Social Media Secrets: The Ins and Outs of Dark Posting


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Shining A Light On Dark Posting

Dark posting is not your average social media strategy. While its name may sound a little ominous, it's actually a strategic marketing move aimed at refining message delivery. A dark post is a promoted, unreleased social media update that doesn't appear on a brand or influencer’s public profile. Instead, it discreetly infiltrates the feeds of a targeted audience, carefully curated by the advertiser.

Dark posting is predominantly applied on Facebook and Instagram, but can also be implemented on other social platforms such as TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and X (formerly Twitter). In this blog post, Hollywood Branded dives into the key aspects of dark posting, highlighting the benefits and best practices and why your brand should do it.

Social Media Secrets: The Ins And Outs Of Dark Posting

THE Key aspects of a dark post

Dark posting enables advertisers to engage with specific audience segments through tailored messages without altering the general content and appearance of their public profiles on social media platforms. In order to take advantage of a dark post, one must understand the following features: 

Visibility: The hallmark of dark posting is its visibility. Unlike regular posts that adorn an advertiser's timeline and appear in the feeds of their followers, dark posts are unseen on these fronts. They materialize solely in the feeds of a meticulously defined audience, chosen by the advertiser.

Purpose: The purposes of dark posting are manifold. They are crucial tools for testing different messages, targeting specific demographics, running paid advertising campaigns, or orchestrating private groups or events. Dark posts also act as a bulwark against cluttering a brand's timeline with promotional posts, thereby preserving the aesthetic and thematic consistency of the page. Additionally, they are indispensable for split testing, aiding advertisers in discerning which messages resonate best with different audience segments.

Sponsored Content Label: Dark posts typically bear the hallmark of sponsored content in the feeds of the users they are targeted towards. This label distinguishes them from organic content, providing a clear indication of their promotional nature.

Platforms: Dark posting is predominantly utilized on various social media platforms including, but not limited to, Facebook and Instagram. Each platform offers a slightly different interface and options for creating dark posts, yet the core concept remains the same across the board.

Dark Posts on Facebook are colloquially termed 'unpublished pages' and are orchestrated through the Facebook Ad Manager. Instagram dark posts share a similar ethos, manifesting only on the feeds and stories of targeted audiences. They bear a 'sponsored' tag and can also embody a call to action. The process of creating dark posts on these platforms encompasses accessing the ad manager, selecting or crafting a new post, defining your audience, designing the ad, and dispatching it for approval—a process that could span up to 24 hours.

Organic Search Invisibility: A unique characteristic of dark posts is their invisibility to organic search. As they are unpublished posts promoted as ads, they remain elusive to conventional search mechanism.

Separation of Content: Dark posting engenders a clear demarcation between ad content and page content. This is especially advantageous for brands keen on maintaining a particular aesthetic or thematic narrative on their timeline whilst concurrently running ad campaigns.

What Is Dark Posting

what are the benefits?

Dark posting presents a trifecta of benefits for advertisers. Firstly, it offers content scheduling flexibility, granting advertisers the freedom to share content without disrupting their carefully planned posting schedule. This is crucial for maintaining a coherent and engaging narrative on their page. Dark posts also serve as potent vehicles for sales promotion, providing a discreet yet effective avenue for driving promotional campaigns without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the main feed. Lastly, the capability for A/B testing is a significant advantage, allowing advertisers to swiftly test different content variations to discern which performs better, all while avoiding the clutter of multiple variations on their page.

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Dark Posting and Influencers

influencer marketing

In the realm of influencer marketing, dark posts can be a game-changer, as they provide a discreet avenue for brands to create and promote tailored content directly on an influencer's page without it appearing on their public profile. This strategic approach allows brands to maintain the integrity of the influencer's main content while still harnessing the power of targeted advertising to a specific audience. By leveraging dark posting, influencers can seamlessly integrate promotional material into their curated content, enhancing the effectiveness of campaigns and ensuring a more personalized and less intrusive experience for their followers. This not only preserves the authenticity of the influencer's brand but also maximizes the impact and return on investment for both the influencer and the brand.

Tips To Dark Posting

whitelisting vs. dark posting 

The distinctions between whitelisting and dark posting are crucial for advertisers seeking strategic precision. Whitelisting involves acquiring permission to showcase an influencer’s content to a broader audience beyond their followers. It’s a method that, while extending reach, lacks the subtlety and precision that comes with dark posting. Unlike whitelisting, dark posting enables advertisers to tailor messages to specific demographics, which leads to a less intrusive interaction with the audience. The subtle finesse of dark posting often proves to have a strategic advantage for advertisers. 

Eager To Learn More?

Dark posting empowers advertisers to engage with specific audiences through tailored messages without compromising the overall content and appearance of their social profiles. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Hollywood Branded is here to help you stay informed and adapt your channels to the ever-changing climate. Looking to incorporate dark posting into your own advertising strategy? Reach out to Hollywood Branded today to get started.

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