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Once again, we mark the end of another year full of ups and downs. Slaps were dealt, lawsuits were won, West went wild, trends went viral, and headlines were made. Despite 2022's scandalous times, new movie gems have grabbed our attention with some big on-screen moments. And as we all know, what cannot miss from a great production is the right product placement.

Whether it's romance, horror, cult or comedy - even the biggest productions made use of the tool of product placement to ensure their authenticity and to captivate us with their lifelike scenery. In this blog, Hollywood Branded showcases and reviews some new movies and series released in 2022 and points out their most significant product placements.

Top Product Placements in 2022 Netflix Shows

Stranger Things Is Back At It Again

After a long pause leaving all of us curious, Netflix finally released the fourth season of its cult-series Stranger Things. The season begins two years after the events in the Hawkins Mall: Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) lives in California with her sons and the miraculous El (Millie Bobby Brown). While Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) spends the sunny days smoking weed, El and Will (Noah Schnapp) get ready for their high school summer vacation. Meanwhile, in Hawkins, Mike and, my personal favorite, Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), are the nerds who play Dungeons & Dragons at the Hellfire Club and oppose the popular athletes, which now include Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin). Also in Hawkins is Max (Sadie Sink), who separates herself from the others and struggles with anxiety and nightmares. I mean… who can blame her after what the kids have been through in the last season(s).

Surprisingly, Sadie’s character Max was revealed to be the most popular with brands, driving more than $5m in net placement sales for Sony, Vans, Hang Ten, and Swatch. Sticking to the series’ tradition, this season’s antagonist, Vecna, comes to life at a D&D game tournament of the Hellfire Club. While everyone (including the audience) is still mourning the (inevitable) death of Hopper, the kids are faced with this humanoid being from the parallel world haunting them in nightmares and visions. Movie critics point out the season’s great tendency towards the traditional horror genre. The Duffer brothers dare to be visually more explicit and are now increasingly relying on direct shocker moments (a stylistic influence typical for 1980s movies).

Obviously, a series with as much tumult and scope as Stranger Things is a magnet for brands wanting to see their products on the big screen. Brands including Coca-Cola, Sony, Reebok, and Lacoste generated a combined $27.4m in brand placement value from Netflix’s fourth series of Stranger Things so far, new data has revealed. The season’s final episode featured more than 35 different brands with an estimated $7.3m in placement value. All in all, Coca-Cola holds the place of the highest placement value, with an estimated $3.4m worth of on-screen time. Its highest performing asset was a can of Coke, coming in at $1.7m, then a bottle with $711,000, and a fountain cup at $466,000. Other soft drink brands like 7UP, Sprite, and Dr Pepper had brand placements valued at $145,000, $70k, and $50k, respectively.

Photo Credit: Stranger Things | Netflix

Purple Hearts: A Marriage Of Convenience

Moving on to one of my personal favorites that I just had to include - Purple Hearts. Some of you might think, “Please, not again… a cheesy love story”. And I couldn’t agree more- but what can I say, the romantic in me was devoted to this dramatic love story.

The Netflix production is based on the novel of the same name by Tess Wakefield. It stars Sofia Carson as Cassie, and Nicholas Galitzine as Luke. The accelerating story between the US marine and the aspiring singer Cassie tells the circumstances of the two young adults who decide to get married in order for Cassie to receive military benefits, despite them being polar opposites. Cassie is suffering from diabetes and can not afford her treatment without the financial support. What she doesn’t know is that Luke is being “forced” into this marriage as well due to the debts that he has incurred from his troubled past of drug abuse. The fraudulent marriage that started for the need of healthcare and a more stabilized income ends with them admitting their profound love - who would have guessed, right? His being the muse for her music, which lead her to become a successful artist, while she’s being the reason for him to get back on his feet after a tragic accident during his service, and even faced punishment in order to keep her safe. This story turns into the real epitome of romance that will leave you wanting a Luke or a Cassie for yourself. With many confessions to this plot of love, revenge, and even lies, it is all worth it when they say, “it's real now.” So far, this checks every single thing I seek for in a romantic masterpiece. I don’t know about you, but I will be watching this movie for the 10th time since it came out.

However, we all know that with great romance comes along the iconic products that shape the story. One of the fundamental product placements included in this movie that twists my heart whenever I see it is the Yamaha piano. My immediate thoughts go to Cassie writing her amazing songs, knowing that Luke was her muse, making the song more significant for both of them. Another product placement portrayed in this movie are the Saucony Endorphin Men’s sneakers. Who doesn't want a man that defeats all odds after an accident to get back on his feet and run, knowing you are their strength to do so? Last but not least, the addition of one of the biggest energy drinks in the market, Redbull. Definitely not new to the world of product placements, it also made its appearance in this Netflix production.

Photo Credit: Purple Hearts | Netflix

Wednesday: Forever Stuck In The Middle

“They're creepy and they're kooky 
Mysterious and spooky
They're all together ooky
The Addams family

*snap snap*

Jenna Ortega saved 2022 by recreating and giving a new light to the beloved character of Wednesday Addams. The former Disney Channel star from Stuck in the Middle has grown up and given us a masterpiece that everyone can enjoy, no matter the age. 

This new Netflix production tells the story of Wednesday Addams as she is sent to a boarding school made for people like her, categorized as ‘outcasts’. When strange murders start happening in the woods, as well as her dealing with out-of-control visions, Wednesday takes it upon herself to find out who the perpetrator is, with the help of her colorful and preppy best friend Enid. Wednesday's dark and cryptic humor, combined with the mystery of who could be the monster in the woods, this series is keeping us all on our toes! The real question is… Team Xavier or Team Tyler? This new romantic triangle has created the next big disparity of fans since Twilight. Not only is the plot for this show amazing, but the cast production has given us Addams Family fans an easter egg of our own. Among the many interesting characters the show offers, the beloved character of Ms. Thornhill is played by none other than Christina Ricci, the Wednesday of her generation, the iconic Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family (1991) and The Addams Family Values (1993). This show has given tribute to its past adaptations while still giving it a fresh and unique take.

This Netflix production too has given the spotlight to special product placements. The start of the show, apart from our beloved Wednesday, is the big apple….quite literally. Apple has shown quite a deliverance of product placements in many shows and movies, and this one is no different. In the show, Wednesday is sent to a boarding school for 'outcasts,' which some may describe as a "rich kid boarding school, but with a twist" - what other product would fit better here than Apple? Nearly everyone in the show seems to have at least one Apple product, from phones to Mac Books and so on…unless you prefer using a typewriter like Wednesday, of course. Another grand appearance in the show is the one and only Taco Bell. Who said that just because you are a gorgon or a siren, you can’t enjoy a good takeout once in a while?  Taco Bell made sure to answer that question: no one. Which was a smart idea because after that episode, I was for sure craving some Taco Bell!

Photo Credit: Wednesday | Netflix

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3,2,1, REWIND!

This year has delivered some truly amazing movies and shows. However, these three have been my favorite so far, so give them a chance if you haven’t yet! From the anticipated season 4 of Stranger Things, to the everlasting romance of Purple Heart, and finishing with the marvelous, I mean, machiavelic Wednesday Addams (knowing her character, she would prefer the 2nd one), this year has given us many places to find our comfort with! A good plot, amazing characters, and great dialogue are what make the entertaining world so special. 

Saying goodbye to an iconic year of great productions may be sad, but no need to worry; releases like Legally Blonde 3, Wonka, or The Little Mermaid make me want to rush onto 2023 even faster- and I'm sure I'm not the only one!

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