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Where brand marketers learn how to increase sales by using branded content, celebrities & influencers


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Social Media


Brands are paying tens of thousands of dollars to promote via the almighty social media celeb...

Branded Content


In this article, learn the top three reasons why brands can win big time on screen.

Event Marketing


Learn the steps celebrity event sponsorship managers should take before activating that new partnership.

Why Hasn't Your Your Brand Partnered With Netflix Content Yet?

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Graphics Cheat Sheet For Brand Marketers

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Lionsgate To Open New Studio Based Theme Park

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The Rise of Advertainment in the Music Industry

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The Mummy: When A Franchise Launch Fails

Female WWE Stars Get Their Own Barbies In Mattel Strategic Partnership

Ikea Combines Snapchat & Digital Influencers In Back-To-School Campaign

Apple & The Rock Team Up For A Siri Celebrity Endorsement

Music Artist Brand Endorsement Case Study: Jay-Z's Album 4:44 And Sprint Platinum In Days

Sprint Spokesman Scores Brilliant Product Placement In J. Lo's New Music Video

Podcast Ep 20: Cracking 15 Steps To Get Celebrity Social Influencer Brand Buy In [Infographic]

Audi Finds A Celebrity Endorsement In Spiderman Star Tom Holland

Rio 2016 Olympic Athlete Endorsements Break Records [Infographic]

Hulu & HBO Team Up For SVOD Strategic Partnership

Podcast Eps 19: How Entertainment Marketing Is Different Than Advertising [Infographic]

When Brand Marketing Goes Wrong: Kendall & Kylie's T-Shirt Disaster

The Bachelor Celebrity Influencers: From The Rose To The Followers

Cannabis Celebrity Influencer Marketing [Infographic]

Podcast Ep 18: 10 Social Media Marketing Ideas That Make Your Brand Stand Out [Infographic]

Spider-Man:  Homecoming Premiere Behind The Scenes Of Hollywood Branded

Snapchat's New Update Is Great News For Brand Marketers

Saks Fifth & Amazon Create Fashion Windows To Celebrate Original Content

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Franchise Fatigue: Hollywood’s Newest ‘F’ Word

Why An Influencer Isn't Responding To Your Inquiries

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Every Michael Bay Product Placement Video

Podcast Ep 16:  How To Create Awareness For New Product Launches

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How Vine Stars Continue To Be Social Influencers After The Fall Of Vine

Nespresso & Clooney Team Up Again In Iconic Hollywood Celebrity Endorsement Ad

Podcast Episode 15:  Why Retro Product Placement in Movies and TV Works [Infographic]

Brands and Politics:  Smirnoff Pokes Fun At Donald Trump In New Campaign

Snapchat's Brand Marketing Wins Big At Cannes

Franchise Film Success Case Study: Pirates Of The Caribbean

Upcoming Comedy Series For The 2017/2018 TV Season

Top 5 Red Flags When Choosing Potential Social Influencers

Upcoming Drama Series For The 2017/2018 TV Season

Podcast Episode 14: Celebrity Tweets Versus Paid Ads And Amplified Posts [Infographic]

Lyft & Joe Jonas Team Up For Snapchat Marketing Campaign

Upcoming Unscripted Shows For The 2017/2018 TV Season

Podcast Episode 13: How To Pick The Right Brand Influencer [Infographic]

With Ad-Blockers On The Rise, Product Placement & Creative Content Are Key

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4 Tips To Make Your Social Media Marketing Summer Ready

What To Do After Completing An Influencer Campaign

Jeep, Samsung & Nationwide Tap Rising Musicians For Celebrity Endorsement Ads

Hollywood Branded Influencer Marketing Infographic Library Now On Pinterest

How Red Nose Day Uses Power Of Celebrity Endorsements For A Good Cause

Podcast Episode 12: How Much It Costs For Product Placement Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

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Podcast Episode 11: 10 Ways To Promote Your Instagram [Infographic]

Guardians of the Galaxy: How Brand Partnerships In Space Can Exist

The Types of Social Influencers [Infographic]

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A Brand Marketer's Video and Infographic Guide To Influencer Marketing Strategy

5 Tips How To Become A Social Media Influencer

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3 Tricks How To Find The Right Influencer For Your Brand

Podcast Episode 9: Creating Celebrity Brand Endorsement Safeguards [Infographic]

