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The allure of celebrity beauty routines is nothing new, as big names have been setting the standard of beauty since Cleopatra made the “cat-eye” cool. With the rise of social media, we have been able to gain an inside look into the routines of our favorite celebrities by following their glam squads and viewing tutorials created by the celebs themselves (Hello, Selena Gomez 2022 tutorial).

This has made it much easier for fans to practice recreating celebrity looks step by step. However, in recent years, many, many famous names have been taking it to the next level by releasing their very own beauty brands, whether it be makeup or skincare-focused. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares how celebrities like Rihanna and Selena Gomez have found success by launching beauty brands.

How Celebrities Have Found Success By Launching Beauty Brands - 11.17.2022

Beauty is Big Business

It is no coincidence that there is a long list of big names who have launched beauty brands or have one on the way. Skincare and beauty brands are very attractive from a business standpoint because they are likely to deliver a high income. This is especially true when compared to a licensing deal or other endorsements, both of which ultimately have an end date. Additionally, building up a brand is not as much of a challenge when you already have a large following. Although the barriers to entry are not very high for many celebrities, not everyone can become a success.

What Makes A Win?

While you can find a celebrity endorser for almost any product, it seems as if every makeup-wearing celebrity is coming out with their own products. Several celebrities have found massive success, such as Kylie Jenner with Kylie Cosmetics, Jessica Alba with The Honest Company, and Rihanna with Fenty Beauty. There are many elements that go into making a company successful, but beauty historian and consultant, Rachel Weingarten, attributes a line’s success to “respecting your fandom and understanding what they like, what they like about you, and how to create a product that makes them feel like some of your stardust has brushed off on them.” Additionally, many popular lines have one thing in common: inclusivity.

celebrity beauty brands - fenty beauty

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Giving The Fans What They Want

Kylie Cosmetics aligned with her fans' needs flawlessly. Remember the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge from early 2015? Fans were severely injuring themselves trying to achieve Kylie’s iconic lips, but in November 2015, Kylie gave her fans a way to safely recreate her pout with her debut of the Kylie Lip Kit. Kylie Cosmetics has come a long way since then, releasing all kinds of products that allow fans to keep up with all of the Kardashian sisters' looks. The makeup mogul has even expanded her brand into Kylie Skin. In November 2019, Kylie Cosmetics was valued at $1.2 billion when Kylie sold most of her stake to Coty Inc. for $600 million.

Another great example of aligning with fans’ interests is Jessica Alba’s Honest Beauty. The Honest Company, which also includes baby products and other household goods, gives fans a taste of her toxin-free lifestyle by emphasizing ethical consumerism with natural products made from clean and cruelty-free ingredients. The Honest Company has faced challenges, including product recalls in 2017, but they have been working hard to improve their business. Through the onset of the pandemic in 2020, the company grew sales to $300 Million. Most recently, the company filed for an IPO at the beginning of April 2019. 

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Wall

Photo Credit: Instagram | @KylieJenner

Inclusivity Is Important!

Inclusivity has become more and more important in recent years, from representation to a variety of shades. Both Rihanna’s Fenty and Selena Gomez’s newer brand, Rare Beauty, have gained popularity largely for their focus on being inclusive.

Fenty initially launched with 40 shades of foundation, which was surprisingly unprecedented, even in 2017. Rihanna’s vision for her brand was, and still is, “Beauty for all,” which is why the brand now has 50 foundation shades, ships globally, and keeps its values at the center of its business. The brand’s launch inspired a chain reaction of other brands in the industry to expand their lines to be more inclusive in what became known as “The Fenty Effect.” 

Fellow singer turned makeup mogul Selena Gomez released Rare Beauty. In an Instagram live from the Rare office, Selena shared that she “wanted to make a brand where you feel comfortable” and aimed to alleviate the pressure to look a certain way because “we’re meant to look like ourselves.” As someone who was diagnosed with Lupus, Gomez put a large focus on accessible packaging. Her diagnosis reduced the strength in her hands, making traditional cosmetic containers a challenge. Rare Beauty’s packaging was intentionally designed with ease of use in mind, making the brand more accessible and inclusive to a wider audience.

Fenty Beauty Shade Variety

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Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

Many celebrities have the connections and the capital to create a cosmetic line, but not everyone gets it right. Several high-profile celebs attempted to tap into the makeup market but did not find success. You may not remember Caviar Complex, which Melania Trump promoted across talk shows because it never hit stores. Melania’s line of Caviar infused beauty was said to promote hydration and anti-aging, but in reality, the claims were not scientifically proven. Jessica Simpson’s Dessert Beauty was another line that did not deliver. The defunct line featured edible products, which sounds just as bad as it was. If edible beauty was not a big enough recipe for disaster, Simpson’s rep claimed that Jessica had “no involvement in the day-to-day operation of the company’s business,” which could have contributed to the downfall.

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