The Most Effective Celebrity PR Relationships


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Real or Rumor?

There is obvious value in being the subject of conversation as a celebrity. The power of a single celebrity is substantial, but things can be taken to another level when two big names come together. 

While many PR relationships may be centered around the publicity of one thing, such as a song or a movie, a few recent relationships seem to be more strategic. In this blog, Hollywood Branded discusses the most effective celebrity PR relationships of the moment.

The Most Effective Celebrity PR Relationships

Passion or Publicity?

A favorite activity among people who are fans of pop culture is discussing the behind-the-scenes of Hollywood. What is their favorite celebrity like in real life? Who is dating who? Are they just for the cameras or is it true love? A popular account on Instagram, Deux Moi, has gained almost 1.5 million followers from posting blind items and celebrity gossip. Obviously, as a celebrity, there is value in being talked about. The power of a single celebrity is substantial, but things can be taken to another level when big names come together.

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Kim + Pete

One of the major celebrity relationships of the moment, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian, has been under major speculation for being just publicity. They were first seen together in late October 2021, shortly after Kim’s appearance on Saturday Night Live. Whether or not the pair’s love affair is real or for publicity, there are a plethora of reasons it is smart for them to align, as googling “Pete and Kim” pulls pages of images and articles discussing the pair. As usual, the Kardashian family has a lot going on, and adding Pete to the mix could be very strategic. Early in their relationship, the pair were pictured with Kris Jenner and Flava Flav in matching Skims sets, which generated even more buzz for her then-upcoming holiday collection. Additionally, the Kardashians are always successful in controlling the narrative. After the tragic events at Travis Scott’s AstroWorld, many members of the family distanced themselves from the event and the buzz around this relationship could be an additional effort in shifting the focus away from Travis. Also, Kim’s divorce from Kanye West had no shortage of drama, and Pete puts a positive spin on the whole situation. Most recently, the family’s new show The Kardashians premiered on Hulu, and guess who was at the premiere event to support? Pete Davidson. Fans have followed many of their milestones including their first outing, first Instagram post, meeting her kids, and are eagerly awaiting their first official photo opportunity.

Pete and Kim SKIMS

Kanye + Julia

While Kanye is reportedly not a fan of Kim's new beau, as he has called him “Skete” several times on Instagram, he recently had a seemingly "for publicity" relationship of his own. According to Julia Fox, she met Kanye this past New Year's Eve and had "an instant connection." Although Fox publicly denied that their short-lived relationship was insincere, she reaped the benefits either way. Before Kanye, she starred in Uncut Jaaaahhhmz” and a few other films, but she has become far more mainstream since being linked to Kanye. Although the pair have split, Julia Fox is still in the news. She is rumored to be joining the Real Housewives of New York and is coming out with a Memoir.


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Real or Rumor? Does It Even Matter?

Whether they're in love or just in it for likes, celebrity relationships just make sense from a marketing standpoint. The benefits are endless for both parties, which shows why other big names would consider similar strategic agreements. However, in the wise words of Drake, “I can tell that love is fake.”

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