Queen Bey and Barbie Team Up For A Celebrity Strategic Partnership

How To #6: Make Affordable Product Placement Magic Happen On Screen

Mickey D's & Mindy K: The Fast Food Giant's New Celebrity Spokesperson

3 Tips To Make Your Brand Appealing To Top Social Media Influencers

The World Of The Fast and The Furious Franchise and Brand Partnerships

Podcast Episode 8: How To Detect Fake Influencer Followers On Instagram [Infographic]

GE Harnesses The Power Of A New Kind Of Celebrity Endorsement Ad

How To #4: 9 Steps To Using The Beat Of Music Marketing To Increase Sales

Podcast Episode 7: 3 Steps For Planning A Product Placement Strategy

Why Brands Seeking Adult Demos Should Partner With Deadpool 2

Van Heusen Taps Classic Hollywood Celebrity Movie Clip Licensing For New Ad

Three Types Of Influencer Marketing Related Businesses

Why Major Filmmakers Are Choosing TV - And Why Stars Are Following

How To #30: 8 Step Guide On How Much To Spend On Social Influencer Marketing

Podcast Episode 6:  Steps For Successful Celebrity Event Invites  [Infographic]

Why Cinematic Universe Storylines Are Increasingly Popular For Studios And Brands

Geico & Guardians Of The Galaxy Team Up For Unexpected Celebrity Endorsement Campaign

Stellar Product Placement: Ben And Jerry's Ice Cream Stars In Deadpool Teaser

A Video Guide To The Basics Of How Product Placement Works

The “Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad”: Politically Charged Advertisement Backlash

Podcast Episode 5:  4 Product Placement Myths [Infographic]

No Shame In The Game For Kevin Hart In His Celebrity Endorsement Ad

Twitter To Enter Digital Content Marketing

How We Watch TV Is Changing - Tips For Brand Advertisers To Take Advantage

Victoria Beckham & Target: Hollywood's New Celebrity Partnership

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How To Choose The Right Platform For An Influencer Campaign

Case Study On How Movie Product Placement Sells A Brand

4 Reasons Why Branded Content Is Better Than The Traditional Ad Spot

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Rebooting Hollywood:  Why Hollywood Chooses Reboots Over Original Content

Product Placement in Ireland

139 Facts About Instagram You Should Know For 2017 [Infographic]

Snapchat, Instagram & Facebook: What Stories Are

Podcast Episode 2: 4 Things Which Influence Product Placement Costs [Infographic]

How Bad PR For A Celebrity Sells Product: Ryan Lochte And PowerBar Team Up

SVOD Content At The Academy Awards: Amazon Breaks TV Content Barriers

Podcast Episode 1: How Social Influencers Make Money

Free Versus Paid Marketing On Snapchat

Who Are You Wearing? Celebrity Styles On The Red Carpet

3 Brands Show How To Market Mobile Apps Using Influencers

How To Video #02: How To Book A Celebrity For A Party Without Spending Millions

How Much Money Do Movies Make in Hollywood?

Brand Sponsorship At The 2017 Oscars

Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Nike, Gatorade and Apple

Rolex's Product Placement Highlight Reel Makes For Brilliant Oscar Ad

Pepsi's Branded Content Extends Brand Marketing To The Silver Screen

4 Proven Steps to Successfully Launch Mobile Apps Using Influencers

Brands use Celebrity Directors: Diesel Pairs With David LaChappelle

NBA Video Game Product Placement in ESports League

Agency Interview - Los Angeles Business Journal - Celebrity Swag Bags

Carly Rae Jepsen And Target Team Up For Celebrity Endorsement Ad Debuted At Grammy's

How To Video #01: Learn How To Promote Your Instagram - The Strategies Behind A Successful IG Campaign

Now Brands Can Create Brand Licensing Extensions From Netflix Original Content

Studio Films Released In Theaters & Home At Same Time Mean More Eyeballs On Your Product Placement

Earned Media Vs. Paid Media - Why Brands Need To Start Paying

How The LEGO Brand Has Become One Big Product Placement Success

Eggo in Stranger Things: The Magic of Product Placement

Hiring Movie Directors To Create TV Ads For Super Bowl 2017

The Most Effective Celebrity Endorsements For Super Bowl 2017

3 Insights To Create Affordable Influencer Marketing That Sells

Regal Cinemas & Amazon Studios Provide Oscar Film Viewing Opportunities Pre-Awards Season

