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Keeping the Celebration Going

With a much-anticipated return, Coachella is finally coming back with a bang with Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, The Weeknd and Swedish House Mafia as the headliners. The first weekend is set to take place starting April 15, residing in its usual iconic Indio location.  As one of the largest and most famous festivals in the world, we need to get ready for two weekends of desert daze.

It’s going to be hot, but the outfits are going to be hotter. In this blog, Hollywood Branded predicts the trendiest looks for Coachella 2022 and where you can find them. 

Coachella Trend Predictions 2022

Prediction 1: Future Forward

We might be used to it getting indie in Indio, but after the two-year delay due to Covid, the collective look to the future can be seen in the space-inspired futuristic fashion trends that have been making an appearance lately. We predict that embellished overlay tops are going to take over in a flashy fashion. This design will most likely take form in rhinestones, pearls, and beads, and the addition can make any look versatile. Layer it over a bikini, dress, or jumpsuit then pair it with some futuristic glasses and jewelry to elevate your look.

Additionally, 3D nail art with cool charms and detailing will surely be all the rage. Right now, we’re totally obsessed with the recent looks by celebrity nail artist, Natalie Minerva. You may recognize her work from HBO's hit show Euphoria, but her Instagram and TikTok display a whole range of intricate nail art with her iconic 'nail menu'. Incorporating metallic and shimmery nail paints are also a great way to add some futuristic vibes to your 'fit. We all want the classic picture of our wristbands, and now let's take it to the next level with some trendy nails too. 

3D nail art trendy coachella trends fashion

Photo Credit: Catherine Santino | The Zoe Report 

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Prediction 2: Cowboy Core

Western is here to stay, but like always, with a twist. The timing of this trend is perfect with the revival of the biggest desert festival there is. This aesthetic has been embodied by Dua Lipa, Kendall Jenner, and Hailey Bieber…but now it's your turn. Cowboy boots can add a cute and flirty touch to any outfit, and lucky for us, they are everywhere. Whereas before it seemed like you could only find a pair in the depths of Depop or snag a pair at the thrift store, brands like Jeffrey Campbell are pulling out all sorts of colors and designs to give you a unique take on the wild, wild west. These would go perfectly with a cute midi or babydoll dress, and a strand of pearls. 

The best part about trends are all of the cool twists we can put on them before they die out. We’ve all seen the classic pink cowboy hat, but have you seen the fringe rhinestone rendition? If you’re feeling extra edgy, you need to try out the ultra-embellished cowboy hats. With a quick TikTok or Youtube search, you can see there’s already tutorials on how to save the big bucks by DIY. Head to your nearest craft store and prepare to be one of the trendiest Coachella-goers. If crafting isn’t your forte, go ahead and pick yourself up one from 12th Tribe or Etsy.

Coachella Image Space Man Astronaut art installation

Photo Credit: Watchara Phomicinda

Prediction 3: Euphoria Inspired

Nail inspiration isn't the only thing we're going to get from the show that had such a hold on our Sundays. From the make-up to the hair to the outfits, it's inevitable that Euphoria is going to have a major influence on the fashion looks at Coachella given the show’s massive success this year. Because each of the characters embodies their own personal unique style (for the most part; sorry, Cassie), there’s going to be a variety of aesthetics to choose from.

Taking inspiration from Maddy’s iconic New Year's Eve look, we think we’re going to see tons of cut-out dresses and matching glove sets, but you can’t forget that cute Y2K headband. If you’re feeling a little sweet like our girl Cassie, go for some soft pinks and blues. We’ve been seeing the Poster Girl dresses everywhere, and we’re sure they will make their appearance at Coachella as they fit right in with the Euphoria effect. Add some fun gems to the outer corners of your eye make-up and voila. Incorporate some Jules vibes by adding some colored hair streaks, as seen in season 1, or some bold, graphic eyeliner. Worried about the heat? Channel your inner Rue aesthetic with a breezy button-down and some shorts. Whichever character you choose to embody, we’re going to be thrilled to see it.

Euphoria inspired outfits coachella outfit music festival fit HBOMAX

Photo Credit: Chic Pursuit

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Staying Cool, Calm, and Collected at Coachella

For those who have never attended Coachella before, being mindful of the weather is a must. Desert weather is blazing hot during the day, and freezing at night. With all the cute accessories you’re bringing to ‘Chella, make sure a water bottle is one of them. If you’re worried about the temperature changes, it might not be a bad idea to swap out those skin-tight leather pants for some loose linen ones, and don’t be hesitant to pack an extra layer for when the sun goes down. 

You’re going to be doing quite a bit of walking, so make sure your shoes are just as comfy as they are cute. And on that note, with 250 thousand expected attendees, cell service is not going to be your friend during peak concert hours. Avoid the stress of searching through the crowds by creating a solid plan with meet-up spots so you can find your friends, especially for the end of the night. 

Coachella Sunset photo overlooking ferris wheel

Photo Credit: Amy Harris 

See Ya There!

We can’t wait to see how you show off your style at the biggest festival of the year. Check out some more of Hollywood Branded’s style takes on our TikTok, and in our other blogs:

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