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One Big Massively Powerful Press Piece In The Time Of COVID-19

As an agency, we (of course) love free publicity. But it is more than that. We love helping educate people on the ins and outs, the overall best practices, and the mistakes to avoid along the way to create awesome pop culture marketing strategies. 

That way, whether the brand marketer works with our team, another agency or does it in-house, we are able to help provide some guidance and make sure success is found. Because quite frankly - it's not the easiest marketing strategy to successfully pull off.  But we also know leveraging pop culture as a marketing tool is one of the best ways you can differentiate your brand, stand out and ultimately that required mecca - drive sales.

In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares top product placement, celebrity and influencer media interviews in April including one stellar Forbes interview and a couple of translated global articles that found new life.   In the midst of COVID-19, we are happy for any articles sharing our marketing viewpoint - Forbes is our win for the month!

HB In The Media April

Forbes April 24, 2020

Will The COVID-19 Shutdown Push Hollywood And Brands Into Closer Partnership?

I spoke with Rob Salkowitz about the impact COVID-19 is having on productions and brand partnerships as well as the reasons why the future is bright for product placement.

Read the article here


Blatterkatalog February 2020 +

EPPI - European Promotional Products Industry February 2020

The Game Of Things: How Netflix and Co. Feature Haptic Advertising

I spoke with Claudia Pfeifer late last year for a German article in HAPTICA on product placement partnerships and the power they helm for marketers for the outlet under the WA Media GmbH media umbrella.  Since the publication last year in German, the media outlet has republished longer versions of article which you can read below in English.

Read the article here for Blatterkatalog

Read the article here for EPPI


Let Hollywood Branded Help You Up Your Pop Culture Game!

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