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The New Age Of Influencing

You can't scroll around social media anymore without seeing someone recommend a restaurant, workout, or some special gadget that they swear makes their life so much better. Sometimes the recommendations are a little annoying, but other times, they're actually very helpful! It turns out, social media is a great place for people in the beauty industry to get their followers excited about products that are really working for them, or spread the news about products that everyone should avoid.

Skinfluencers are a prime example of this practice! The importance and impact of skinfluencers have skyrocketed since the quarantine began in March of 2020. In truth, they actually have quite a lot they can teach us! In this blog, Hollywood Branded explores what a skinfluencer is and 5 TikTok skinfluencers that you should know.

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What Is A Skinfluencer?

Simply put, a Skinfluencer is a skincare influencer. They're someone who shares their advice for taking care of one’s skin. However, like other influencers, there are so many different focuses to the vast world of skincare. Oftentimes, skinfluencers talk about what you should be putting on your skin (and what you shouldn't) and how to apply it. Between begging their followers to put on sunscreen and rating the best and cheapest moisturizers, these influencers are out there to educate their followers on what their skin needs.

Many skinfluencers spend their time exploring the ingredient lists on popular skincare products so that they can tell their followers which to buy and which to toss into the dumpster. Before you watch their videos, prepare to part ways with your favorite scented lotion. These skinfluencers are probably about to tell you how bad fragrances are for your skin!

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Another type of skinfluencer that you'll often see is the one that's really only there for the aesthetic. People will follow these influencers to get visually appealing content, such as videos of moisturizers being rubbed on the skin under a nice filter.

While not every skinfluencer is a dermatologist, there are a few out there. Dermatologists who join social media as skinfluencers devote their channels to answering various questions about skin and advice on remedying minor skin problems.

Most every type of skinfluencer has this in common: they are very interested in taking care of their skin (and helping others to do the same)!

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Why Are Skinfluencers Important?

Skinfluencers are very important because of their massive following, which consists of up-and-coming Gen Z consumers who follow along largely on TikTok! Gen Z's watch as skinfluencers skeptically examine common skincare products to see if they are as good as they say, or if they are scams with harmful ingredients. Many companies are noticing that their sales are being affected by the things that skinfluencers say, some negatively and some positively. In many cases, the gloss of marketing is being melted off of products under the fiery scrutiny of the skin influencers to reveal products that are actually bad for your skin.

Skinfluencers are effective for Gen Zs because they don't seem to care too much about taking large sums of money to advocate for brands that they don't believe are up to their standards. A skinfluencer's praise normally goes to a clean, healthy, inexpensive, and sometimes sustainable brand that is not tested on animals. The opinions and information from skinfluencers really does have an effect on what Gen Z's buy. For example, after skinfluencers recommended CeraVe, it sold out in the US!


5 TikTok Skinfluencers You Need To Know

As TikTok is a major platform for skinfluencers, you may want to take a look around some of the pages belonging to these five major players. Of course, there are a lot more than five skinfluencers on TikTok, but these serve as a good introduction to the world of social media skincare!

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1. @skincarebyhyram

The first, and arguably most influential skinfluencer you need to know is Hyram Yarbro - founder of the YouTube and TikTok channel Skincare by Hyram. Hyram is no dermatologist, but his highly researched and informed opinions are greatly valued by his 6.8 million TikTok followers. He is known for taking the ingredients of every product very seriously, and being bold enough to tell the hard truths about popular brands. For example, face scrubs are a very popular skincare product that make your face feel softer immediately. Hyram argues that the instant gratification in this case is not worth the negative long-term effects of more sensitivity or skin damage. Hyram isn't afraid to speak the truth about people's favorite products. His goal is to help his followers improve their skincare routine, and often duets the routines of his followers on TikTok.

2. @yayayayoung

Not all skinfluencing is so serious! Young Yuh is a great example of a skin influencer with a great sense of humor. Yuh is a skincare guru who LOVES face masks and fun face products. On his TikTok, he likes to share skincare routines, skincare myths, his favorite products, and even some DIY skincare products with his 1.5 million followers! His videos are fun to watch and his energetic personality is oh-so contagious!

3. @dermdoctor

The Derm Doctor or Dr. Muneeb Shah is an actual dermatologist on TikTok. While many skinfluencers do not have formal training, Dr. Shah does. Derm Doctor always appears with his dermatology uniform on in his videos, likely to establish his credibility as a skin doctor. He currently has 4.9 million followers on TikTok. Many of his videos review and react to his followers' skin conditions, although he also makes videos with recommendations of his favorite products and what they are best used for. 

4. @glowopedia

Alexa Johnson, otherwise known as Glowopedia, combines skincare and aesthetic in an entertaining and beautiful way on her TikTok page. She shares here favorite tried and tested products, and products that people should never buy. She also shares routines, reviews, and how-to's! As if that were not enough content, she has also ventured into the realm of creating ASMR skincare videos. Alexa Johnson currently has 279.7K followers on TikTok. You may want to check out her channel if you enjoy watching super satisfying videos like this one!


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5. @jc.dombrowski

J.C. Dombrowski is a Marine Biology student at Cornell University. His uber-popular TikTok page with 2.8 million followers has a wide variety of videos from "Rating Sephora 'Best Sellers'" to "Disturbing Ocean Facts You Might Not Want To Know!!!" Dombrowski reviews products and skincare practices in a brutally honest and scientific way. Many of his opinions would be considered quite controversial to regular beauty influencers. In many of his videos he also talks about why certain skincare practices work or don't work!

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