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Let's Take a Shot! 

Alcohol is a $1.5 trillion per year industry, so it's no surprise that celebrities are using their fame to get in on a piece of the action. There is no shortage of celebrity alcohol brands as the list extends to more than 60 in 2022.

Out of all of the celebrity alcohol brands, I want to focus on and review tequila, as it has been my drink of choice as of late. For those that don't know, Tequila is considered to be a healthier choice as it is made from the Blue Agave plant and carries fewer calories. Furthermore, Tequila can only be produced in Jalisco, Nayarit, Guanajuato, Michoacán, and Tamaulipas and may only be made with Blue Weber Agave, as decreed by the Mexican government. In this blog, Hollywood Branded discusses 4 celebrity tequila brands and discusses opinions in each... 

celebrity tequila brands


I'm going to start off by saying that I'm a big fan of this one. George Clooney's Casamigos is popular in my household as it only boasts a price of about $40 from your local BevMo! Hitting the market for the first time in 2013,  Casamigos was sold in 2017 to the beverage company Diageo and became a million case-a-year brand in 2020. The small-batch bottles are made from hand-selected, 100% Blue Weber agave grown in the red clay soil of Jalisco. Although alcohol is never enjoyable to drink ( You won’t convince me otherwise), this tequila never fails to achieve the desired outcome in the least bad-tasting way possible. Plus after a few sips, I feel just like George Clooney! 


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Originally planned to be named Teslaquila before Mexico said no; Elon Musk's troll of tequila is next up on the list. On 11/05/2020, Elon released the tequila that many thoughts was just a joke, for $250 on the website, and it sold out the same day. The bottles were being resold online for thousands of dollars (and still are)! I was lucky enough to try it and it didn't disappoint. Musk's tequila is 100% pure agave that has been aged for 15 months in French Oak barrels and only comes as an Añejo in a lightning bolt-shaped bottle. Although I myself am more of a fan of Blanco's, I was able to enjoy it just the same. I don't think Elon's tequila is in production anymore, as it hasn't been sold since 2021, but, if you get a chance to try it, I recommend that you do.



Supermodel, Influencer, and Kardashian sister, Kendall Jenner, came out with a tequila brand of her own in 2021. 818 comes from Jalisco, Mexico, where she works with farmers there to harvest, cook and age the agave. She focuses on sustainability as the distillery is fossil fuel free and they use the agave waste to make adobe bricks in which they supply surrounding infrastructure projects.  I am a fan of Kendall in many ways, however, 818 is not my favorite. The $45 dollar price tag is not bad… I would just choose to spend it on Casamigos instead.


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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one of the biggest action stars of my generation. It seems like he Is in just about every movie coming out right now, so it's only right that he is the owner of a successful tequila brand as well. Teremana recently pulled in a USA spirits award in that of "Tequila of the year," which is no surprise if you've ever tasted it. It's crafted in Jalisco, Mexico, where the agave is roasted for 3 days and distilled in copper pot stills. I'm not sure how much of it The Rock actually drinks, as I'm sure he's on a strict diet on account of his shredded physique, but I have no problem making up for what he doesn't drink. Teremana is on pace to sell a million cases this year, cementing it as one of the top sellers in the industry. With a price tag of $40, Teremana is hard to beat.


Tequila for the future 

Tequila is growing into America's favorite way to drink. In 2021 alone, almost 27 million cases were sold, which equates to about a 30% increase in growth from 2020. Although tequila is still behind vodka and whisky, celebrity brands have made it more familiar to consumers contributing to its growth.

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