The Top 10 Most Likable Celebrity Endorsers


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Winning The Hearts Of Consumers

Not surprisingly, one of the keys to any persuasive campaign is a likable person delivering the message. Whether it be due to cheerful disposition, friendliness, or relatability, this likeability factor can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement deals. Representatives at Nielsen have done their research to determine the 10 most likable celebrity endorsers. 

Here at Hollywood Branded, we really can't get enough of celebrity endorsements! When done right, they can help catapult a brand into household recognition. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares Nielsen's highest-ranked celebrity endorsers and their ads according to likeability.

The Top 10 Most Likable Celebrity Endorsers

Nielsen's Likeability Factor

Let's start with a little background on the data. Nielsen used two measures of analytics to measure consumer responses to particular celebrities in ad campaigns and to the brands they endorse. The primary marker was the percentage of viewers who are aware of a certain celebrity that finds him/her to be likable. The second marker of the brand memorability index measures how well the audience remembers a brand from its celebrity ad, as compared to the "average" primetime ad with an index of 100. The following list has been compiled for ads running in quarter 1 (Jan-Mar) of 2015.

#10: Jeff Bridges (SquareSpace)

Likeability Percent: 69%

Brand Memorability Index: 108



#9: Sofia Vergara (Head & Shoulders)

Likeability Percent: 69%

Brand Memorability Index: 160



#8: Dennis Haysbert (Allstate)

Likeability Percent: 69%

Brand Memorability Index: 172



#7: Jim Parsons (Intel)

Likeability Percent: 71%

Brand Memorability Index: 120



#6: Natalie Portman (Dior)

Likeability Percent: 71%

Brand Memorability Index: 152



#5: J.K. Simmons (Farmers Insurance)

Likeability Percent: 71%

Brand Memorability Index: 160



#4: Jennifer Garner (Capital One)

Likeability Percent: 72%

Brand Memorability Index: 148



#3: Matthew McConaughey (Lincoln)

Likeability Percent: 74%

Brand Memorability Index: 164



#2: Pierce Brosnan (Kia)

Likeability Percent: 75%

Brand Memorability Index: 104



#1: Liam Neeson (Supercell)

Likeability Percent: 78%

Brand Memorability Index: 208



Continuing The Conversation On Celebrity Endorsements

Interestingly, this list is heavily skewed toward actors over musicians, athletes, or other influential celebrities. Do you agree with this list, or have another celebrity you expect to see? Don't be afraid to let us know! Also, be sure to follow our blog for regular updates on new celebrity ads. Want to learn more about some of the best celebrity endorsements? Look no further than the Hollywood Branded blog for all things pop culture!

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