Walmart Partners With Oscars & Celebrity Directors For New Marketing Campaigns

How Brands Use Snapchat Discover In Their Marketing Strategies

The Benefits of Music Festivals For Brand Marketing Opportunities To Millennials

Athlete Brand Celebrity Endorsers: High Reward And Low Risk

The Binge Watching TV Phenomenon

4 Common Myths About Product Placement Debunked

Why Brands Benefit From Product Placement in TV Pilots

Get The Pope A Coke - Unique Product Placement In HBO's New Series

How Futuristic Product Placements Make Brands Memorable

How Brands Use Retro Product Placement To Stand Out

Shortening Time It Takes For A Consumer To Remember Your Brand

Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Celebs Do Taxes Too

10 Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Get Your Product In An Award Show Gift Bag

Leonardo DiCaprio Becomes Brand Ambassador For Chinese Car Company

SVOD Original Content Gets High Accolades At Golden Globe Noms

New Study Proves Effectiveness Of Brand Marketing In Virtual Reality

Top 10 Product Placement Decision Makers For What Brands Appear On Screen 

"Peak TV": How Original Content Is At An All-Time High - And Growing

Reasons Why Disney Channel Is Making Influencers More Expensive 

Most Popular Scripted TV Shows By State

5 Tips To Get Your Brand Instagram Holiday-Ready

The Top 5 Holiday Product Placements

More A-List Film Stars In TV And SVOD

What!!  More Adults Watch YouTube Than Primetime Cable TV

Most Popular Reality TV Shows By State

How NBA Players Endorse Shoe Brands For Sports Marketing Success

Television Shows Targeting Hispanics With Top Latino and Latina Talent

Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Holiday 2016 Edition

How To Market Your Brand To The Baby Boomer Generation

How One Brand Won Big - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Celebrity Endorsement

Netflix Product Placement Just Got Better With New Offline Function 

How To #13: 10 Ways To Create More Successful Instagram Posts

How To Market Your Brand To Generation X

Wes Anderson & H&M Team Up For A Brilliant Holiday Celebrity Endorsement

How To Market Your Brand To Generation Y

'Dynamite' Burger King Celebrity Endorsement Ad

One National :30 TV Spot - Or A Year Of Product Placement

Comcast's New X1 & What It Means For SVOD Product Placement Strategy

A Mad Men Case Study On Liquor Product Placement

12 Examples Of How Brands Gain New Consumers From Cross-Genre Music Partnerships

What Brands Should Know - Social Media Actors In Hollywood

What Music To Use For Marketing Your Brand

How To #7: 3 Important Steps In Planning Product Placement Strategy

How Instagram New Features Can Engage Your Consumers

The Brand Product Placement In A Britney Spears Music Video

Brand Marketers Use Political Issues To Market To Hispanics

A Look At Snoop Dogg's Licensing And Endorsement Deals

Who Is Hollywood's Next Leading Man AKA Tom Cruise Wannabe?

The Secret About How Many People Watch Netflix Produced Content

Lionsgate Teams Up With Digital Influencers For Original Content

How To #2: 8 Steps To Inviting A Celebrity To Your Event & Saving Some Money

2016 Election: How Rock The Vote Got Millennials To The Polls

Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Beats, LG and Nike

New Ways Your Brand Can Market On Instagram, Successfully!

Is MTV Back? Using MTV's Original Content To Market To Millennials

YouTube Red Is Creating Streaming Star Driven Content

The Top Four Celebrity Brand Investors

How Hollywood Celebrities Are Used For Global Endorsements

Cubs Vs. Indians: 2016 World Series Celeb Fans

What Brands Need To Know About Social Influencer Sales Platforms like Google's FameBit

One Less Social Platform For Brands To Figure Out - The Fall Of Vine

How To #27: 10 Surprising Reasons Why Brands Do Product Placement

Award Season Is Coming - Ready To Get Your Celebrity Gift Bag On!

Why Lower Social Media Fan Base Means Higher Engagement For Your Brand

Hollywood Branded In The News: A Journalist's Role With Celebrities

What Brand Managers Need To Know About Social Influencers Not Marking Posts As Ads

How A Chinese TV Series Product Placement Caused A Brand To Sell Out

How College Students Interact With Brand Marketing

Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Pepsi, Chase and Kit Kat

5 Ways To Use Snapchat's New Spectacles For Your Brand's Social Media

Hollywood Branded In The News:  How A Movie Bomb Impacts A Brand's Image

So How Much Does That Primetime TV Ad Cost?

