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Getting The Most From Your Celebrity Endorser - Multiple Commercials

Ad content that stands out is often voiced or starring a familiar face recognized by TV viewers. Why do they do the trick of getting us to pay more attention than just an ad featuring unknown actors and voices?  That ring of familiarity.  We've already bought in and trusted or liked or some how feel connected to celebrity.  When we hear a voice like Morgan Freeman's, we know it's him and he rubs off onto the brand, giving it some of his star dust of trust power. 

Brands who choose to work with celebrities on occassion go one step further - they make that celebrity the face of their entire campaign.  Sometimes it's for a set period of time - a quarter or 6 months, maybe even a year, like Group On is currently doing with Tiffany Haddish.  Other times it spans multple years, such as with Jennifer Gardner and Capital One's partnership.  And that's when the brand really wins.  Not only are they getting E.V.E.R.Y. L.I.T.T.L.E. T.H.I.N.G. they can from the MILLIONS of dollars they are paying the celebrity, but they are really creating a campaign that connects to their consumers.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares some of the recent celebrities in TV ad campaigns where brands have leveraged the celebrity to the max.

Celeb endorsements in multiple ads

Capital One Star Jennifer Gardner

Jennifer Garner appears in yet another one of her Capital One ads, to announce that the credit card service has patnered with Hotels.com to give Venture cardholders 10 miles for every dollar spent while booking a hotel on the site with the credit card. And in a twist... Jennifer Gardner goes up against Hotels.com spokesman Captain Obvious, where the offer gives him chills ... which are really likely from the ice bucket he is holding.  You can see other Jennifer Gardner ads in our blog Celebrity Endorsement Ads Capital One

Hotels.com: The Chills' Feat  

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Tide Star David Harbour

Tide's new surreal ads starring David Harbour all have a gimmick as the theme - thhat the viewer is supposed to believe the ad is for any other sort of generic product, in this case mattresses... before jumping to the fact that it is actually a Tide ad.  Basically... the presumption is that they are trying to sell in is that all ads feature people with shiningly clean clothes... so they are all in fact ads for Tide. No matter the brand.  In this case the ad sounds like it advertising a gold-edition mattress, and then David Harbour reveals in a sleep and dream filled voice that it's actually a Tide ad.

Make sure you check out our blog on Super Bowl ads this year, where we showcased a number of David Harbour and Tide ads that ran during the event, including a series with Terry Bradshaw handing off the role to David Harbour: The Most Effective Ads In Super Bowl 2018 Or you can view some of the ads below.

It’s a Tide Ad, on a Mattress

"To become a champion, start with a great night’s sleep. To become a Tide ad, start with exceptionally clean clothes." 

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GroupOn Star Tiffany Hadish

Comedian and actress Tiffany Hadish has become synonymous with GroupOn since the Super Bowl.  Check out this blog we wrote Celebrity Endorsement Ads Tiffany Haddish and GroupOn

Save Money on Groupon!

"Just because you save money, doesn’t mean you’re getting less. Just look at Tiffany Haddish. Shop like Groupon Super User Tiffany Haddish Now"

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Want To Work With Celebrities On A Budget?
If your brand isn't running TV ads, or major print or digital media, quite frankly, a celebrity partnership is likely to going to be of value.  Why? Well because celebrities aren't going to sell your product.  Your incorporating them into your brand advertising will though.
So what's a brand to do that isn't running traditional media?  You can still work with celebrities in the content they star in through product placement - from music videos to TV shows, feature films to digital content pieces.  And at a fraction of the price tag would be for an ad spot.
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