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Artists Are Conquering TikTok Through Music

TikTok has developed into a very popular way to market yourself, and musical artists are taking advantage of this. Through videos, people can add their songs as a sound, and it could eventually become a part of a viral TikTok trend. Users can create a dance or a challenge, and they choose a specific tune that fits well with it. The creative possibilities on this app are truly endless! Some artists now enjoy fame due to this effective tactic.

Because TikTok has 1 billion active users, many artists are now resorting to the extremely popular app. By posting their content on it, they can attempt to bring more attention to their name and art. Even if a musician is already famous, TikTok can help them reach a new level of fame. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares 6 songs on TikTok that went viral on the app this fall, and how their songs are being used in videos. 


Coi Leray - "TWINNEM"

We'd be remiss if we didn't start out our list with this catchy and uber-popular song! Coi Leray is an up-and-coming artist, and TikTok is helping her become more known. Her song "TWINNEM" has been included in 2.3 million TikTok videos thus far. 

In the song, she says "Go best friend, we killing 'em." Users are using this tune to show off their best friends, and it is very wholesome! These videos aren't limited to including other humans - people are showing off their pets as well! Through the song's cute, sweet message and bubbly beat, a trend was born. 

People are also adding their own twist on the popular dance that pairs with the anthem. It is important to mention that there are other kinds of videos that use this sound as well. Some users include "TWINNEM" in their cooking, art, and how-to videos. Overall, it is a sound you can't go wrong with! 

Coi LerayCredit: Coi Leray on YouTube

Drake - "Way 2 Sexy"

Drake knows exactly what to do in order to stay in our minds every single time. Accompanied by Future and Young Thug, "Way 2 Sexy" is a hit song from Drake's newest album "Certified Lover Boy." This popular rap tune has made its way to TikTok users everywhere. Even famous influencers are using this trend, such as Dixie D'Amelio. In fact, she has used this sound in a couple of her TikToks! In one video, Dixie is grooving ever-so-slightly to the song's beat. When she used the sound again in another post, she showed off a handstand-somersault combo! This proves that this song can truly pair well with any kind of video.

There has even been a laid-back dance that goes along with the song that users are incorporating in their videos. People use hand movements while they lip-sync the lyrics. The chorus repeats "I'm too sexy for this..." and ends with a different word each time. For example, some words are "ice" and "world," so users will point to their wrist to represent a watch, and circle their fingers to symbolize the world. Each term at the end of the lyric has a different movement, so people will learn the dance and then post their own version on the app! 

Way 2 Sexy Drake VideoCredit: OVO on YouTube

Tay Money - "The Assignment"

Tay Money is another up-and-coming artist, and more people are finding out about her music thanks to TikTok! "The Assignment" is one of her most popular songs, where she repeats "I understood the assignment" throughout the chorus. This statement is a viral message that people say about someone who went above and beyond in their task, while exceeding expectations. Tay Money is clever for taking the popular statement and making a song out of it. 

In this trend, users have the opportunity to show off some of their best work and achievements. For example, one person shows a mix of her impressive certifications. Even Taylor Swift has hopped on this trend! In the video, she is showcasing a new version of her album "Red" in vinyl form, which will be released soon. Swift acknowledged what her fans have been asking for and made it happen. Sounds like she understood the assignment! 

TikTok users have included the song in other innovative ways. One person showed a costume that was made for two babies, which happened to be a slinky dog! Other people incorporate the song by illustrating whatever it is that they did right, such as helping a friend in need, following a specific event theme, and even recreating foods from popular restaurants. 

Tay MoneyCredit: TikTok Mail on YouTube 

The Music For Marketing Your Brand By Generation

Brooks & Dunn - "Neon Moon" 

This is a classic example of an older song that has made its way back into the spotlight. This also shows that even older songs can go viral on TikTok! "Neon Moon" is a honorable country hit, and TikTokers are bringing it back.   

However, the song that is circling all over TikTok is actually a remix of the original track. DJ Noiz took the song and added a modern-electronic twist to it, and it is hard to not groove along when you hear it! Users created a unique TikTok dance from this song, and everyone seems to know about it.

This dance is getting people to put on their best cowboy hat and pair of boots, while they vibe to the "Neon Moon" remix. It is a fairly easy dance to learn - you just need to remember the hand movements and move your hips a bit! People are gathering with their friend groups to show off their dance moves to this tune. Even firefighters have hopped on this iconic viral dance! This just demonstrates that anyone can join in on the fun.  

The creators of the song, Brooks & Dunn, joined the trend as well! In this video, they gesture some of the same hand motions from the TikTok dance before going on stage to perform in front of a large audience. They even acknowledge fans who are using the song by writing, "It's crazy cool to see all your videos, keep 'em coming!". We love to see it!

Brooks and DunnCredit: Ethan Miller

THE ANXIETY - "Meet Me At Our Spot"

This song most definitely caught a vibe! Artists WILLOW and Tyler Cole partnered up to create THE ANXIETY. Together, they crafted "Meet Me At Our Spot" which has continued to circulate. If you are on TikTok, you have heard this melody because it is simply everywhere. In fact, not one, but two trends have been created because of this song!

In one trend, users share their transformation photos over the past four summers. This is a great opportunity to showcase your glo-up! People can also share their summer vacations and activities, or even their personal growth journey! It is good to embrace change, and this TikTok trend lets you do that.

Of course, there is also a dance for this song! This is another trend that is pretty simple to recreate - your moves just need to be somewhat chaotic. Moving your hands around in hectic movements is what makes this dance so fun, because you can easily perform your own style of it. All you really need to do is memorize a few hand motions and put your silly face on!

The AnxietyCredit: Willow Smith on YouTube

David Guetta - "Love Tonight (Remix)"

Who doesn't love a good house song? "Love Tonight" is another example of an older song gaining recognition in the modern day. Originally created by the Australian duo Shouse, this tune is a popular house song that is known by EDM lovers everywhere. The David Guetta remix is just as famous, and TikTok is currently spreading it.

This song is featured on the app in many different kinds of videos, since it fits so well with almost anything. It is commonly used by people who want to showcase their adventures, whether it's a vacation or a music festival. They also pair many clips in correspondence with the beat, creating a slideshow-like feeling. It is a great song to use when you want to emphasize that you had a dreamy and eventful time wherever you went. It's a classic feel-good song, and it is always enjoyable to hear. 

ShouseCredit: The Music Australia 

Music on TikTok Will Always Thrive

TikTok isn't going anywhere for a while, and the same applies to the music that users pair with videos. The opportunities are endless on this widespread app, and that is what makes it so rich. Emerging artists should aim to promote music through TikTok, because your tune could go viral. Even if you are an older artist, your song still has a great chance of making it to the trending page. This blog proves that it is worth the shot! Music creators, your next stop is TikTok!

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