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Hollywood Branded PR In January

As an agency, we love free publicity. But it is more than that. We love helping educate people on the ins and outs, the overall best practices, and the mistakes to avoid along the way to create awesome pop culture marketing strategies. 

That way, whether the brand marketer works with our team, another agency or does it in-house, we are able to help provide some guidance and make sure success is found. Because quite frankly - it's not the easiest marketing strategy to successfully pull off.  But we also know leveraging pop culture as a marketing tool is one of the best ways you can differentiate your brand, stand out and ultimately that required mecca - drive sales.  

In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares top product placement, content marketing, celebrity and influencer media interviews in January including the UK's Independent and a new content marketing book for agencies called Sell With Authority.

January 2020 PR

Sell With Authority - January 1, 2020

By Drew McLellan and Stephen Woessner - Bookhouse Publishing

I spoke with Drew McLellan and Stephen Woessner about how Hollywood Branded has created a content marketing machine.  The result:  We are featured in the book, outlining what we do, as one of the agencies that does it best!  The book serves as an awesome road map for any agency of any size to develop a content strategy that will drive inbound marketing sales and new customer acquisition.  I know inbound marketing works - it powers Hollywood Branded's marketing and sales strategy.  And just one piece of content can be repurposed in so many different ways. From written to audio podcast, to visual graphics and infographics to e-books, short videos, surveys and more.  Don't think twice - buy the book!

Get the book here

Read an excerpt about Hollywood Branded here

The Independent - January 13, 2020

How Much Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Will Be Worth After Leaving Royal Family According To US Branding Expert

By Chelsea Ritschel

I was interviewed by Chelsea Ritschel of The Independent, with who I discussed the myriad of options for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to create tremendous incomes after their step away from the Crown and royal family.  

Read the article here

Let Hollywood Branded Help You Up Your Pop Culture Game!

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