Why Duolingo And Ryanair Rock At TikTok


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Let's Talk TikTok

Okay. We get it. You're tired of us mentioning TikTok, but let's face it—it's the hottest thing out there. It's revolutionizing pop-culture, and in fact, it's the most downloaded app of 2021. (Don't believe me? Ask Forbes)

Numerous individuals, such as Addison Rae, Charlie D'Amelio, Bella Poarch, and many (many) more, have leveraged the app to skyrocket into fame, and kickstart their careers. But the app isn't just great for influencers and rising stars; it's also great for brands. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares why Duolingo and Ryanair are doing TikTok right and creating some of the best content on the app.

Why Duolingo And Ryanair Rock At TikTok


The Benefit Of Being Bold

If you're a brand owner, you should definitely consider creating a TikTok for your brand. TikTok is the social media app right now, and it's definitely a powerful tool to add to your marketing strategy. A handful of brands are utilizing it, successfully, and of these, two in particular come to mind: Duolingo and Ryanair. 

Now these two aren't just "good" at doing TikTok; they're great. They're exceptional. They are the blue-print (well, only if you're a little daring). 

I mean, Urban Outfitters has 86.5K followers, and Ocean Spray has 115K. Of course, these aren't bad numbers—they're great! But, Duolingo and Ryanair seem to upstage every other major brand on the app. Ryanair has 1.5M, and Duolingo has 2.3M, and their engagement is pretty dang good.

Now, I know it seems random that these two brands are the top players, but this is all thanks to their awesome social media team. I think that what makes their accounts so successful is that their crew understands TikTok and isn't afraid to take risks. They know how the app works. They understand that in order to get views and follows on TikTok, you have to know the trends, the culture, and the humor. You have to be willing to be bold, but you have to understand the fine line between being rude, and being funny. These two brands seem to have it down packed.

Okay, so none of this really makes sense without me providing any examples. So, let's take a deep dive into Duolingo's and Ryanair's TikToks. 


Yes, Duolingo. The "go-to" app that all us Americans download to brush-up on our Spanish speaking skills in preparation for our family trip to Mexico. Yes, that app with the cute little green bird. The one that notifies endlessly to scold you for not completing your homework. That's the one!

Duolingo's TikTok truly is something else. Just take a look...


Reply to @leaf_it_to_me5 get your act together #tryharder #comedy #help

♬ Sitting around doing NISH lp24s - Loosepete

Duolingo's TikTok truly is awesome. Yes, the content is a little wild, and whole lot bold, but that's what TikTok is meant for! It is the perfect place for these types of clips.

Something that makes their TikTok so great is the fact that it's consistent. There are underlying, recurring themes that appear in their content. One of them is that the Duolingo bird is madly in love with pop-star Dua Lipa. (Hmm...do I smell a potential celebrity brand partnership? After all, Miss Dula Peep is a bilingual queen!) So, on Duolingo's account, you'll often find videos of them fangirling over the English singer. Like this one: 

Or, this one: 


whoever gets @dualipaofficial to respond is best man at our wedding 💍 #comedy #ship #Duolingo #Dulapeep #DuaLipa #itsyou #poison

♬ #itsyou - ☻

Another theme is Duolingo coming after it's users for not completing their lessons (which is very on brand). And when I say that big green is bird is coming after its users, I mean its coming after its users. 

Okay, that videos not too bad. But check out this one: 


Reply to @ur..fav..pers0n still in a silly goofy mood? 🤪 #Duolingo #chaos #problems #DuaLipa #attentionplz #owl #trend #comedy

♬ original sound - hot Robbie

If you feel called out, you should. Duolingo is ruthless. 

Another running theme is that Duolingo's legal team is always having to keep an eye out for the big green bird because their behavior on socials is, well, a lot. (I have already bombarded you with too many videos, and I'm not even half-way into my spiel. So, if you want to learn about the dramatic saga between Duolingo and their legal team, check out this video, first, and then this other one, second.) 

Needless to say, Duolingo's social media manager definitely deserves a raise. Before creating this risky content, the most views that their videos would get was 1.3M. But all thanks to Zaria Parvez, and a big, green bird, their most viewed video now has 22.4M views, which is an impressive amount of growth. 


Ahhh Ryanair! The airline that makes traveling affordable. Like Duolingo, Ryanair partakes in all the biggest TikTok trends, but sprinkles in their own personal twist. Example A: 


Sensory overload😫😵‍💫 #ryanair #airline

♬ original sound - dede


Like Duolingo, their content is bold. But it's still entertaining and on-brand, as much of their videos are centered around the trials and tribulations of an airline passengers (such as the video above, and the one below).

And just like Duolingo, Ryanair also has a celebrity crush! Their famous face of choice? Ryan Reynolds. 


Why was No.3 not under the tree this year🤧 #ryanair #ryanreynolds #airline #wishlist

♬ PEACE - <3

And of course, they, too, love to throw out a few friendly jabs. 


Man thinks he’s in the NBA 😫🤧 #airline

♬ original sound - ThousandB

Many of their TikToks feature their flight crew, and this gives users an inside look into their company culture. Check out the clip below:  


Respect the crew no matter their age😤 @kpreston_5 @Kaiiianthony #ryanair

♬ Scaramouche Does The Fandango - Luci

Ryanair's TikTok is amazing, and has been popular on the app for a while now. I think that their strategy has inspired many other brands to take the same humorous approach. 

What they are doing is working. They have roughly 12% engagement, which, I think, is fairly good, especially for a brand.

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The Takeaway 

Right now, I'm not interested in purchasing flights or pursuing a new language, but if, in the near future, I am, I'll consider these two brands, first. Now, I can't say that those around me use Ryanair or Duolingo; my inclination towards these two brands has been created solely by their social media. What I am trying to say here is that (I think) their social media antics work. 

Both of these brands have managed to build a massive following, and an awesome fanbase. TikTok is a great platform to reach younger consumers, and these companies are doing TikTok right. Their content actually resonates, and grabs my attention. They're creating brand awareness.

I'm not a brand owner, but I think that there is so much that brands, and social media managers can learn from Duolingo and Ryanair. First is that if you're going to utilize TikTok in your marketing strategy, you might else well ruffle some feathers and give into the funny antics to make your efforts worthwhile. So, if that means pulling a "Duo" and berating your customers, give it a go (but make sure it's all in good fun, of course). Second is that go ahead and partake in TikTok trends, but add in your own personal touch that aligns with your brand. 

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