How To Get Your Company Verified On Twitter [Infographic]

South By South Lawn: Brand Activations At The White House's SXSW

5 Tips On Gaining An Organic Instagram Following

The New Commercial - How Brands Use Celebrities In Short Film Branded Content

How Millennials Buy And What That Means For Your Brand Marketing

A Brand Guide To Kim Kardashian-West Instagram Posts

Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Hefty, T-Mobile and DirecTV

5 Celebrities Who Sell Brands With Their Voices

How To #33: 4 Steps To Get Branded Video Content Created & Shared

Awards Season Is Coming - Is Your Brand Ready?

A Brand's Guide To Kourtney Kardashian Instagram Posts

Hollywood Branded In The News:  A Red Carpet Revolt

A Brand's Guide To Khloe Kardashian Instagram Posts

Product Placement Opportunities In SVOD Original Movies

How A Brand Earned Kendall Jenner's Celebrity Endorsement For Free

Massive Success For Brands Leveraging Social Influencers

A Brand Guide To Kendall Jenner Instagram Posts

How To #15: 9 Steps To Successfully Plan A Talk Show Integration

Upcoming Disney Remakes (AKA Family Friendly Partnership Opportunities)

Product Placement Opportunities For Your Brand This Fall

5 Ways Your Brand Can Use Snapchat Memories To Improve Social Media Marketing

'Endless' Music Product Placement Wins In Frank Ocean's 'Nikes'

A Brand Guide To Kylie Jenner Instagram Posts

Spotify's New Original Content Is Good For Brand Partnerships

Why Brands And Music Are Such Perfect Partners For Sales Success

Ryan Lochte Celebrity Scandal Cost Endorsement Deals & Other Celebs Who Have Messed Up

The Kardashians Social Media Blunder And The FTC

Behind The Scenes Of Creating A Branded Product Placement Partnership

Influencer Marketing Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

Hiring Celebrity Endorsers As Brand Creative Directors

Celebrity Endorsements And Political Candidates

12 Step Brand Guide To Post About The Olympics And Not Get Sued

How To #12: 6 Steps To Create A Celebrity Social Media Campaign

Olympics Celebrity Endorsement Ads

How Brands Go 'Beyond' With Futuristic Star Trek Product Placement

How Much Kim Kardashian Charges For An Instagram Post

How Brand Marketing Won Big At Comic Con

Political Celebrities - The Surprising Marketing Success For Fashion

Visiting The Scene: How Entertainment Marketing Drives Tourism

What The Top 10 DJ's Cost To Work An Event & Brands They Endorse

What Brands Can Learn From How Hollywood Uses Snapchat To Promote Movies

Pokemon Go and Brand Partnership Potentials: Gotta Catch 'Em All

7 Secret Social Acronyms Brands Need To Know For Influencer Posts

Entertainment Marketing Is A Long Game Not A Short Game

How Brands Use NBA Players In TV Ads

10 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Be On SnapChat

Bringing The Screen To Life: TV And Movie Brands Made Real

How To #23: 4 Steps To Partner For 'Free' With A Movie To Create Unique Ad Content

Phil Dunphy: Characters As Celebrity Endorsers Come To Life

A Brand Marketing Expert Shares The History of Product Placement

Not Only Do Audiences Love Scary, Why Brand Marketers Should Too

A Comparison Of The Paid Ad Tweet Vs The Celebrity Tweet

So Is Product Placement Better Than Other Advertising?

How Brands Use Emojis In Their Marketing Strategies

Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Gatorade, Allstate and DirecTV

Why 5 Film Stars Now Are Turning to TV

Hollywood Branded In The News: Better Call Saul's $1 Million Placement

Animated Video: How Your Product Placement Program Works

The Realities of Paid Product Placement Today

5 Steps For Brands To Stand Out On Instagram

Euro 2016: How McDonald's Is Winning At Sports Marketing

What Is Product Placement - A Product Placement 101 Video Guide

How 5 Baby Brands Found Success Through Celebrity Parents

Estrella Damm - A Beer Celebrity Endorsement Story

Dog Social Influencers On Red Carpets And In Brand Advertising

5 Fake Brands On TV That You Won't Find In Real Life

Take Advantage Of Netflix To Get Engaged Viewers For Your Brand

How To #26: Cracking 15 Steps To Get Social Influencer Brand Buy In

Top 5 Latino Celebrities To Watch In 2016

Twitter's New Rules: The Social Media Giant Broadens Appeal

Amazon Video Direct: The Future Of Branded Content?

