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Brands that Helped Disney's Wishes Come True!

Early this summer, Disney dusted off their own magic carpet in preparation for the live action release of Aladdin. For months fans have been watching on as jewels dripped down various Aladdin posters, and bright colors and expensive metals filled their screens with Aladdin marketing content. There wasn’t a jewel left unpolished as Aladdin capitalized on weaving the world of Agrabah into the daily consumers' life.

Take a trip with us, Hollywood Branded, to travel the expansive internet world, and discover just who made the cut for Aladdin’s top brand marketing campaigns. In this blog post, Hollywood Branded brings you the top brand marketing partnerships with Disney's Aladdin- so read up, and make sure not to accidentally close your eyes.

Top Brand Partnerships Aladdin

A Blast From The Past

Many years ago (in 1992 to be exact), in a land far far away (The Pixar Studios); a young, charming, Arabian street urchin finagled his way into a princesses’ heart and palace with the help of a charismatic genie. Aladdin, a story based on the Arabic folktale titled One Thousand and One Nights, was born, and dove directly into the hearts of viewers, grabbing gems and jewels on its way in. In its day, Aladdin became the first animated feature to reach the half–billion dollar mark, and garnered not one but two Academy Awards. The movie was a hit…and Aladdin took off running.

Flash forward to 2019. Guy Ritchie took his spot in the directors chair- ready to lead his new film team into the hearts of Disney’s extensive fan base. Soon after the addition of Guy Ritchie, other actors began to fall into place. Will Smith became the Genie, Naomi Scott took her role as Jasmine, and newcomer Mena Massoud donned his cap as Aladdin. The team was assembled, and ready to take on whatever lay ahead.

May 24th 2019 was the fateful day. The movie was released in the United States, and the cast watched on with bated breath. Wishes...granted. Only a little over two weeks later, the film had earned a whopping $604 million worldwide, more than tripling their $183 million budget.

Fans had fallen in love with the Aladdin story all over again, and were being dazzled by the gems, metals, and tapestries that had filled their eyes years before. The older generations were reminiscing... and the youngers’ were being filled with joy at the Arabian themed on-screen party.

Each age group had gotten something different out of the iconic tale. However, I don’t doubt that we all walked away with at least a few similar thoughts. First off, that was some solid CGI. Second off, I wanna go to a palace party. And if the second thought is true for you...don’t you worry!! While, as a blog writer, I may not be able to plan the Arabian night of your dreams; the brands that partnered with Aladdin’s marketing campaign may be able to lend a helping hand.

So take a look at the brands below, and maybe make a quick trip to the store. It takes a lot to be ready for an Aladdin level party; but with the promotions below, and a little guidance, the party of the century is in your midst.

 Just rub the lamp and we’ll get on our way!

1. Mac Cosmetics

First step. Makeup. While in Aladdin’s day it was surely difficult to gather the bright pigments worn in their products, nowadays, we can buy all of the colors in one handy collection! Mac’s partnership with Aladdin consisted of an eye shadow pallete, four lipsticks, three lip glasses, and a bronzer/highlighter set.

Add the purple “Whole New World” colored lipstick and the shimmery “Diamond in the Ruff” lip glass to your makeup set and you’ll be sure to upstage even the shiniest of stars in the night sky.

With this gold embossed, magic lamp decorated makeup set, Mac brought the shimmering desert shades and brightly pigmented colors of the movie to the modern day. The lipsticks-the most heavily advertised piece of the collection-ranged from pale pink to a deep fuchsia, allowing fans of the movie and the makeup to easily transition between day and night looks.

And speaking of night looks… it’s time to get ready! Keeping in the Jasmine spirit, brush on some shimmering eye shadow, pat on some diamond-bright bronzer, and swipe on some rose quartz colored lipstick ….It’s time to go dancing! And Prince Ali has some moves to show off.

2. Zales Jewelry

Before you leave for your palace party, don’t forget to match your new highlighter with an array of decadent diamond jewelry.

Don’t have the perfect piece? Worry not! Before you go sorting through your jewelry box, take a look at Zales’ new Aladdin themed collection for some last minute jewelry inspiration.

Zales' new collection was inspired by the jewels in Aladdin's cave heist, so there’s a limited supply. Get them while you can! All 20 pieces of the collection are made from either sterling silver or 10K gold, and include a variety of topaz-colored necklaces, earrings, and engagement rings.

So before you take a trip down to the Cave of Wonders, head down to Zales! There’ll be enough jewels for everyone, and probably a lot less rocky endings.

3. Pandora Jewelry

Gems are now dangling from your neck, fingers, and ears. But low and behold, your arms are as barren as a desert! Pandora’s here to help.

