Spotify & Hulu Team Up To Bring Affordable Subscription Streaming To Students


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How Streaming Giants Will Offer A Bundle Package For Just $5

If you've ever been a student, you know. From heating Ramen on a hot plate to squeezing that very last drop out of your toothpaste to searching high and low for a used copy of that $200 book, every cent counts. However, students are a big part of the demographic that streaming services cater to - and with no money, that equals no subscriptions.

However, Spotify and Hulu, two of the biggest streaming companies right now, are out to change that. One a music streaming service and the other a video streaming service, they've combined forces to offer students a bundle for an amazing deal. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at the new strategic partnership offering affordable subscription streaming by Hulu and Spotify.

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The Big Partnership And Its Demographic

This is a massive deal for these two streaming companies. They are making it easier for some of the biggest consumers of entertainment to actually access that entertainment. And for $4.99 a month, they can both expect their numbers to dramatically increase.

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They are making it easy for subscribers as well - those with a student Spotify account can simply merge accounts, and those with Hulu can activate the Spotify side. And yes, the Hulu subscription will be the one that includes ads, but for the price, many won't mind at (increasing Hulu's ad revenue as well).

This may signal a step forward in a much larger partnership between these two massive brands. It also signals the growing trend of bundling subscription services, a move Hulu also recently made. This is a big move AWAY from the cable companies - furthering that cable cutting, which we have discussed in the blogs:

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So What Does This Mean For Brands?

Well this is huge news for brands. This partnership means that their product placement strategies and branded integration plans with both Hulu and Spotify will now reach a much larger audience - one that will soon become one of the biggest consumer groups when they graduate.

This is another big move in the world of SVOD and streaming entertainment that signals the way we will consume media in the future. And the good news for brands? It's not hard to get product placement on original streaming content.

These productions don't have the same established branding rules and regulations as broadcast networks, and are constantly looking for products to include in their shows.

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Want To Get Your Brand Into SVOD Original Content?

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