Indie Films: Product Placement's Hidden Gems

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard: The Unexpected Power Couple of Celebrity Endorsements

The Road To Rio: Brands Involved With The 2016 Olympics

How One Brand Won Big On A Celebrity Influencer's Endorsement Mistake

Product Placement Opportunities In New Fall Dramas

Reverse Product Placement - Using A TV Show As The Ad

Brands Win By Leveraging SVOD Product Placement

Brand Partnerships Increase Product Placement In Music Videos, Lyrics

Veganism and Celebrity Brand Partners

Marvel:  A Universe Of Product Placement Opportunities

When Celebrity Endorsements Go Wrong

One Of The Best Ways To Engage Millennials Is Music

Top Celebrity Beverage Endorsers

How Entertainment Marketing Is Different Than Advertising... or PR

Statistics Show Millennials Prefer Digital Content Over TV

Product Placement Benefits Versus A Media Buy

Take Flight With Airline Product Placement

Movies Based On Video Games Have Massive Brand Partnership Potential

Brands Win Big At The Coachella Music Festival

How Brands Use Market Research [Infographic]

Finding Dory: Brand Partnerships As Vast As The Ocean [Infographic]

Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Jaguar, LG and Verizon

Why Social Media Engagement Is Important For A Brand's Social Influencer

13 Tips To Use Facebook Better For Business [Infographic]

How To #29: How Much Does Product Placement Cost

9 Reasons Why Programmatic Scheduling Won't Work For Product Placement

5 Steps To Tell If An Influencer Has Fake Instagram Followers

Sex & The City Sets The Standard For Stellar Product Placement [Video]

Netflix Crowned King of Original Content

Multiple Platforms Hard For Advertisers To Choose From - Product Placement Is Solution

3 Reasons To Have Your Brand Have A Presence At Coachella

Brand Partnerships Leverage Star Wars: The Force Awakens [Infographic]

How To #20: 8 Steps To Leverage Celebrity Talent To A Brand’s Advantage

Real World Brands Through Product Placement in Zootopia [Infographic]

Top 10 YouTube Users And Digital Influencers

Behind The Sign: How Hollywood Branded Got FLIR In Sicario [Case Study]

5 Ways To Make Your Brand Stand Out To A Social Media Influencer

How Digital Influencers Are Breaking Into Hollywood

Characters Can Be Celebrity Endorsers Too

[Infographic] The Crazy Product Placement World of Wayne's World

A New Place For Product Placement -The Game Board: Monopoly For Brands

[Infographic] Why Having A Fantastic Logo Matters...

Top SXSW Brand Activations

Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Heineken & KFC Poke Fun And M&M's Reminisces

How To #16: Make Your Product Placement Positive For A Home Run

Why Global Movie Release Dates Matter To Brands

Hollywood Branded In The News: Red Carpet Fashion Brand Partnerships

March 2016 Product Placement & Celebrity Event Opportunities

The 2016 Oscars Commercials: Smart Brand Ads

What Makes A TV or Film Fee Deal Worth It To A Brand

Virtual Reality – The Future Of Product Placement?

The Largest Chinese Investment In Hollywood - Ever

A Look Behind the Sign On The Set of Extra TV!

Transformers Product Placement History [Infographic]

How Intel Won Big At The 2016 Grammy Awards With Lady Gaga's David Bowie Tribute

Product Placement:  Anatomy Of An Interview With A Reporter

SVOD & Product Placement: Amazon Prime Instant Video Original Series

The Top 20 Celeb Super Bowl Ads Of All Time

How To #3: Create A Product Placement Measurement Plan

The Most Effective Celebrity Endorsements Of Super Bowl 2016

The Brands of the Mission Impossible Franchise [Infographic]

SVOD & Product Placement: Hulu Original Series

Brands Should Know How Snapchat Is Being Used [Infographic]

Why Millennials Like Brands To Sponsor Music Festivals

6 Ways Brands Can Market Like a Kardashian

Flip and Fold Your Way To Sales

How Many People Watch TV? Don't Forget The Pirates

Video Game Product Placement In Film And TV

Hollywood Branded Talks Celebrity Marketing With French TV "50mn Inside"

