Loren Gray Calls Out Influencers For Faking Going To Coachella-2023


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Loren Gray Recently Took To Social Media to Call Out Influencers For Faking Coachella

Loren Gray, 20-year-old influencer recently took to social media stating that "a lot of influencers" don't actually attend Coachella, they simply "drive out to the desert, get their makeup done, and post 'Coachella Day One', 'Coachella Day 2'...but they don't have wristbands!"  

Coachella is the place to be for influencers, Loren even calls it the "Influencer Olympics", but does it matter if influencers are faking Coachella?  Do the fans care?  In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares some thoughts on Loren Gray's video, Coachella, and influencer culture as a whole.

Loren Gray Calls Out Influencers For Faking Going To Coachella -2023

"If You Feel Boring And Sad That You're Not At Coachella, Don't Feel Bad, Most Of These [Influencers] Aren't There Either" -Loren Gray

Coachella has become a hot spot for celebrities and influencers to flaunt their style and maintain a certain level of image and aesthetic.  Coachella is a great place for an influencer to gain attention from their followers.  Social media influencers often portray a glamorous and exciting lifestyle that many of their followers aspire to have.  Attending Coachella, for many influencers, is a symbol of that lifestyle.  Some influencers may be faking attendance because of the pressure to maintain this lifestyle image.  Another reason may be brand deals.  Influencers might have a sponsorship around Coachella that requires them to attend the festival, and so they fake their attendance to the brand and to the world.  Certain brands also look for influencers who go to Coachella for certain sponsorships.  Whatever the reason may be, Gray's video certainly has sparked some controversy.  Her comments are filled with influencers backing her up, calling her "real" for exposing this industry secret, but many are accusing Loren of "de-influencing" them.

The discourse following Gray's video argues that faking attendance at events like Coachella only perpetuates the idea that social media is all about inauthentic appearances and not about genuine experiences.  Online comments state that influencers that are faking and misleading their followers for something as "trivial" as attending Coachella creates a huge level of distrust.  Others argue that it does not matter if influencers are faking their Coachella attendance, and that they are happy to still follow along with the content, even if it is not 100% genuine.  


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An Influencer's Take On 'Industry Coachella'

A separate take that I have not seen other articles or comments mention-there are private parties and events around Coachella that influencers and celebrities attend, coined 'Industry Coachella'.  I myself have used this term, and more times than not it does turn some heads and raise some questions, leading me to believe that most are not aware of this "Industry Coachella".  Many influencers get invited to these more private, smaller festivals, that almost look identical to Coachella and they outfit themselves in the same aesthetic.  I attended some of these events this weekend, including Neon Carnival, which I will talk about, and they look almost identical to Coachella.

Because Coachella has become so much more than a music festival, it has become a stopping ground for celebrity and influencer culture, many brands have started throwing their own, invite-only festivals and events around Palm Springs, Indio, and Coachella Valley during week one of Coachella.  Two of the more prominent events are Neon Carnival and Revolve Festival.

Neon Carnival is an annual event that takes place during Coachella and is hosted by Brent Bolthouse, one of Hollywood's most successful event producers.  Perusing Bolthouse's Instagram, I read a comment stating "I can get artist passes to Coachella every year, but I've still never been able to get into Neon". Neon features a variety of carnival rides, games, and food trucks, as well as music from some of the world's top DJ's.  Janelle Monàe and Camilla Cabello were some of the many huge celebrities that attended this year.

Revolve Festival is another popular event that takes place during Coachella.  It is hosted by the online fashion retailer Revolve and is held at a private estate in the desert a shuttle away from the Coachella Festival.  Revolve Festival features a variety of activities, including pool parties, beauty lounges, and fitness classes.  It also features performances from many renowned artists each year.

Both the Neon Carnival and Revolve Festival have become highly coveted events for brands and influencers looking to connect and network with each other.  For brands, these invite-only festivals provide a unique opportunity for brands to showcase their products and services to a highly engaged and influential audience.  For influencers, they offer a chance to connect with other influencers, brands, and industry insiders, as well as to create content and share their experiences on social media.  

I say all this to share that the influencers "faking Coachella" may simply be attending these invite-only parties and events around the Coachella festival, and never setting foot in the actual festival.  They are still referring to these events as 'Coachella', however, and understandably that can create a sense of distrust with their audience. 


                                                                                  Photo Credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images for Coachella

Loren Gray's Overall Message 

Loren Gray's video does spark questions and concerns about inauthenticity with what influencers are posting, and personally, I think influencers should strive to be more genuine with the content they share with their followers, especially when they are flaunting as truth a seemingly unachievable lifestyle to the average social media consumer.  Loren concludes her video stating that people should not feel like they are missing out, or "feel sad or boring" because they aren't at Coachella, because most of the influencers that attend Coachella, aren't really actually attending it, they are simply faking their attendance for the 'gram.  She captioned her video "here to validate ur fomo".

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Authenticity on Social Media 

Gray's video and the discourse around it does spark a larger, ongoing conversation about social media and the authenticity of what influencers are posting.  As a supporter of certain creators, it is up to you to decide how important it is that the content curated for you is fully authentic and genuine.  Some argue that content is simply entertainment, and that they don't care if it's fully real.  Some argue that it is all "a fantasy".  Others argue that creators should be fully, 100% authentic.

Personally, while I see both sides, I argue that as social media continues to play an increasingly important role in our everyday lives, it becomes more and more crucial that influencers are transparent with their followers.  Ultimately, the value we put on the authenticity of the content we consume varies from person to person.  Let me know what you think! 

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