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Are You ...Ready For It? 

Say what you will about Taylor Swift, but no one can deny that she is an absolute genius when it comes to creating a brand for herself. Throughout her 16-year-long music career, Swift has made headlines for her music, her business ventures, and even her politics

A career as long as Taylor's, however, doesn't come naturally. She has worked tirelessly to keep fans entertained - even when she isn't making music! In this blog, Hollywood Branded discusses Taylor Swift's marketing tactics - and how they have helped her become a global sensation. 

Taylor Swifts Marketing Genius

Brand Deals That Won't Ever Go Out Of Style 

Taylor is no stranger to the world of marketing. From a myriad of brand deals to creating her own musical empire (from scratch), Taylor has made herself into a brand - and one that is quite iconic, at that. 

Almost every brand endorsement that Taylor signs on to is one that is strategic - they typically directly tie into upcoming work of hers or are long-term partnerships that benefit both her and the brand. 

Taylor's impact is massive: her incredibly dedicated fanbase will support her on any endeavor she undertakes.

From a Keds collection inspired by her music that she helped design to limited edition Instax cameras based on her latest era, any partnership with Taylor is one that is sure to be successful. 

taylor swift diet coke brand deal

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While using social media as a marketing tactic is by no means a new practice, the way that Taylor utilizes social media is something incredibly unique - especially as a star as huge as she is.

Quite early on in her career, Taylor was massively active on MySpace. She regularly shared intimate snapshots of her day-to-day life as both a high schooler and a songwriter. As MySpace's use dwindled, Taylor found new places to share glimpses into her life, like through Instagram, Twitter, and, most famously, Tumblr. 

Taylor has always loved utilizing social media to connect with fans, and Tumblr gave her the perfect space to do so. It allowed her to silently scroll and see snippets' of fans lives but also gave her the ability to message fans and make additions to their posts to show them that she is thinking of them. From congratulating them on getting new jobs or graduating from school, to simply sharing jokes and memes, Taylor's social media activity is something that keeps fans coming back for more. 

taylor swift tumblr replies

She Was Enchanted To Meet You

While many fans regularly shell out hundreds of dollars (on top of concert tickets) to be able to experience five minutes with their favorite artist, Taylor offers something new - meet and greets with fans, completely free of charge.

Both before and after every concert she puts on, fans are picked to go backstage and meet Taylor. However, more often than not, these fans aren't randomly picked. Thanks to some internet sleuthing (colloquially called "taylurking"), Taylor finds out when fans are going to her shows and where they will be sitting. Prior to the show, Taylor sends team members (and sometimes, even her mom) to find these fans, just so Taylor can get a chance to chat and take a photo with them. 

Oftentimes, these meetings lead to once-in-a-lifetime surprises, from engagements to pregnancy announcements, even to inside jokes between Taylor and her fans, Taylor and her team make sure that every moment in the meet and greet is an unforgettable one.

Taylor Swift meet and greet

Photo Credit: @TaylorSwift | Instagram

Welcome To...Taylor Swift's House?!?

No matter the artist, every fan looks forward to an album release. However, if you're Taylor, you might just be so excited to release your album that you invite fans to your house to listen to the album early! 

For three albums (1989, reputation, and Lover), Taylor employed social media to find her most dedicated fans all over the world. She (secretly) scoured Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to find massive fans of hers who haven't ever met her before, and invited them to her house. 

A few weeks before her upcoming albums were released, fans would receive direct messages from members of Taylor's management team, asking them to meet at a pre-disclosed location. It might sound like an insane idea to drive to a random parking lot to be picked up by a bus and taken to a secondary location, but fans did it anyway and were rewarded with the chance of a lifetime.  

Local were taken to Taylor's houses in Nashville, London, New York, and Los Angeles to spend the day with Taylor and listen to her upcoming albums before they were released. 

Although this isn't something that every single fan of hers has been able to experience, it's something that brings Taylor closer to her fans. It also keeps fans ever-so tuned in to her social media accounts; they could be the next person chosen to chill with Taylor and hear new music first! 

Merry "Swiftmas!"

Many people around the world may think that they're the best gift-giver, but it's safe to say that Taylor owns that title.

In 2014, Taylor picked around a dozen fans around the country to spoil with Christmas (or "Swiftmas") gifts. As fans innocently scrolled through their social media and posted about their days, all without knowing that Taylor was keeping tabs on them in order to surprise them with the perfect holiday present. For a few lucky fans, she tirelessly shopped to find pieces that perfectly encapsulated them. Paired with a long, personal, handwritten note, fans came home to see a giant package on their doorstep and were completely awestruck to find that the secret package was from Taylor Swift herself. 

Celebrity Partnerships Will Always Be a Love Story 

While Taylor Swift isn't exactly the most attainable celebrity for your next campaign, looking back on her marketing successes and attempting to emulate them will likely bring your brand success. Utilizing social media in a way that humanizes you or your brand makes interactions with consumers feel more natural, and creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences for your customers will bring them back for more - for years to come. 

Want to learn more about celebrity endorsements? Look no further than our very own blog! We've got tons of pieces on celebrity endorsements and partnerships and are always adding more as new events and partnerships are announced. Check them out below! 

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