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Interviews With Media Outlets About Influencers And Hollywood

As Covid-19 lockdowns began and businesses shut down - and continued to be shut down, then slowly emerge, our agency and I had a number of media outlets touch base to hear our thoughts on the near and far future impact on Hollywood and brand marketing.

From the impact on the movie industry (massive), to the power of influencers during Covid-19, to the increase of product placement options for brands due to streaming video on demand, these are but a few of the topics covered. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares recent articles and interviews where agency founder Stacy Jones responded to reporters and journalists including Business Insider, CGTN, Data Bird Journal, Forbes, and Shift.  

Hollywood Branded In The News Covid-19

Business Insider - March 23, 2020

COVID-19 Influencer Houses: Stars living in influencer houses may be risking their health, but their content is in higher demand than ever

I spoke with Lindsay Dodgson about whether these houses will stick together during this time, what the health risks of living in big groups are, and what these online stars are currently weighing up.

Read the article here

Business Insider COVID-19 impact on the movie industry stacy jones

CGTN TV - March 20, 2020

COVID-19 Impact On Movie Industry

I was asked to come to the studio to be interviewed for the CGTN television series The World Today by chief anchor Mike Watts to discuss the impact of the coronavirus is having on Hollywood.

Watch the interview here

CGTN TV Interview Stacy Jones COVID-19

Data Bird Journal - February 14, 2020

Marketing during COVID-19: What's the right strategy?

Leo Kangin put together a curated list from a variety of marketers on what their thoughts were in approaching marketing in the time of COVID-19.  I was one of those interviewed... 

Read the article here 

Databird Business Journal stacy jones covid-19 marketing

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Forbes April 24, 2020

Will The COVID-19 Shutdown Push Hollywood And Brands Into Closer Partnership?

I spoke with Rob Salkowitz about the impact COVID-19 is having on productions and brand partnerships as well as the reasons why the future is bright for product placement.

Read the article here

Forbes Covid-19 product placement power of hollywood for brands


Shift March 28, 2020

Marketing Between Brands & Productions - Hollywood Branded

I spoke with Grace Amodeo about Covid-19's impact on productions in Hollywood, as well as the power of product placement as a solution to advertising in our new world of streaming video on demand..

Watch the interview here

Shift video interview on marketing between brands and productions in Hollywood during and after Covid-19


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You can check out more interviews with our agency through the years on our press page at this link

You can check out more interviews with our agency through the years on our press page at this link

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