A collection of nine charms conclude Pandora’s Aladdin collection, all primed and ready to join together with a chain and leave your arms gleaming.

Whether you’d prefer an enamel and silver bead such as the blue Magic Carpet ride charm- or a dangling element such as the Magic Lamp or Agrabah Castle pieces, all of these charms will remind you of wonder, elegance, and extravagance in their own ways. And the Aladdin-esque details sprinkled into the pieces, such as the detailed castle and the lamp’s Genie-esque swirl of green enamel, will keep you wondering if maybe one day you might even find a magic lamp of your own.

Now that you’re shimmering from head to toe, it’s time to head to the party. With topaz jewels streaming from your ears and arms, you’re fully ready to shine through the sky on your magic carpet ride later tonight.

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4. SkySpace L.A 

You’ve arrived at the party! Embroidered tapestries drape from wall to wall, and golden balloons fill the sky above you. Richly dyed indigo tablecloths and candles adorn the food-laden tables.

And who knows… maybe they took inspiration from SkySpace L.A! This famous observation deck/building in Los Angeles put on an event similar to the one you’re going to. The SkySpaceXAladdin themed event took place on the 69th and 70th floors of the U.S Bank Tower in Downtown L.A, and allowed Disney fans the chance to take a magic carpet themed mat ride on the iconic SkySlide.

Event-goers that wished for an Arabian night had their dreams granted, as Skyspace pulled out all of the stops, providing Aladdin-style mats for the SkySlide and playing the Aladdin soundtrack on repeat throughout the event.

5. Subway

After all that riding around, there’s no doubt that your stomach must be grumbling. And we have a bit more to provide than an apple from Aladdin’s coat.

Wander on over to the cloth adorned tables and grab a Subway sandwich from the spread! Subway is a fan and big brand marketing partner for the Aladdin film, and partnered with Disney in preparation for the film's release.

The partnership consisted of Subway offering a free movie ticket with each purchase of a Subway kids meal. During the promotional period, every Fresh Fit For Kids meal also included one of four collectible Disney’s Aladdin-themed activities.

The four activities included the Aladdin Match Memory Game, Aladdin Cave of Wonders Game, Aladdin 3 Wish Game, and the Aladdin Lamp Game. And the games are just an added bonus- not only did fans get the game, they also got a sandwich!

With a Subway sandwich in your stomach and a full night of activities behind you, its time to say goodnight to the magical Arabian-themed party.

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6. Build A Bear Workshop 

When you finally get home, make sure to pop off your jewelry for safe keeping. The dripping diamonds will have to wait until the next Arabian night. Snuggle into bed and pull the silk sheets tight around you. Before you drift off to sleep, grab on to something comfy and cozy… a teddy bear perhaps! And since you don’t want to forget about the amazing night you had, take a little piece of Aladdin to bed with you.

The BuildABearXAladdin collection can provide your new furry friend! This exclusive collection includes three different character inspired bears including the Genie, Jasmine, and Aladdin. A plush lamp and stuffed Abu were also available for sale, and allowed die-hard fans to accessorize their furry friends. The collection was released on May 24th and is available in stores and for on-line bundle orders.

With three different types of bears, all three of your wishes can be granted! So grab on to your Genie bear and head to bed. Let’s see what kind of dreams the Genie can grant while you’re asleep.

7. Make A Wish 

As you doze off to bed, snuggling your Genie bear tight, ask yourself, “If you were the Genie, who would you grant wishes for?”.

In preparation for the new Aladdin live-action release, the Make-A-Wish foundation asked this same question. Disney joined together with Make-A-Wish to launch the #FriendLikeMeChallenge, titled after the Genie’s signature song.

The campaign included Disney donating $5 per public post up to a million dollars. Each public post had to include the hashtag "#FriendLikeMe". Disney has been a long-running partner of Make-A-Wish, and has helped the foundation grant over 130,000 wishes since 1980.

So as you’re drifting off to bed, dream of whatever you desire. Whether it’s of decadent desserts, royal dresses, or even some great baklava, let your mind wander far and wide. And if you please, let it stick on the #FriendLikeMe campaign, and donate one of those wishes to making a child's dream come true!

If You Can Dream It We Can Do It!

While the Genie can give you anything you could ever want, us over here at Hollywood Branded may be able to help you out as well. When it comes to partnership campaigns, Hollywood Branded is practically sorcerer-level! 

Looking for more examples of successful brand partnerships? We've got your back! Check out a number of our other blogs on previous promotions and marketing strategies, and see what some dreaming... and some doing can do for YOUR brand!

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