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These Are More Than Just Celebs Going ALL IN - They Are Co-Branded Partnerships

If you’ve been on social media for even an hour during the months of April and May, you’ve at least heard of the “ALL IN” Challenge. Started by billionaire Michael Rubin, the ALL IN Challenge is a digital fundraiser created for COVID-19 relief that has taken the Ice Bucket Challenge to a whole new level. The ALL IN Challenge has found celebrities from all walks of life be it sports, film, TV, social media offering up once in a lifetime experiences with themselves in exchange for proceeds going to hunger-focused charities.

With practically everyone feeling the effects of COVID-19, offering up these incredibly rare celebrity moments and possessions is the only way Rubin knew people would still dig into their pockets… and it’s working. In this blog, Hollywood Branded reveals how brands and celebrities aligned in co-branded ALL IN social media challenges - all while serving as the perfect example of how a brand can leverage a celebrity partnership...

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Tom Brady – Tampa Bay Home Opener And His Game Jersey

Through whatever witchcraft they’ve been brewing for however long, Tom Brady has shocked the world by leaving his beloved Patriots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Beginning with this upcoming 2020 season, the world will see Brady in a new uniform for the very first time. This isn’t just sports news, this is everyone news!

As a result, the quarterback and his franchise’s ALL IN Challenge is incredibly coveted. Announcing it on his Instagram, Brady told his followers that in exchange for a donation, one lucky winner and a friend will win an all-expenses paid trip to Tampa for the first home game followed by a dinner or private workout with the GOAT himself. Oh, and want a memento to remember the day by? The winner will also get to take home his uniform (cleats included!) from that game.

While this is an incredibly nice gesture by Brady, as marketers we cannot overlook the great exposure the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are receiving from this as well. It is well worth all the costs the franchise will put into this (guest travel, meals, stadium tickets, etc…).

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WALK-ON Role In A Scorsese Film With Leonardo DeCaprio And Robert DeNiro

For those that never quite had the acting chops, this is your chance!! Taking Oprah’s Masterclass to a whole new level, this ALL IN Challenge is offering the winner a day on the set of the upcoming Paramount film Killers of the Flower Moon, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DeCaprio and Robert DeNiro. Not only will the winner spend the day watching these geniuses work, but he or she will also be winning lunch with Leo and the crew, acting tips from Scorsese himself, AND a walk-on role in the film.

Announced on Leo’s Instagram, with help from Robert DeNiro, the post received over one million views. Not that this trio of stars need it, but this will no doubt drum up even more excitement for the film’s release, drawing in viewers just to see if they can spot the mystery winner on the big screen.

Who knows? Maybe a star will be born!

Gisele Bundchen Offering Trip To NYC, Glam, Photoshoot, Modeling Tips And More

Taking a page out of her husband’s book, Gisele and her makeup partner Dior, also got in on the ALL IN Challenge. The supermodel is offering up an all-expenses paid trip for the winner and a friend to NYC for her next Dior photoshoot. But the winner and guest don’t get to just go to the photoshoot.

They will also get their hair and makeup done by an all-star glam team and receive modeling tips from the queen herself before getting their portraits taken by a world-renown photographer! I know it’s a long-shot, but brides-to-be, this is an excellent way to convince your man to take engagement photos… just sayin!

To cap the beauty-filled day off, after the shoot the two will be treated to lunch with the supermodel where they can, according to Gisele, “get to know each other better and talk about anything you want to talk about.” While this is a generous act by Gisele, let’s remember that Dior is playing a pivotal role in this too, offering the brand some great feel-good exposure during these unprecedented times.

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Jennifer Aniston And “The One Where You Meet the Entire Cast of 'Friends'”

As if HBO Max’s Friends reunion special didn’t have enough buzz, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, and the rest of the iconic cast just reinvigorated the excitement by incorporating the special with the ALL IN Challenge!

Announcing it on their Instagrams, the cast told their followers that in exchange for a donation, the winner and FIVE of their friends will be invited to join the crew on Stage 24 as their personal guests to the reunion taping. In addition to the taping, the group of six will be treated to a Friends VIP experience on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. The streaming service certainly didn’t need the additional boost, but they just got it! Check out Jen's post below. 


ALL IN Challenge Can Be An All Win For Brands

While none of the charitable experiences were delivered in bad taste, those of us keen to marketing couldn’t help but notice the nice brand plugs within. The brand affiliation no doubt aided in making each of these experiences grander, most likely helping to generate even more donations.

This opportunity has been the perfect example of how a brand can leverage a celebrity partnership. It’s always a fine line to walk when a brand strives for press during tragic times, but these challenges have given the brands a perfect way to accomplish this.

There is also no doubt that these ALL IN Challenges will receive a whole new revival when the winners are able to experience these moments. There will be photos and videos and press coverage galore giving these moments (and these brands) a whole new wave of PR. So, while this is an incredibly challenging time for the entire world, brands having the ability to help give back in times like these is something that we can all appreciate.

But Wait, There's More! 

Celebrity and influencer partnerships are ultimately at the core of many of these ALL IN Challenges. Check out some our other blogs on the topic.

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