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HB In The News - Marketing Drive's Article On How Brands Leverage Snapchat

Posted by Stacy Jones on October 23, 2017 at 10:01 AM

How A Media Outlet Is Winning At Snapchat

With so many social media platforms competing for eyeballs and engagement, it can be really hard for brand managers to know where to spend not only money, but significant amounts of time by their team.

Hollywood Branded was recently interviewed by Shane Schick about current Snapchat trends, for the article "How National Geographic Grew Its Snapchat Audience By 3M In 3 Months" for Marketing Dive.   In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares more insight into Snapchat's social media platform, how brands leverage Snapchat, and some best industry case studies.


Why Snapchat Still Matters For Your Brand

What’s interesting about Snapchat right now is it’s future… younger demos which the platform was created for, are abandoning it, as are many social influencers due to Instagram.  As Instagram has been evolving, taking ‘the best of’ many of the unique offerings of Snapchat, it’s been taking over even larger shares of users from Snapchat.  And as long as Instagram keeps innovating, they have a chance to continue to steal market share. 

Plus, Instagram shares so much more analytic information about users.  There is nothing a brand likes to know more than very specific metrics on who is watching or reading their content.  Instagram is like an open book.  Snapchat on the other hand is a big mystery where you as a brand are just supposed to have a lot of faith and trust.  That doesn’t fly very well when it comes to media dollars being spent.  We’ll see how well the new Snapchat feature that allows a user in their Snapchat videos to link to the outside world – which opens the door to brands who want their paid influencers to do.

  How Product Placement &  Co-Promotional Marketing Works

 The Engagement Factor

What’s great about the platform is how brands can use it to actually get engagement from users.  There are absolutely fun and unique ways brands are partnering with Snapchat – like the new game from Under Armour using their celebrity endorsement athlete Steph Curry.  The ‘train like Curry’ game is spot on for the male sports fan on Snapchat that aligns with the Under Armour demographic. 

Check out the game!


So Snapchat Is Still Not So Affordable

Another issue that still is massive for Snapchat is it’s high costs for brands.  Yes, it’s come down in price since its initial advertising offerings, but it is still extremely expensive, and allows for a very select type of brand and media outlet to officially partner with the platform.  I think the fact that Snapchat shares Discover ad revenue back to the media outlets who have spent the money to create the content that lives there has to have an impact on more participation.

 Celebrity Social Media Webinar by Hollywood Branded

New Snapchat Features

Another feature that brands of any size have the opportunity to take advantage of is Snap Maps.  Basically, all that content that everyone was creating was getting lost in space – including brands.  The Snap Maps allows people to see content that is geo-targeted in a specific place.  So a brand that is sponsoring an event in a city can create content that may capture the attention of those in the immediate area – which Snapchat helps to further curate.    

Check out a "How To Video Guide" 


Innovations In Snapchat For Brand's Social Media

One of the biggest innovations for Snapchat is their planned launch of a version of the app for Pixelbook.  Based on Pixelbook purchases, it’s likely that it’s going to allow the app to age upward and get an entirely new demographic.  Millennials who are so attached to their phones and used to browsing all things social naturally have had more of an affinity to the mobile-only Snapchat world that was literally closed out to others on any other type of electronic platform.  With this innovation, my bet is Gen X and Baby Boomers are going to be spending more time on the app as well. 

Snapchat Pixelbook.png

Ready To Rock Your Social Media Game & Take It One Step Further?

Then it's time to start talking influencers.  Influencers on Snapchat can help make your brand really stand out - to very specific audiences that are completely otherwise out of your reach.  Our client Pilot Pen added on a Snapchat influencer component to a feature film partnership we created for James Patterson's movie, "Middle School, The Worst Years Of My Life".  You can check out the case study which includes some of the Snapchat influencer partnerships that helped take the campaign off the screen and into the social universe.  Check out all the elements of the case study for Pilot Pen product integration, promotion, digital, TV and social.  

And if you want to read MORE on Snapchat and how brands can best market on the social media platform, our team has created these helpful blogs:

And when you are ready to start exploring influencers on a deeper level, download our guide that provides insight and helpful advice to make sure you get everything from the partnership from The Only Guide To Social Influencers You Will Ever Need.

The Only Guide You Need To Hire Social Influencers E-Book


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