic

Are you wondering why all of the sudden podcasts are beginning to take over your life on an everyday basis? Ever since the lockdown occurred from the coronavirus, podcasts have been rapidly expanding. People all across the world are connecting on a more meaningful level by listening to their podcasts of interest with their favorite influencers and celebrities. 

With the wide range of genres that have the ability to fit anyone's taste, podcasts are one of the most diverse platforms to meet an individual's interests and desires. Whether it's written or visual information, podcasts can go anywhere with you because of how easily accessible they have become. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares the future of podcasts while giving reasons as to why this platform is exploding during this time.

Podcasts Are The Future

Large Selection of Genres 

Whatever your passions and interests are, there is definitely a podcast for you!

Do you like to hear about your favorite influencers/celebrities' makeup techniques? What to wear to your next big event? How to gain and expand your knowledge on beginning a start-up company? How to act during your business presentation? Well, if this is the case, podcasts are a perfect platform where you can get your questions immediately answered.

Podcasts serve a wide range of genres that can fit anyone's preferences and tastes. Whether it's wanting to listen to an educational podcast, a how-to business podcast, news, debate shows, or interviews. These different categories offer individuals a unique way of hearing about specific topics that give them even more insight due to the strong power that comes with storytelling. 

Kate Yedi is a journalist who helps people develop meaningful stories in order for these individuals to create a personal brand image while building up their power through podcasts. In an interview with Forbes, Yedi gives background and information on the growth of podcasts, the popularity of business podcasts, and the continuous pattern of different genres. Yedi explains, "a major factor is the large selection of genres available. There is something for everyone, from news and debate shows to an even wider range of audiobooks and personality seminars." 

Listening To Podcasts In Car On The Go

Easily Accessible When On The Go!

Do you ever find yourself driving to work and getting tired of listening to the same songs over and over again until you can't stand them anymore? Well luckily for you, podcasts never get old! Many podcasts serve as a great way to pass the time by when in a long car ride, or laying out in the sun trying to get a good tan on! Podcasts can serve as an educational tool so you are constantly learning about a specific topic while getting to your destination.

Podcasts are extremely accessible to all listeners at any time. Amazon and Spotify are two great platforms to find podcasts of various different genres. The app store also has great apps such as Overcast, Audible audiobooks, Apple Podcasts, The Podcast App, and Stitcher (just to name a few!) for you that are ready to be downloaded at any time! 

Whether you are at the gym exercising, in a long, dreadful car ride (we all can attest to that one), running errands, or cleaning your house, podcasts make each activity more enjoyable! 

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Advertisements Through Podcasts Speak to Their Target Audience

The power of storytelling is by far one of the most intimate experiences over any other platform due to the connection that forms with the audience and host. Podcasts can attract brands to partner with speakers that align with their target market in order to ensure that listeners will buy the product from that specific brand. 

This is more effective for the brand than a commercial on television because an individual can just mute the TV or choose to ignore it. With a podcast, the listener is aware that the advertisement intertwines with what the speaker is telling and has a better chance of buying that product from their favorite celebrity or influencer. At many times, there are personalized promo codes as well that speak to what the listener might be interested in looking into.

Do you pay attention to TikTok and Youtube advertisements? Personally, for me, the answer would be no since I usually decide to click through it and jump to what I want to watch. When it comes to my attention and focus with a podcast from my favorite influencer, I take my time and listen to the advertisement since I know that it's a brand that I may be genuinely interested in trying.

When comparing the use of Podcasts from before the Covid-19 pandemic to now, it's evident that this platform will keep evolving over time. The easy access and choice of genre that offers someone like you to keep learning is just beginning. The power of storytelling is becoming a unique way for you to make any negative or boring activity even more interesting. 

Podcasts are the new way to enjoy entertainment

Want to Learn More About The Power of Podcasts?

Podcasts are incredibly powerful not only for people but for brands as well. Find out how you can not only build your own podcast following, but ways you can integrate your brand into this type of content and expand your leverage even more.

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