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Celebrities: More Than Just A Pretty Face

When you first think of a celebrity, it’s easy to just think of your favorite movie or TV show and their role in it. However, they’re so much more than that! Nowadays, many trust celebrities to give them recommendations on the newest and hottest trends, products, and services.

This trust that celebrities have garnered through their work makes them the perfect partners for your next ad campaign! In this blog, Hollywood Branded recaps some of the most successful campaigns that celebrities have taken part in.

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Top Celebrity Beverage Endorsements

With Beyonce's investment in WATERMELON WATR, a sports drink company, she joined a growing trend of celebrities investing time, energy and (gasp) sometimes their own money in non-alcoholic beverages.   And these partnerships have been a game changer for both the brand and the celebrity in terms of sales, as many of these partnerships have taken off.  

And they mean a lot to the brand, as all of a sudden, the brand is able to compete against Fortune 1,000 brands in terms of celebrity cache and garner fan interest -- without paying the enormous endorsement fees.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at the latest trend of celebrity beverage endorsers and what big names are behind various non-alcoholic beverage partnerships.

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The top celebrity beverage brand endorsers you should know about

The Most Effective Celebrity Endorsements For Super Bowl 2020

The big game day came again, and advertisers spent the last six months getting ready for their moment in the spotlight: the Super Bowl! Our agency's attention is focused on the high-priced commercials and those celebrities that star in them, in what is appropriately deemed the most expensive night on TV. In 2018 brands paid the highest ad price in Super Bowl history at $5.2 million for a 30-second ad, reaching 103.4 million viewer audience.  In 2019 brands eclipsed that figure, and paid $5.25 million per ad, reaching 98.2 million. 

That loss in viewership didn't impact pricing for this year, with those 30 second ads costing a record breaking $5.6 million - $187,000 per second of airtime - reaching 102 million US viewers. That is not the entire price tag to consider, as many brands buy 60 to 120 seconds of airtime across single or multiple ads, plus millions of dollars to celebrity endorsers or famous directors, and the cost to production companies to create these most watched ads of the year. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at the 38 brands who incorporated over 65 celebrities and personalities, and the best and worst of the Super Bowl 2020 commercial celebrity endorsements.  

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The most effective celebrity endorsements of the Super Bowl 2020

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Case Study: Celebrity And Luxury Collaborations With Greater Meaning

We often hear of a collaboration between a fashion brand and a celebrity. Sales are translated into the prestige of owning a rare piece from an extremely limited production run and then blasting photos for bragging rights all across social media platforms.

But what happens when celebrities use this partnership platform for more than just another revenue stream? In this blog post, Hollywood Branded examines how the power of celebrity can give greater meaning to the world of luxury brands through case studies of Pharrell with Chanel, Beyonce and Balmain, and Rihanna with LVMH.

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Celebrity and luxury brand collaborations with greater meaning

Celebrity Endorsements For Fast Food

Major celebrity endorsements are typical for a small handful of brand categories. Why?  Because the celebrity just costs so much, and the brand needs to be running a pretty comprehensive media buy in order to make the millions of dollars invested in the celebrity, payoff across the millions invested in media purchased.

Automotive, big name beverages, insurance companies and fast-food companies are some of the biggest purveyors of celebrities for endorsement campaigns.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at current fast food brand advertising campaigns who are using celebrity endorsements to capture the attention of viewers.

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fast food celebrity endorsements

Celebrity Endorsement Case Study: Calvin Klein And The Biebers

Celebrity partnerships with fashion brands are extremely common. Brands take into account celebrity's influencing power and reach when deciding who to partner with. Lesser-known clothing brands will reach out to social influencers with thousands of followers to support their brand, but large brands have the revenue to work with more well-known celebrities. Ever heard of Justin And Hailey Bieber? We thought so. 

Calvin Klein has had their fair share of A-list celebrity endorsements in the past - from Mark Wahlberg to Shawn Mendes, but their most successful marketing campaign is without question their latest featuring Justin Bieber, and now his wife Hailey Bieber. In this blog, Hollywood Branded examines the case study of the successful celebrity endorsement partnership of Justin and Hailey Bieber with Calvin Klein.

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calvin klein and the biebers

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Want More? 

Here at Hollywood Branded, we have no shortage of pieces on celebrity partnerships; they're such a massive part of entertainment marketing, we'd be remiss to overlook them! Be sure to read the blogs below to learn more about celebrity partnerships and how they can best help your brand!

While celebrities can greatly help your brand's newest campaign, social media is arguably even more important than the celebrities that will make the campaign. Be sure to check out our webinar below to learn how to best combine the two for an incredible campaign!

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