Coming Soon...The Most Scripted TV Content Ever Produced

How Non-Traditional Networks and SVOD Ruled the Golden Globes For Television

How To #14: Four Ways To Engage Consumers Through Fashion Partnerships

Midseason TV Show Schedule & What New Shows To Expect

Native Advertising (AKA Product Placement) New FTC Rules

A Look Behind The Sign At A Day in the Life of a Film Producer

Risky Business: Insurance & Hollywood [Infographic]

Non-Traditional Advertising: Why Brand Activations Work [Infographic]

A Look Back At The Old Navy Amy Poehler Campaign

Celeb Endorsement Ads: Mobile Strike, Nespresso, Smirnoff, Foot Locker

Mondelez The Sour Patch Kids Branded Content Campaign

The California Film & TV Tax Credit Program Gave 11 Shows A Christmas Gift

Why Marketers Must Adapt: Binge Watchers And Streaming Video On Demand

The Dream Celebrity Endorser - Jennifer Lawrence

Star Wars Promotion Partners Awaken A Force Of Brand Alliances

Mistake #5: Skipping The Celebrity Swag Bag Opportunity

Your Entertainment Marketing Strategy: Your Brand And Which Show?

BlackBerry Product Placement Success Reported By Fans

Celebrity Investments In Apps And Technology

Why Kobe's Retirement Is A Gold Mine For Brand Endorsements

The Brand Games: Promotional Partnerships In The Hunger Games

The Top 10 Brand Mentions In Sex And The City

Larger-Than-Life Celebrity Endorsements: Apple, Guitar Hero, Bank Of America

Being Thankful: Why The California Film & TV Tax Credit Legislature Matters

Take Me Out To The Brand Game: Celebrity Sports Investors

Sports Stars Embrace The Weird In Celebrity Endorsement Ads

YouTube's Brand Integration Made Free With Schick Hydro Deal

Entertainment Marketing Agencies Form International Alliance

American TV In China: The Simpsons SVOD

Our Brand (Integration) Is Crisis

20 Celebrity Veterans Who Served In The Armed Forces

Mistake #11 - Missing Six Steps To Safeguard Celebrity Endorsement

James Bond Product Placement: The Definitive Timeline Of Brands In Bond

How IKEA & DreamWorks Use Branded Entertainment To Sell New Toy Line

The Top 5 Female Social Influencers And Their Reach

The Multi-Tasking Media Consuming Millennial

Hollywood Branded Talks Celebrity Marketing On France's Canal+ Le Tube

Celebrity Endorsement Value Extends Beyond Star Power To Fans

Hollywood Branded In The News: US TV Product Placement Boosts Brands

Television Shows Targeting African Americans As Core Viewers

Brands, Bands, Thank You Ma'am: Brand Integration at SXSW

What Brands Need To Know About Where Hollywood Movies Shoot

40+ Brand Partnerships With Celebs, TV, Film, Music & Events

Why GE's Branded Content With Jimmy Fallon Is Brilliant

The Power Of Awards Season Proven By One Actresses Lip Balm

From The Solar System To The Silver Screen: NASA's Brand Integration

How Adidas Won The World Cup Of Brand Awareness Without Spending Major Dollars

Mistake #18: Missing The 3 Key Steps To Leveraging Celebrity Gifting

4 Celebrity Endorsement Ads Paired With Unexpected Brand Categories

Breaking Down The Types of Reality Shows of the Emmy Awards

Six Seconds of Fame: The World of Vine Celebrity Endorsements

A Look Into How Set Decorators Influence Product Placement On Set

The Bridge Between China and Hollywood

6 Styles of Brand Ads and Why They Won At The Primetime Emmy Awards

And The Celebrity Gift Bag Goes To... Emmy's & Other Opportunities

Video Training: How Your Product Placement Program Works

Top 10 African American Male Celebrities And Their Social Media Reach 2015

How The Movie-Going Experience Is Leveraged By Mobile

Entertainment Marketing Strategy 101: What Makes A Good Brand Vehicle?

