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'Tis the Season of Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Put away your scary home decor and put up some Christmas lights, because it's Christmas season again! Naturally one of the best parts of the Christmas season is ugly sweaters. They're comfy and dorky, and bring to mind the feeling of sitting around the fireplace, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate, and wearing fuzzy socks.

And you know what else everyone is dying for? Game of Thrones. This year, Target presented us with Game of Thrones Christmas sweaters (Say what!?) and really, they're all you need. In this blog post, Hollywood Branded explores Target's new holiday branded partnership with Game of Thrones and how brands can benefit from similar partnerships.

Target's Game Of Thrones Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Hold The Door At Target To Get These Sweaters

Game of Thrones has been hot since the very beginning, and the last season took it to another level. For this particular brand partnership, Target really hopped on the GOT train for its holiday collection. Each sweater is closely connected to Game of Thrones, and only the fans would understand the inside jokes about different wordplay. Nevertheless, the ugly sweaters aren't the only thing Target have for this holiday season.

If you go to Target's website, there are lanyards with sigils from different houses, socks, sweatpants, and even an Iron Throne Christmas tree ornament. Since Game of Thrones has become more and more mainstream, Target is not only able to attract a new demographic via this brand partnership, but also reinforce its current customer base. Of course, this is a win-win situation for both Target and Game of Thrones.

1. Silent Night King

Silent Night King- Target Sweater

Can you feel the winter chill yet? 

2. Ho Ho HodorGame-Thrones-Ho-Ho-Hodor-Sweater; Target

Make sure you get an XL for that sweet Hodor in your life. 

3. Deck the Wall

Deck The Wall- Target Sweater

Deck the wall with boughs of holly... or the blood of your enemies 

4. I Drink Eggnog And I Know Things

I Drink Eggnog and I Know Things: Target Sweater

Q: What does Tyrion say when it's Christmas time?

A: "I drink eggnog and I know things."

If you think this joke is as bad as this ugly sweater, I got you. 

5. 'Tis The Last Season

Tis The Last Season- Target Sweater

After almost eight years of waiting, here we are waiting for the last season of Game of Thrones. Who's going to win, the Night King or Jon Snow? Let's be real - it's not going to be Cersei. After all, she only got the "THE" part. 

You Knew Nothing (Until You Read This Blog)

As the last season of Game of Thrones is coming out in April 2019, it wants to hype up the audience as much as possible (or keep them excited as fans feel like they already wait long enough). With a brand partnership like this one with Target, Game of Thrones is getting a great publicity, while fans are satisfied with new merchandise from their favorite show. Want to see what other brands have done with Game of Thrones? Check out these other posts our team has written...

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