Common Strategies Used To Market Mobile Games


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Strategies You Should Know

The mobile game market has exploded over recent years, and there is a high demand for high-quality and highly playable products. Of course, this does not mean that you can simply release a game into the market and expect that it is going to be an instant success. Instead, you need to make sure that you use some tried and tested strategies – and there and plenty of these that are worth discussing.

So, that's why we're here! We're marketing experts who are here to help you out. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares a few strategies that you should use to help market your mobile game.

Common Strategies Used To Market Mobile Games

Work Out Your Target Audience

First of all, it is important to try and discover who exactly the target market is. The kind of people who play All Slots Casino are not going to be exactly the same as those who enjoy RPGs such as Final Fantasy. Of course, there may be some overlap in here, which is one of the main reasons why it is worth doing enough market research to narrow it down as much as possible. With more and more people owning smartphones, this does not immediately mean that you are marketing to a young audience any longer. So, think about how age demographics are going to play their part as well. The more market research you are able to do, the clearer the overall picture of who you are trying to target.


Come Up With A Social Media Campaign

It should go without saying that a social media campaign is bound to play a central role in how well you are able to market your game. You need to have a clear strategy in place. Going back to the age demographics that we discussed in the section just above this one, you are likely to find that older users are bigger on an established social media platform such as Facebook, whereas their younger counterparts may prefer newer ones like TikTok. The key to social media is consistency. You cannot expect to just post once or twice and generate the type of excitement and interest that you are looking for. At the same time, you also need to closely analyze what sort of results that you are getting in terms of likes and shares.

Pre-Launch The Game

Rather than launching the game and then trying to generate interest further down the line, you are much better off pre-launching it. This could mean that you have a pre-launch event to bring people together who are closely involved in the gaming community, such as those who are in the press. Think about what sort of content you are going to release in advance as well. For example, you may want to put out some screenshots and video content of people actually playing the game. After all, this is a highly visual area that you are getting involved in, and it makes sense that you attract people in this way.

Create Multimedia Materials

As we have just mentioned, it could well be the multimedia materials that you release that have the most significant impact on what you are doing. One highly useful idea is to create a trailer for the game, which clearly demonstrates its positive qualities. Of course, if you are not experienced in producing this type of material yourself, it is certainly worth hiring in the professionals to take care of it for you. After all, if you put out a substandard trailer, it is much more likely that it is going to reflect negatively on your game as a whole, and it does not generate the type of sales that you had initially hoped for it. Some simple promotional materials for your game can also be highly useful for sharing on social media platforms. When it comes to modern digital marketing, content is king.

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Get Game Reviews

As well as ‘blowing your own trumpet’ about your game, it can also be a highly useful exercise to get some third-party reviews as well. So, you are going to need to send the game out to be trialed by people who have influence in this area. You should also put together some useful promotional press material that can include a press release, a company fact sheet, etc. This way, you can make the lives of the game reviewers that little bit easier, and you make it more likely that you are going to generate the type of positive coverage that you are looking for. If you are a new developer, you may need to get attention from the smaller reviewers first before you can grab the attention of the people who have the biggest following.

Keep Track Of Your Analytics

There is no point in doing all of these different activities unless you are carefully keeping track of how successfully you are managing it all. Thankfully, our digital world makes it easier than ever to track and measure how well you are doing. For example, you can track the number of clicks that you are getting, the number of likes and shares, the overall impact that you are having. There may be some areas in which you are achieving a higher level of success than others. This way, you can focus on them in a higher level of detail and sidestep the activities that are not bringing you the level of attention that you had initially hoped that they would.Data Analytics Marketing Mobile Games

Get People Playing For Free

It is often the case that the initial download of the game is free, and the developers then set about making money with in-game purchases. So, it could be that you get people playing for free initially. Ultimately, this can prove to be highly useful as you will hopefully start to get good word of mouth, and you can go from there.

So, by using a combination of these different techniques, you can really make a big difference in being able to market your mobile games with a much higher level of success, leading to a bigger bottom-line figure.

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