45 Celebrities And The Beauty Brands They Own [Infographic] Part III


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Who Has One And What It's Called

First, there were beauty brands. As they started gaining traction, celebrities wanted in, naturally! Perhaps the only real difference between the two is that the latter has a big name backing it! 

Some of these brands have been around a while, but some haven’t even launched their first product yet. Even so, all of these brands have had massive success, mainly due to the names backing the product. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares the last of the 15 celebrities and the beauty brands that they own of our 45 celebrity beauty brand infographic.

45 Celebrities and the Beauty Brands They Own

1. Lo Bosworth - Love Wellness

Love Wellness was started in 2016 by Lo Bosworth. The company has more of a focus on inner beauty than external beauty. Love Wellness supplies a myriad of different supplements and various products related to women's health.

2. Madonna - MDNA Skin

Madonna has launched a few fashion and lifestyle brands over the years, including M by Madonna, MDG, Material Girl, and Truth or Dare by Madonna, but MDNA Skin has been her most recent project! MDNA Skin was released in 2014. The brand has a high focus on high-quality product ingredients, cutting-edge technology, and luxury. Most of the products come with a very high price tag, but who wouldn't want a product curated by Madonna, herself? 

3. Maria Sharapova - Supergoop

Supergoop was founded in 2007 with the goal of helping people, especially from a young age, prevent skin cancer. Supergoop prides itself in lightweight products (namely sunscreen,) that go on without making you look like the white rabbit. 

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4. Millie Bobby Brown - Florence By Mills

Millie Bobby Brown founded Florence by Mills back in 2019 at the impressive age of 15! Florence, named after Millie's grandmother and inspiration, is mainly targeted at Gen Z beauty fans. All products are clean, vegan, and cruelty-free. Millie also posts her skincare and makeup routines to the brand's YouTube account to add a more personal touch. 

5. Miranda Kerr - KORA Organics

KORA Organics was founded in 2009, by Miranda Kerr from her passion for nutrition. She wanted to provide people with healthy skincare essentials that are organic, innovative, and really work! Who would have known that you could put a mushroom in a cleanser? Apparently, Miranda did!

6. Nikki Reed - BaYou With Love

BaYou with Love has had a strong focus on sustainability since its foundation in 2017. BaYou with Love sells not only beauty products, but also jewelry made from precious metals recycled from Dell computers, and sustainable clothing and home products, as well.

7. Paris Hilton - Pro DNA Skincare

Paris Hilton's Pro DNA Skincare is (yet another) anti-aging skincare brand. Launched in 2018, Pro DNA Skincare is a complex partnership between Paris Hilton and scientists who know their stuff when it comes to skin cell regeneration and skincare. 

8. Pharrell Williams - Humanrace

Launched in 2020, Pharrell Williams' Humanrace Skincare is branded to be for all genders, inspiring people to take care of themselves and their skin. Humanrace currently offers three products - all of which are eco-friendly and refillable! 

9. Rihanna - Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna has been going STRONG since 2017. The brand has been a champion for diversity with a shade foundation for every skin tone. Last summer, Rihanna expanded the brand to include Fenty Skin - her very own line of skincare.

10. Selma Hayek - Nuance

Nuance by Selma Hayek was founded in 2011 in collaboration with CVS Pharmacy. The brand includes not only skincare and makeup options, but haircare products, as well. 

11. Selena Gomez - Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty was founded in 2020 by Selena Gomez. The brand's primary message is about being comfortable in your own skin and embracing your uniqueness. Rare Beauty is environmentally conscious with much of the packaging being recyclable, and even some refillable. 


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12. Serena Williams - Arenes

Arenes by Serena Williams is still in the works. (Fun fact: the name Arenes is Serena spelled backward!) At this point, we aren't sure what to expect in Serena's cosmetic brand, but that has certainly not stopped her fans from getting excited!

13. Tracee Ellis Ross - Pattern Beauty

Tracee Ellis Ross founded Pattern Beauty in 2019. Pattern Beauty is meant to help people with ultra-curly and unique hair textures release the full potential of their hair. Pattern Beauty is an inspiring and very helpful brand for people of color. 

14. Venus Williams - EleVen

EleVen skincare was conceived after Venus Williams' countless hours spent in the sun. She wanted a product that she could rely on to keep her skin safe. The brand was launched in 2020, and was created to protect people with any skin tone from sun damage! 

15. Victoria Beckham - Victoria Beckham Beauty

Victoria Beckham Beauty, after major fashion sales and a successful partnership with Estée Lauder, was founded in 2019. The brand is targeted at women on the go and is meant to complement their busy lifestyle. 

The Celebrity Beauty Brand Infographic

Want to take a look at even more celebrities that have their own beauty brands? Take a few minutes to scroll through our infographic of 45 celebrities and the beauty brands they own!

45 Celebrities and the Beauty Brands They Own Infographic

Did Any Of These Surprise You?

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