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The Tips And Tricks To Make Success Happen

Influencer marketing that works involves brand recognition by people or companies with a high number of followers which fit into your brand’s niche. Once delegated to celebrities and famous personalities, today’s influencers can be anyone, in any demographic, and there are influencers which are well-suited to any brand or product you might offer.

Which means that as a brand, you can create a campaign that works for your budget, by selecting from micro, macro or celebrity influencers that resonate with your core target audience.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares questions brands should ask themselves to get influencer marketing that works.

Influencer Marketing THat Works Questions To Consider

Influencer Marketing That Works

Brands turn to influencer marketing for a number of reasons, but they all have the same goal: To establish that brand in its niche. Because the digital medium can be targeted to specific people, brands find influencer marketing helpful in achieving goals such as:
  • Reach Relevant Audiences
  • Build Product Relevance
  • Build Trust and Engagement
  • Create Peer-to-Peer “Buzz”
  • Increased Organic Reach

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Understanding The Influencer

For the brand, influencer marketing that works has to establish a bond between between the brand and the influencer, but the influencer has to attract followers who might share the same interest in the brand. This is more than choosing between Facebook and Instagram, it is about selecting how your brand is portrayed on those platforms, and that depends on your influencers’ base of followers.

Before you reach out to work with an influencer, figure out what the sincere and organic reason that influencer would want to work with you.  If there isn't a connection, then the fit just isn't right.

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Influencer - Followers vs. Fit

The immediate reaction to an influencer with thousands of followers is typically positive. All those followers are certain to increase brand awareness, right? Not necessarily.

Influencers can’t help you out if their followers don’t fit your demographic. Those followers are looking to your influencer as a source of information and guidance in one or more specific niches, and inserting your brand into the wrong niche could be disastrous. If you want influencer marketing that works, you have to do your homework, or hire an influencer marketing agency that already knows the field. You will get better results by answering these questions in regards to your brand and any particular influencer:

  • What is the niche my brand fits?
  • What is the most appropriate follower persona?
  • What other brands are associated with that influencer?

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Social Media and Influencer Marketing

The various social media platforms are excellent places to expand your brand presence.  But it is also important to remember that platforms attract their own demographics, and need to be approached accordingly. That isn’t to say that your brand must be limited to Facebook or Instagram, it simply means that your marketing budget needs to be applied proportionately to the expected reach on each platform you use. If your most interested follower base is on Facebook, then it would make more sense to invest more there and less on, for example, Twitter or Instagram.

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Blogging for Relevance and Reputation
Blogging is a core part of every brand’s influencer marketing that works portfolio. It helps build relevance and trust in your products, and has the advantage of reaching very closely targeted consumers. To increase the reach of your company blog, consider posting regular “guest blogs” from well-known influencers from social media.  And besides... there is always that SEO boost that you really want to achieve.

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SEO and Influencer Marketing That Works

At the heart of all digital marketing is search engine optimization. SEO is vital to creating influencer marketing that works, by aligning the brand with commonly used search terms. Every blog post, influencer attribute, or associated comment would ideally contain SEO that helps drive search potential.

After all, the best marketing system is only going to be profitable if it is able to reach followers interested in your brand, and SEO is the time-tested way to do that online. Every brand needs influencer marketing that works for it. Some of the work you can do yourself, and some of it is best left to marketing agencies who are going to spend the dozens of hours herding the cats (I mean influencers) that your brand is going to partner wtih.  It's a gigantic time suck quite frankly, but worth it.  Having a well-defined influencer marketing plan is crucial to online success. With a little research and some careful product placements, your brand can become the next best thing on the market.

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What This All Means

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