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Are Influencers The New Celebrity? 

Nowadays, influencers are becoming household names, just like your favorite celebrities. Charli D'Amelio is now as recognizable to some as Taylor Swift, and this is causing marketers to shift their focus when it comes to celebrity marketing.  

Influencers are trusted as much as celebrities when it comes to product endorsements. Because of this, influencers are being tapped more and more to create amazing campaigns for massive brands. In this blog, Hollywood Branded recaps some of our blog posts about influencer marketing.


NCAA College Athletes As Influencers 

For the first time ever, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is implementing new policies that will change the basis of sports marketing. As college athletes gain the ability to engage in partnerships, promotions, and endorsements, brands will have to pivot the way they attract the college demographic. Student athletes have the opportunity to capitalize on their career and bring another dimension to college sports. 

Whether it be high potential earnings, localized influencer campaigns, or an increase in competition; there are many beneficial aspects for brands, consumers, and athletes alike. In this blog, Hollywood Branded explores new and upcoming business opportunities as collegiate athletes are able to enter into brand partnerships and influencer marketing.  

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Transparency in Influencer Marketing

In the era of social media, influencer marketing reigns supreme. Targeting social media users who have achieved influencer status in their respective niche allows marketers to pinpoint their target consumer base, often more cost-effectively than traditional marketing methods. However, all is not well in marketing paradise. Flaws have emerged which could deeply impact the effectiveness of influencer marketing as we know it.

Transparency has become a hot topic among brands and influencers alike as they risk losing the trust of their consumers. Furthermore, many influencers are now encountering legal ramifications for noncompliance with vague marketing regulations few are aware even exist. In this blog post, Hollywood Branded examines the current legal issues surrounding transparency in influencer marketing.

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Top Influencer Partnerships in TV and Movies 

Many people forget that the release of movies and TV shows is no different than the launch of the latest iPhone or Burger King’s newest addition to their menu. These productions require just as much of a marketing budget, and in the past couple of years, we’ve seen the networks and studios get just as creative with their advertising, including adding influencers to the mix.

Knowing that they, too, have to reach these niche audiences, the distributors are no longer banking on a trailer going viral. They have also taken to social media to help get the word out about their premieres and launches. In this blog, Hollywood Branded explores our top favorite influencer partnerships with movies and TV shows.

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Marketing From An Influencer's Perspective 

Influencer marketing is all the rage! As Instagram is perhaps the most active social platform and ideal for marketing with such a strong visual appeal, it is a gold mine of opportunities for brands to advertise.

Like any negotiation, it's important for a brand to know what influencers want to better foster a positive relationship. In this blog, Hollywood Branded examines the perspective of social media marketing from an influencer's perspective.

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5 Ways To Make Your Brand Stand Out To An Influencer

YouTube and other social media stars are their own kind of celebrity - with massive followings they have the ability to directly influence their followers. They're also breaking into the world of Hollywood more and more now.

While a social influencer endorsement of your brand can work wonders, you have to make sure the influencer him or herself actually likes the brand.  In this post, Hollywood Branded looks at 5 ways you can do as a brand marketer to make your brand appealing to a teenage social media influencer. 

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What's Next For Influencer Marketing?

It's quite obvious that influencer marketing is here to stay. With influencers curating their own celebrity personas, influencer marketing is something that will quickly become more and more vital to a brand's success. Read more blogs below about some of the best influencer marketing practices!

Here at Hollywood Branded, we love staying on top of influencer trends as they come and go. Be sure to download our influencer marketing infographic to stay in-the-know on all things influencer marketing! 

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