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The Best Of The Best

Netflix is arguably the undisputed king of streaming platforms. It has always been ahead of the curve, surpassing its competitors with original content, design, and advertising. And, of course, introduced some of our favorite shows! 

There are changes coming to the streaming platform in the upcoming year—axing password sharing, a new ad model, and exciting new shows! In this blog, Hollywood Branded recaps some of our blogs featuring Netflix, product placements in your favorite shows, and the future of the streaming platform.

HB Round-Up The Power of Netflix

Netflix's Ad Model: When It's Rolling Out & What It Means For Brands

At the beginning of 2022, Netflix shocked the world by confirming everyone’s worst fears: they too would be introducing an ad model to boost revenue. This news isn’t all that shocking at all though once you pair it with its other surprising news that it had lost subscribers for the first time in a decade, and they projected it would lose even more. If comes down to Netflix with ads or no Netflix at all, we do sadly agree that the company made the right decision to save itself. 

It's going to take some getting used to all around – from Netflix to the brands to the subscribers. And we anticipate the model to be in flux for a few years before they land on what’s right. Here’s what we know so far. In this blog, Hollywood Branded will explore what we know so far about Netflix’s ad model and what it means for brands.

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Netflix's Plan To Diversify The Entertainment Industry

Have you ever wondered what a movie or show would be like if it were played by a different actor/actress? Or if a story were told with a completely different cast? Oftentimes within the media, many stories are fabricated in a way that is not true to reality. When analyzing the entertainment industry, people of color, women, LGBTQ+, and those with disabilities are often underrepresented. Fortunately Netflix has noticed this, and has decided to spearhead efforts to change the narrative. 

Portrayal in the media has been a pervasive issue for a while, but due to younger generations stepping up to become vocal on these topics, progress is being made. Visibility in the media is essential as it allows for a diverse array of voices to be heard. Instead of having movies such as Black Panther showcased once a year, Netflix is trying to push for people of color to be seen more frequently so that everyone can find representation through these stories.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded discusses Netflix’s plan to diversify the entertainment industry.

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The Netflix Effect

Did you know it's the 25th anniversary of Netflix!? Yes, before streaming, Netflix was ahead of the curve and transformed the media industry with its novel approach to DVD rentals. Now, they are the top streaming service in the world. There are various contexts in which the term "The Netflix Effect" has been used recently; how streaming services are affecting children's brains, the television binge-watching phenomenon, or even tying the streaming service to an overall lack of motivation or activity. However, when it comes to pop culture and entertainment marketing, there is a far more intriguing definition. The Netflix Effect refers to a surge in popularity as it relates to certain products, brands, and even celebrities because of their feature in Netflix television shows and movies. 

Try to think of any television show or movie that you have seen Penn Badgley in. Gossip Girl and You coming to mind? What movies do you associate Lana Candor with? To All the Boys I've Loved Before. Right again. But what do these two actors have in common? They were both catapulted into fame because of their Netflix series and movie. In this blog, Hollywood Branded discusses The Netflix Effect, what it is, and why it is so effective. 

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Top Product Placements in 2022 Netflix Shows

Once again, we mark the end of another year full of ups and downs. Slaps were dealt, lawsuits were won, West went wild, trends went viral, and headlines were made. Despite 2022's scandalous times, new movie gems have grabbed our attention with some big on-screen moments. And as we all know, what cannot miss from a great production is the right product placement.

Whether it's romance, horror, cult or comedy - even the biggest productions made use of the tool of product placement to ensure their authenticity and to captivate us with their lifelike scenery. In this blog, Hollywood Branded showcases and reviews some new movies and series released in 2022 and points out their most significant product placements.

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The Secret About How Many People Watch Netflix-Produced Content

The executives at Netflix are RENOWNED for not releasing audience numbers for how many people watch Netflix-produced content. From the amount of water cooler chat some of the shows get, we can assume it's a lot for some shows.  And not so much for others. Obvious winners are those shows that come top to mind: House of Cards. Daredevil. Jessica Jones. Making A Murderer. Orange Is The New Black. But how many people actually watch?  With expectations of 100 million global subscribers by 2019... there has to be a reason people are signing up - and viewing.

Hungry for the answer, we culled the internet looking for answers to this question, as it is a weekly conversation within our office.  In this blog post, Hollywood Branded shares the research we sourced on how many people watch Netflix-produced content and why the platform offers brands a home-run opportunity to engage with consumers.

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These are just a small sampling of the many blogs that we have written about the power of Netflix. Be sure to click the links below to learn more!

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