Is Your Brand Considered "Cheugy"?


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What Is Cheugy?

Has anyone else heard the recent trending word on TikTok, "Cheugy?" Cheugy is pronounced (Chew-Gee) and its definition is deemed as someone who is basic, outdated and trying to hard. Not an easy pill to swallow for some people reading this right now... 

To nobodyโ€™s surprise, Cheugy is a word that was created by Gen-Z that was completely made up in order to make fun of people who use brands and do things that are no longer cool and considered basic. A TikTok a few weeks ago went viral, by TikToker Hallie Cain, where she shared the definition of Cheugy and had some examples to follow up with it. In this blog, Hollywood Branded will show 5 examples of things that people do or buy that are "Cheugy" and why brands should understand what this new trending word means. 

Is Your Brand Considered Cheugy


Expand ๐Ÿ‘ your ๐Ÿ‘ vocabulary ๐Ÿ‘ to ๐Ÿ‘ include ๐Ÿ‘ made ๐Ÿ‘ up ๐Ÿ‘ words ๐Ÿ‘#greenscreen #cheugy #cheug

โ™ฌ original sound - Hal

1. Slogan Tees 

If you have any type of clothing item with the phrases such as: 

Live Love Laugh

But First, Coffee 

No Bad Vibes 

Women Empower Women 

The list can go on and on with the amount of slogan tees out in the world today, but needless to say they are not in anymore and Gen-Zers will surely make fun of you. So, try your best and keep those phrases to yourself and the closet, or save them for a phone call with mom. 

cheugy slogan tees


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2. Gucci Belts 

Gucci Belts took over the world in 2019. A person could go anywhere from the grocery store, mall and even a night out and you were almost guaranteed to see those little double G's on someone.

Gucci belts were a trend for awhile, but now with the rise of the term cheugy, we are told to put those baby G's away and store them for the next time they come back in style, but for now leave the belt at home. 

cheugy gucci belt

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3. Ugg Slippers 

Ugg slippers seem to have been the trend about a year ago when we were in home lock down, but the "cheug" leaders have decided that these shoes should stay put at home. 

This is quite unfortunate because I just got a pair of Ugg slippers for Chritsmas, but as a Gen-Zer, I should obey the rules and not wear them anymore. It is unsaid, whether or not all the types of Ugg Slippers out there are considered Cheugy, but sources say the ones pictured below are one hundred percent cheugy. I will say Reese Witherspoon is looking really cute in this photo, but as the Gen-Zers would say, that's cheugy. 

cheugy ugg slippers

4. Skinny Jeans  

Yes, I said it... skinny jeans are in fact considered cheugy. This one is a hard one to admit, but according to Gen-Z, out with the skinny jeans and in with the straight cut and baggy jeans. 

Millenials, Gen Z is talking directly to you here with those skinny jeans and ankle booties, just save yourself the embarrassment and buy some new jeans. 

cheugy skinny jeans

5. Tory Burch Sandals 

Oh remember the good ole days where we saw almost every woman wearing Tory Burch Sandals in every color under the sun? Well I am here to tell you this is probably one of the most cheugy things a woman could wear out into the streets. 

The Tory Burch sandals once reigned as a sign of trendiness, but those days are over and its probably best you save those sandals for when your children grow up. By that time, Tory Burch sandals might make a come back.

cheugy tory burch sandals

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Is Your Brand Cheugy?

All of the brands and products listed above all had their moments of fame and trendiness, but now Gen Z has deemed all of these items uncool. This does not mean your product is bad, it's just no longer in style. 

There has been a lot of trending items like low rise jeans, claw clips, chunky shoes and so many more that have rose from the dead and are now trending. This happens to a lot of products where they go out of style and then, all of a sudden, one influencer or celebrity wears it and it's the new, hot item. 

If you are starting to have the realization that your brand may be cheugy, do not fear because there are ways to turn it around. With the help of influencers, celeberities and social media marketing, there is a way to make your brand Gen Z approved again.  

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