Charli D’Amelio’s 5 Most Recent Brand Partnerships On TikTok


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The TikTok Star

By now Charli D’Amelio has become a household namelike that of a top A-list celebrity. Some may even consider this 17-year-old star part of that exclusive category. I mean, Charli does have more than three-times the followers on TikTok than that of Kylie Jenner (a true A-lister). In fact, Charli is the No. 1 most followed creator on the app with over 122 millionyes million, followers.

With a following that large, and with Charli averaging about 20 million views per post, brands who have partnered with D’Amelio have received massive amounts of attention. This TokTok star charges a minimum of $100,000 per post, and if brands are lucky enough to work with her, it goes without saying that their name will get noticed. In this blog, Hollywood Branded highlights Charli D’Amelio’s 5 most recent brand partnerships on TikTok.

Charli D’Amelio’s 5 Most Recent Brand Partnerships On TikTok

Who Is Charli?

Well, before TikTok she was just a “normal”however you define that teenager who grew up dancing. According to Charli, “[She] would go to school, go to dance, do [her] homework and go to bed. It was pretty much like every other teenager’s life.”

From hip-hop to ballet, dancing and creativity was born into her blood. Her biggest idol was Jennifer Lopez. In her childhood bedroom back in Connecticut, she had a picture of the superstar pinned on top of her vision board.

However, Charli’s rise to stardom was everything but ordinary. She posted her first TikTok back on May 30th, 2019. Then, just about a month later, she posted a video of her dancingironically on her way to dance classand an hour later, she had over 2,000 followers. That was the start of her success.

From then on, her life changed. She no longer had the “typical” teenage life. Her days became booked with meetings and business calls. Her best friends became managers, agents, and publicists who were helping her navigate this new way of life, in the spotlight.

With such a massive and fast rise to the top, Charli has been a go-to for brands who want to try to get their name out to her followers. From Takis to Invisalign to even her own Hollister line, Charli’s #ads gain millions of views. Here is a comprehensive list of her five, most recent brand partnerships that have stirred up plenty of attention (and plenty of bucks!)

Charli D'Amelio TikTok Brand Partnerships

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#1 - Takis

  • Who: Charli x Takis
  • What: Charli has teamed up to be a #takispartner to help promotein my opinionone of the best snack foods on the market. Charli’s creative mind showcases in this ad, as she starts it out prepping her face to put on make-up. Then, with each Takis productwhether it be the Stix, Pops, or Wavesher blush and lipstick matches the aesthetic of the chip and packaging. Charli gives each snack a personality. Of course, Charli highlights the perfect “crunch” of each product as well.
  • When: August 7th, 2021
  • Views: 19.2 Million
  • Likes: 3 Million
  • Comments: 224,100
  • Shares: 43,500

Charli Takis D'Amelio

Source TikTok

#2 - Morphe

  • Who: Charli x Morphe
  • What: Morphe has been known to partner with top influencers, so it would only make sense that Charli would be on their list of talent to work with as a #morphepartner. And who better to celebrate Morphe’s birthday than with the queen of TikTok herself? Charli posted a video highlighting her make-up routine using Morphe’s new QUAD GOALS MULTI-PALETTE that is an all-in-one product for eyes, cheeks, lips, and sparkle.
  • When: July 30th, 2021
  • Views: 21.9 million
  • Likes: 2.1 million
  • Comments: 271,500
  • Shares: 58,600

Charli Morphe

Source TikTok

#3 - Linktree

  • Who: Charli x Linktree
  • What: 99% of creators now have a Linktree that allows their followers to easily switch between all their social platforms or websites. The creator has the ability to customize their specific link to “branch” all their accounts together. Charli has partnered with Linktree to highlight a few of her favorite creators and winners of the challenge #linkupwithlinktree where entrants have the ability to be featured on Charli’s link.
  • When: July 26th, 2021
  • Views: 29 million
  • Likes: 2.2 million
  • Comments: 153,300
  • Shares: 52,700

Charli LinkTree TikTok

Source TikTok

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#4 - Social Tourist

  • Who: Charli x Social Tourist (Hollister)
  • What: Charli and her sister, Dixie, teamed up with Hollister to create their own line of clothing called ‘Social Tourist.’ The slogan of the brand is “Unpacking Life Together.” What does this mean? Well, let's hear from Charli and Dixie, themselves, as this is how the two sisters describe their line and its message: “When it comes to this whole life thing, the journey is the destination. With all the ups & the downs, you need designated travel buddies to make the trip a hell of a lot more fun. Hi, that’s where we come in. Let’s unpack this life together.” In this ad below, Charli posted in the brand’s Volume 3 clothing line, as Volume 4 has just been released on August 19th.
  • When: July 22nd, 2021
  • Views: 17 Million
  • Likes: 2 Million
  • Comments: 41,800
  • Shares: 50,500
Charli Dixie Hollister Social Tourist

Source: TikTok

#5 -Invisalign

  • Who: Charli x Invisalign
  • What: In this #ad, Charli showcases all of the reasons why she loves her Invisalign, which is, basically, that it's better than getting braces. With Invisalign, Charli (and you!) are able to enjoy any and all of your favorite foodsno restrictions on coffee, crunchy snacks, or gum. Charli also showcases how portable Invisalign can be because of her custom case. Charli is a true #invisalignpartner and #smilesquad member.
  • Views: 30.5 Million Views
  • Likes: 2.6 Million
  • Comments: N/A
  • Shares: 20,900

Charli TikTok Invisalign

Source: TikTok

What Brands Can Learn

Charli’s ability to use her creativity in order to create an engaging ad is definitely something that not all creators can do. That is why she charges a premium in order to post on behalf of a brand. It is important for brands to know that influencers and creators have gained their following and popularity by using their talents on all their platforms. Don’t infringe on that. Of course, you want to make sure the ad is up to your standards, but let the creator’s creative mind shine through because, after all, they know their audience and followers better than anyone.

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