5 Tips On Gaining An Organic Instagram Following


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Importance Of Brand Awareness Through Social Media

Most businesses understand the importance of driving brand awareness via social content. But starting - and running - an Instagram account can feel like a challenge when there is already so much clutter on the app.

Between algorithms that limit natural organic views by even your own followers, social influencers who command attention through their own content, and endless posts of nonsense - how does a brand stand out?  In this blog, Hollywood Branded will share 5 tips that will grow your Instagram account both rapidly and organically.

5 Tips On Gaining An Organic Instagram Following

Follow These Tips And See Results! 

1. Post Frequently

Each new post helps brings new visitors to your account. A recent report from Simply Measured noted that “75 percent of top brands publish at least once a week.”  Posting frequently lets your brand stick in the consumer's mind. If they continue following and becoming familiar with your brand, chances are that when someone they know asks for a suggestion, you and your brand will be the first on their mind!


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2. Interaction

Be sure to interact with your followers by liking and commenting on their pages. This will make them feel like there is a special bond between you both. Interacting on accounts similar to yours also gives you a good chance for the other account to click on your page and see similar content (and share or like it) which could make you gain a new follower.  TIP:  An easy way to gain interaction on your posts is by asking a question in your caption. Then your followers can answer the question you asked and possibly start talking to other people who've already commented.


3. Use Hashtags

Use Hashtags to tag relevant words. You can also click the Hashtag you pick and go through and like/ comment on other pages using that same Hashtag which will bring like-minded people to your page!  How does this work?  People search by hashtag.  Often. So hashtag away!


4. Collaborate, Tag, and Build Smart Partnerships

Whether your platform is for a brand or an influencer, collaborating and building partnerships is key to gaining an organic following. When an influencer collaborates with a brand and vice versa they get exposure from each other’s accounts. You want to make sure you’re partnering with the perfect influencer so their followers will click on your page and love the content!


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5. Pick A Theme

You want to make sure that your account has a specific theme. All of the pictures should flow in a similar manner. So when an Instagrammer makes it to your account they will see aesthetically pleasing content. When a person decides to follow you, they decide to follow for a reason. If they’re used to seeing a certain theme of pictures being posted when you post a random picture that doesn’t match the theme you’re likely to lose followers.


Other Things To Keep In Mind

Have fun! Instagram is a great way to create new relationships whether that is with new influencers or new consumers, or both! It can be beneficial for the future of your online presence. Also remember, quality over quantity! If you want to post frequently but it doesn't fit your theme, or is a bad quality photo, skip it! And post something you really like and are proud of.

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