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All I Want For Christmas Is A Brand Deal With Mariah Carey  

Tis the season, holidays are approaching. And it's that time of the year that the queen of Christmas makes her appearance. Pop singer, songwriter, actress and producer Mariah Carey is ready for all things Christmas. Every year round we hear her timeless, nostalgic songs. Who doesn’t loves Mariah’s Christmas singles? Apparently everyone!  

After all, Mariah Carey’s net worth is an estimated of $320 million and this is attributed to her having the greatest impact on Christmas music. Every brand and celebrity would jump to the opportunity to partner with Mariah during the holiday seasons, but few get the chance. However, those who do are guaranteed a successful partnership. In this blog Hollywood branded takes a look into Mariah Carey’s upcoming 2021 Christmas partnerships.

Queen of Christmas Brand Partnership

Why is Mariah Carey the Queen of Christmas?

Mariah Carey is one of the bestselling female music artists of all times. The queen of Christmas rose to fame in the 1990s with her eponymous debut albums. She released her first holiday album in ‘94, and it became the biggest international hit of her career, topping the charts in 26 countries. On her Christmas album, the song “All I want Christmas had consecutive years on the billboard charts and this is what made her the queen of Christmas. “All I want for Christmas” played on every radio stationevery music streaming platform, Spotify and department stores. It kept coming back every holiday season, and soon became a staple to Christmas festivities. Throughout the years, Mariah has made new versions of her classic songs, featuring artist like Justin Bieber and Michael Bublé

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Mariah X McDonalds 

Celebrity meal deals have been hugely successful for Mcdonald's, as just this past year, they have partnered with singers like BTS, Saweetie and J-Balvin. Now, they have announced their holiday themed promotion with pop-star icon, Mariah Carey. What better partnership to help celebrate the upcoming holidays? Mariah Carey’s 12 days of deals begin December 13th and end December 24th. Each day customers can get a different menu item for free from the Mariah Menu on the McDonald’s app, with a $1 minimum purchase. Some of the items on her menu vary from the delicious soft baked chocolate chip cookies to cheeseburgers and more. 

According to Mariah, “Bringing together some of our favorite food from McDonald’s with my all-time favorite season is a holiday wish come true.” And her favorite food items will be served in her uniquely designed chic-holiday style packaging.

Mariah’s Menu showcases the McDonald's classics, and her meals are intended to increase holiday sales and boost app engagement. By partnering with Mariah, McDonald's is reaching a wider and older audience, than ever before, as past celebrity partners, such as Travis Scott and Saweetie, have only been able to attract Gen Z and Millennials. That being said, the Queen of Christmas is going to bring sky rocking sales. 


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Mariah X El Paso Khalid X Kirk Franklian

“All I want for Christmas is You” broke several records worldwide and topped the charts in twenty-six countries. Could any other Christmas single ever top or come close to this hit? Probably not. And of course, that doesn't stop her from releasing new music because you never know what song will bring you the next sensational hit! 

In addition to partnering with brands, Mariah also partners with other celebrities during the holiday season. She had her eye on El Paso native, R & B/ pop star Khalid, who was named one of Time’s Most Influential People of 2019 with his 5x platinum song “Location”. She also looked towards music legend Kirk Franklin, who is a 16-time Grammy award winning Gospel songwriter, arranger, and producer. In harmonizing with them, she realized they were the best duet partners and collaborated with them to create a new Christmas single. So, on November 5th, superstar, award-winning artists, Mariah Carey, Khalid and Kirk Franklin debuted their new song, “Fall in Love at Christmas.” It received major, positive feedback and one fan tweeted, “this song delivers big time! That nostalgic, romantic feeling to it but yet it’s fresh and new, that gospel influence, those vocals, and those looks”. The three plan to perform the song on "Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues Special,” which is her latest holiday project. 


Mariah X Apple TV+

Aside from partnering with McDonald's, Mariah also partnered with Apple TV+, and she is returning to the platform for the second year in a row to release another Christmas special. Last year, Apple TV+ got the opportunity to partner with megastar to debut an exclusive holiday program “Mariah Carey's Magical Christmas Special." According to 9To5Mac, Last year’s ‘Magical Christmas Special’ broke Apple TV+ records for unscripted content and hit the number one trending spot in the TV app across 100 countries. Apple TV’s partnership with Mariah Carey is incredibly strategic, as she has not come out with any new Christmas content, and therefore, this exclusive special attracts Mariah's incredibly loyal fan base, and they will be more inclined to tune into any other Apple TV shows and become a customer.

If you want to tune in, the 2021 Christmas special, “Mariahs Christmas: The Magic Continues” launches globally on December 3, and, of course, it includes a number of special features [suh as]... the first and only performance of [her] new single with Franklin and Khalid, 'Fall in Love at Christmas,' a new rendition of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”. The show has announced a long star-studded guest list, with celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Ariana Grande, and more. They hope to double the views from last year and make another memorable Christmas special! 


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Mariah SZN

Mariah Carey knows how to capitalize on her fame. The empire she’s created for herself allows her to stay relevant, year after year. She knows how to market herself, and embrace her image of being the Queen of Christmas, which is why during the holiday season, she has so many new features or Christmas specials. So far she’s partnered with McDonalds, Apple TV, and came out with a new Christmas single that featured Kirk Franklin and Khalid—the lucky few! Let's wait and see what she has in store for the rest of December! And, of course, any brand or celebrity who has the opportunity to collaborate with her during the holidays will surely see success with the Queen of Christmas!

What's Next?

Celebrities like Mariah Carey use their timeless music and career to profit off their image. Check out some of our other blogs listed below that discuss strategic celebrity partnerships and how their reputations boost endorsements.  

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