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Stock Up For The Last Season

With the last season airing in April 2019, many brands are trying to hop on the Game of Thrones train and expand their appeal to very tuned-in consumer base. Meanwhile, HBO's also trying to capture as much licensing dollars as it can before the series finally comes to an end.

Just as 2018 is about to come to an end, HBO's presenting us with more Game of Thrones alcohol collections, including Johnnie "White" Walker and a collection of eight bottles of single malt scotch whiskey that represent each House and the Night's Watch. In this blog post, Hollywood Branded shares the three most successful Game of Thrones alcohol brand partnerships perfect for your new year celebrations.

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1. White Walker by Johnnie Walker

As you might remember from our previous postGame of Thrones has created a new product line for Vintage Wine Estate.  Expanding on the licensed alcohol line, Johnnie Walker released its Game of Thrones whiskey in October. With its iconic logo in the front, this special edition claims to be particularly good when served icy cold. A special touch of the design of this bottle is that it uses temperature-sensitive ink to reveal its secret message "Winter Is Here" on the label when it reaches freezing temperature. 



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2. HBO's Eight Bottles Of Whiskey Paired With Houses And The Night's Watch

In addition to Johnnie "White" Walker, HBO also partnered with eight different Scottish distilleries, each representing Seven Houses and the Night's Watch. For example, Carhu is paired with House Targaryen for its strong female leadership, while Oban is matched with the Night's Watch as both are situated at a steep cliff overlooking a frontier, according to INSIDER.

The bottles are decorated with each House's crests and labeled with the name of each distillery. And unlike unlike the packaging of the other whiskeys, the bottle of the Night's Watch comes in a black bottle. This collection was just launched in November.

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3. King In The North

Game of Thrones' all-time beer partnership with Ommegang released its last bottle of its beer collection: King In The North, a beer brewed for Jon Snow, is the fourth and final beer in this year’s Royal Reserve Collection, a series of four limited release beers, each designed and brewed as an homage to one of four epic figures engaged in the battle for the Seven Kingdoms.

The King In The North was made available for sale on Black Friday (November 23) on draft and in 750 ml bottles.

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