Top 10 Female Celebrities And Their Social Media Reach 2015

Why A-lister Film Stars Are Turning To TV and SVOD

Mistake #21: Not Utilizing Social Media at Brand Sponsored Events

Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Under Armour, Capital One, Wrangler, Domino's

Top 8 Asian Male Celebrities And Their Social Media Reach 2015

LeBron Raises Bar On Celebrity Endorsements With His Own App

Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Pantene, Old Spice, Lancome,

#StraightOutta Ad Dollars? When To Try Digital Media Branding

Background On The Largest Celebrity Endorsed Social Post In History

The Reason Why Brand Marketers Should Be Interested in Nielsen TV Twitter Ratings

How Your Product Placement Program Works With Hollywood Branded

Top 10 Female Latina Celebrities And Their Social Media Reach 2015

Why Franchise Films Appeal For Brand Partnership

Why Brands Should Target Films Appealing To Baby Boomers

An Insider’s Guide to Social Media Influencers

Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Foot Locker, DirecTV, Air Jordan, Tai Chi Panda

Happy 8th Anniversary to Hollywood Branded!

A Look Behind The Sign: The AFI Film Festival

Celebrity Endorsement Ads: La-Z-Boy, DirecTV, Vita Coco

Top 7 Asian Female Celebrities And Their Social Media Reach 2015

Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Jergens, Nike, KFC, T-Mobile

How Marketers Can Capitalize On The Binge TV Phenomenon

Top 10 Male Latino Celebrities And Their Social Media Reach 2015

How To Create A Safety Net With Celebrity Endorsement Investment

How Does Celebrity Controversy Impact Brands? A Look At Miley Cyrus

Targeting Niche Demographics Through TV: The Booming Korean Dramas

Top 10 African American Female Celebrities And Their Social Media Reach 2015

It Costs What? Hiring Musicians and Celeb DJ's For Corporate Events

Top 10 Male Celebrities And Their Social Media Reach 2015

Celebrity Endorsement News: Snoop Dogg Suing Pabst

Behind The Sign: Will Rothhaar, Killing Kennedy Breakout Star

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Cause Related Marketing Campaigns Getting The Celebrity Treatment

Web-Based TV is the New Black

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Marriott Hotels are Re-Branding With Help From Content Marketing

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How Streaming Video on Demand is Keeping Brand Marketers on Their Toes

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UCFTI Bridge Between China and Hollywood

The Simpsons Are Going To China with Video Streaming!

Why The New California Film & TV Tax Credit Legislature Matters To Us

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6 Ways To Market Your Brand Like a Kardashian

Happy Anniversary to Hollywood Branded!

3 Target Markets Account For High Viewership Of “Fifty Shades” Trailer

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Behind The Sign: A Day in the Life of a Producer

Winning The World Cup Of Brand Awareness Without Spending The Dollars

Behind the Sign: Extra! TV Intern Set Visit

Behind the Sign: Sons of Anarchy Intern Set Visit

Binge-Watching TV Habits Force Brand Marketers to Get Creative

Behind the Sign: At the 2014 Women in Film Crystal Lucy Awards

What To Learn From The Marketing Success of 'The Fault in Our Stars'

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There's An App For That: LeBron Raises Bar On Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity Social Followings Play A Huge Role In Marketing Strategies

Mistake #9: Failing To Advertise To Millennials In A Way That Engages

Celebrity Fashion Choices Fuel Brand Impact

Alcohol Brand Celebrity Endorsement News

Facing The New Paradigm In Music Marketing In 2014

Mobile Activity Is Integral To The Movie-Going Experience

Millennials Are Multi-tasking And Constantly Consuming Media

Celebrity Endorser News: Shakira, Lebron James

Lupita's Lip Balm Sales Prove The Power Of Awards Season

Not Only Do Audiences Love Scary, But Brand Marketers Should Too

A-listers Are Broadening Their Horizons Beyond The Big Screen

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Jennifer Lawrence Is Every Brand's Dream Celebrity Endorser

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Baby Boomers The Ideal Movie Audience: Large Numbers With $$ To Spend

Behind The Sign: Will Rothhaar, 'Killing Kennedy' Breakout Star

The Horror Genre Brings In Big Crowds, Big Bucks, And Major Male Reach

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Sofia Vergara Is TV's Highest-Paid Actress, Enticing Endorsement Deals

The Miley Cyrus Effect: How Does Celebrity Controversy Impact Brands?

Global Product Placement Increases To Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

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Hollywood Branded At New York Fashion Week!

Meet June Xue: Hollywood Branded Inc.'s Newest Intern

Celebrity Endorsements And The Power To Drive Consumer Purchase Intent

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