8 Crazy Nights of Product Placement In An Animated Movie


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Where Are The Hanukkah Movies?

While there are 1,001 movies about Christmas, which I wrote about previously, there are very few Jewish holiday films.  When there is an element of Hanukkah, then it's usually just as a subplot to other larger overriding thematic storylines.  There is one movie however that is a standout.

If you have never seen Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights - dial it up On Demand this week. It's fun and a great example of product placement in animated film content. I have fond memories of reading the script, and securing opportunities for brand partners.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded walks down memory lane and highlights how brands became interwoven as product placement in the top Hanukkah film, Adam Sandler's 8 Crazy Nights.

8 Crazy Nights  Of Product Placement 12.26.2022

Animated Movies And Product Placement - And Song?

Eight Crazy Nights is an excellent example of how an animated film incorporates brands to help tell the story. It feels like only a few years ago (that in reality was a whole 20 years ago, gulp) when I built a product placement and promotional partnership back in the day for Ben & Jerry's.

To this day - Ben & Jerry's still receives exposure worldwide every holiday season as new generations tune in.

Take a watch/listen to some lyrics that were sung as the animated stories came to life in this scene of the film and check out other brands that said "yes" to the opportunity and won big.

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At The Mall Song

(feat. Kevin Grady (from "Eight Crazy Nights" soundtrack)
Oh the day can't begin, 'til the guard lets me in
Then I walk for some exercise
In less than a snap, I complete my daily lap
Then it's time to socialize
I visit Grady and Ruth at the information booth
And bring the earring lady a Ben And Jerry's shake
Then I go to Petland where the manager Stan
Pass me a buff to feed a dangerous snake

Then I pass the Tie Rack on my way to RadioShack
Where I pretend to be a Hollywood star
I try to walk like John Wayne and do Singin' In The Rain
While the janitor laughs from afar
A little bit later on the glass elevator
We're so high I have to close my eyes
He takes his 11:30 crap
Then go over to the Gap
Try on clothes for moms with things my size

Zoom off to Panda Express
Their pepper chicken is the best
I hit Sbarro's for a medium drink
'Cause the staff is really nice and they only use cubed ice
Which is better than crushed I think
Bag a left and I'm at Sears
Look for Chuck with the Hairy ears
'Cause he lets me catch a quick cat nap
But then Mrs. Vischmijn's daughter
Puts my hand in warm water
And I wake up with a wet yellow lap
Footlocker's my last stop
Where I have to go and shop
For some fresh pants and a couple of fresh shirts

'Cause when I leave the mall
I ref Youth League Basketball
And to look your best never hurts
But the greatest thing of all if the truth be told
Here at the mall it's never too hot or cold
'Cause they were smart enough to make it temperature controlled

At the mall, at the mall, at the mall

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Types of Product Placement

The three main types of placements are visual, verbal and signage. 

  1. Visual placement is recognizing the product and the brand’s logo clearly while it’s on-screen.
  2. Verbal placement is when a character mentions the brand by name or discusses the product's characteristics.
  3. Signage placement is when the actual product is not on-screen, but an ad or branded item is clearly visible.

Questions Your Team Should Think About

Before you dive into product placement, ask yourself, and your team:

  • How do you want the placement to paint the picture of your brand?
  • Is there specific usage that would be ideal?
  • What do you want to make sure isn’t inferred about your brand? (ie protect your brand from negativity)

Your Brand On Screen

Product placement in animated films is not something new. It's been around for ages - but it is certainly a very different approach than a normal product placement program.  Here, the brands are going to traditionally need to pay a fee, or do a promotional partnership with the film in most cases - although 8 Crazy Nights had real-world brands that provided artwork and clearance that helped just make the story all the better by agreeing to be featured in the film.

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