Why Everyone Loves Sebastian Stan Right Now...(Besides The Obvious)


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Why Everyone In Hollywood Stans Sebastian Stan

If you’re on social media at all, chances are you’ve heard the name: Sebastian Stan. Perhaps it’s from the promotion of a show or movie, perhaps it’s his friends shouting him out on their stories, or maybe you even follow him and have been keeping up with his weekly posts.

Whatever way you’ve heard of him, so have production companies. They've noticed his recent growth in fame and adoration, and they want him more than ever. In this blog, Hollywood Branded explores how productions have used the Sebastian Stan craze to their advantage when promoting new projects. 

Why Everyone Loves Sebastian Stan


Who Is Sebastian Stan?

Whether you’re an avid Marvel fan or just like watching movies and TV shows, you’ve probably seen Sebastian Stan and don’t even know it. The 37-year-old actor originally comes from Romania but moved to the US when he was 8. Before he knew it, he was acting in movies as early as 1994 but got his big break on a Law and Order episode in 2003. He’s gone on to play roles in franchises, Oscar-nominated movies, and huge TV shows. One of his most recent projects was the Marvel Cinematic Universe TV show on Disney+: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This was his 7th time appearing in Marvel movies.

Sebastian Stan And His Role As Bucky Barnes

Sebastian Stan became a part of Marvel in 2011 with the release of Captain America: The First Avenger. He went on to be in all three of the Captain America movies, Black Panther, and two Avengers films. Most recently his character got a spin-off show with Anthony Mackie’s Falcon in the MCU. The show’s release was huge and fans everywhere went crazy for it. Despite Sebastian Stan being in movies and TV shows for years, this is his first leading role in a TV show where his character name is in the title. The show follows his character Bucky Barnes on multiple missions around the world with The Falcon/Captain America, Barron Zemo (Daniel Brul), and Sharon Carter (Emily Vancamp). Throughout the series, Bucky goes from a brooding mysterious ex-assassin trying to find his place in a world he no longer recognizes, to a loveable hero whom we hadn’t seen represented in his character since The First Avenger. 

Sebastian’s acting range in the show varies greatly. He and all his costars do such a fantastic job that the show has already been nominated for MTV Movie Awards and the show itself is in talks for future Emmy nominations.

Sebastian Stan Bucky Barnes

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Sebastian Stan...Man You're Looking Good

This show has brought him more into the spotlight than ever before. He has had so many big roles in the past, but in this one, he is part of a franchise millions pay attention to and has lived up to the standard of it all. So much so that fangirls are going out of their way to watch any content he’s been in. 

This isn’t a new thing for fans to do when a star goes big, as we have seen celebrities like Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans, Florence Pugh, and others. Despite Sebastian having the role of Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier for 10 years now, this is the first time he’s had more than 15 minutes of screentime as the character. It is also the first time he hasn’t been surrounded on screen by other big-name actors like Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, or Scarlett Johansson. Marvel fans were finally able to see him in a role where he could show off his acting skills and it made them want to watch more. 

People started looking for other TV shows and movies he has acted in. Some people rewatched old shows finding out he played a character that they never recognized as him before. They were finding his older roles like:

Jefferson/The Mad Hatter in Once Upon a Time

Sebastian Stan Mad Hatter Once Upon A Time

Jeff Gilloogly in I, Tonya

Sebastian Stan as Jeff Gilloogly

Carter Baizen in Gossip Girl 

Sebastian Stan as Carter Baizen

And Lance Tucker in The Bronze

Sebastian Stan as Lance Tucker

What Projects Has He Been In Recently?

Not only have people been finding out about his older projects, but they found out about a role he had in a movie called Monday that hadn’t come out yet. The funny thing about it was that it was filmed in 2018. It had been almost 4 years and the movie hadn’t been released worldwide.

Monday Movie Poster

Of course, there were obvious issues with the previous release date by the time pre-production was done (*cough* *cough* the pandemic). The film was actually first shown to people at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 11, 2020. However, the film festival was almost entirely virtual and the film didn’t get the typical hype some movies normally get at a big film festival like this. And after the festival, there weren’t any more updates on when the film might release to the public. However, soon IFC films got the rights to it and decided the release date would be April 16th, 2021 to Amazon Prime. 

Monday Movie Poster

How Does This Relate To Marketing?

Perhaps this was coincidental, (I highly doubt it) but this date just happened to fall on the same day the 5th episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier dropped (also a week before its finale). This meant that so much hype had been built up for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and everyone was talking about Sebastian Stan. IFC realized this and knew that all fans of Sebastian would be eager to watch Monday if it released right in the middle of FATWS’ run. It also was made by a smaller production company and was more of an artistic film than the typical big blockbuster. IFC knew it had to market it at the right time for it to do well. So, for only $6 on Amazon, fans everywhere rented the movie to see what it was all about. To no surprise, fans instantly fell in love with Sebastian Stan’s character Mickey. Despite the movie having a low rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the film was talked about on social media by fans everywhere.

Sebastian Stan as Mickey from Monday

Of course, as a great actor, Sebastian has been cast in other upcoming projects. Lately, the new “white boy of the month” has taken to Instagram to post about his upcoming limited series for Hulu: Pam and Tommy. He and his co-stars all posted on May 7th the day the Instagram account for the series was created to promote the series. However, unlike the rest of his cast, he has continued posting about the project ever since, as every week he posts new images of himself as his character, Tommy Lee. Fans are going crazy and everyone is mentally preparing for this series where it seems Sebastian Stan is mostly shirtless. Every week more news about the show is released but the most we’ve seen of it is from Sebastian’s Instagram account

Sebastian Stan as Tommy LeeSebastian Stan Pam and TommySebastian Stan as Tommy Lee

Sebastian Stan has a lot coming up for him in the world. After seeing him in a starring role with a company as big as Marvel, who knows what other productions will be reaching out to him soon while he rides this wave of adoration from people everywhere. 

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